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sara ketchum

why don't people just leave her the fuck alone huh? maybe she wouldn't have such problems if people would just lay off! she's got issues just like everyone else! and i shaved my head! whats so wrong about girls with shaved heads???????? gosh, people like you can go to hell.!!!!


yall need to leave Britney alone cuz she is going through alot of stuff..

flame girl

hilarious! but come on, give britney some breathing space

o ' ya

Essential is why she did it...maybe she had taken too much alcohol, etc....I hope she is OK now




Lysa Britney....OMG wyglada strasznie.... pozdawiam wszystkich polakow ktorym tez sie nie podoba :D

Den & Rich

Why in the world would she do something like that?!!!!!! i don't think that she is sick or anything! in the pictures i have seen i don't think she is on drugs either!
The thing REALLY is that she doesnt have the people support! she needs caring!


She actually reminds me so much more of uncle fester, of the addams family, in that art.

the kaiserin

Oh no, watch out Deanna, Joseph is gonna sic his LAWYERS on you! Jeez, dude...get off it already. If you went to a lawyer for something that stupid, they'd laugh your lame ass out the door for being such a freaking retard. I guess you didn't get the memo, but here in the US, there's this little thing called FREE SPEECH, and how it works is that anyone can say pretty much whatever they choose to, even if it offends whiny douchetards like yourself. Threatening legal action over something so trivial is just pitiful, and makes you look really petty and small-minded, not to mention ignorant of how the laws of the land work. It is crybabies like YOU that are turning this country into a nation of people who whine, cry, and refuse to take any personal responsibility for their actions...I hope you're REAL PROUD. You're a jackass, and I DARE you to sue me for telling it like it is...if you respond back, I'll even email you my real name so you can send that lawsuit right to me. Pussy-ass jerk...bring it on :/

PS- it wasn't the NAZIS who had a word for "shameful joy", it's the GERMAN PEOPLE. I should know, seeing as how I AM a German. Maybe if you get your head out of your ass for 5 minutes and go read a book instead of threatening lawsuits like a pussy-ass bitch, you might learn, NOT ALL GERMANS ARE NAZIS! Shocking, I know, but we aren't.

hahahahakakakaka absuuuuuurdaaaa¡¡ ajajjajaja come on everybody dance with me xD let's go to the party & selma hey britney we love u. (K)(K)(K) kisses weird tos VAMOS A MORIRRRR!!! :O
P.D: srry, msn adicction (icons) (K)
oh my god!!


hey you look fantastic after the makover but you shouldnt have done what you did


oh my

brad pitt

britany spears is on every drug you you can name its weird she goona die !!!


Mmmmm..... i'm not a fan of this girl but...well...i think she is just tired of people paying attention to her, that's all, tired of life and specially tired of people making fun of her...I don't think she is trying to get attention, she is just depressed may be, i just can't imagine how she feels and how i would feel if i was her, or all the things that happened to her happen to me...probably, i would feel alone, and i would have the sensation that my life is fading away and i have to enjoy every minute of life to forget and may be find an answer to what's happening...
I don't know her...i've never met her, but i think people should leave her alone, all this is becoming very bad for her, and could end tragically..


oh joseph,
go fly a kite. what illness is it that you have determined brittany has based on the mental status exam you conducted? please do tell as the term mental illness is used so freely with little attention actually given to the definition of the term. does she have a leison on or about somewhere in the amygdala that you pressume is causing the observed loss of impulse control or do you believe it is more of the frontal lobe? temporal lobe maybe? do you know what the term infantalization means? i would propose you look it up and do some research on the topic because there are some fabulous articles out there that I personally believe explain much of this silly behavior that the public has been privy to lately by these teen-wannabe adults. research my friend, research. anyhow do let me know what you find. and by the way while you're busy looking up that term, try looking up the term sarcasm as well. it might help to explain my previous comment with the grad students. it might also save you on attorney fees too.

fan of 14,
i guess my comments weren't long enough seeing as how there was obviously enough room for your missive remarks.

britney spears is crezyyyyy she has no hair how gay is that i mean who would do that?


Pl don take this this serious. There are a thousand things to worry in this world. Leave britney...


hey you guys. It's not gentful from you people to laught at britney spears! She has many problems right now and I think that laughing at her is not going to help very much. Don't you think so? and don't worry everybody but hair grow back ^^! and I would be very happy if you guys share my proper opinion! and don't wory britney but I still think that YOU ROCK !! Delphine


My apologies for the several typos and missed commas in previous post should they annoy or offend anyone. I did edit and still missed them. Again, only caught after hitting send. Maybe I need to pay more attention to myself and my own actions : )


I would, and do, agree with everyone who says that mental illness is not a laughing matter and that we should have compassion for someone who is suffering from it. From my perspective, we are all assuming a lot about what Britney is or isn't suffering from at this point as no one from her camp has categorically stated that she is suffering from a severe mental illness. Nor has any kind of medical personnel. They have said she has checked into a rehab facility that deals with people with drug and alcohol addictions. I won't argue that her actions say she isn't doing well and likely needs help. Most of us have some form of some mental illness to some degree at some point in our lives - whether it be depression, bi-polar, some kind of compulsive behavior though it may not be considered severe enough or prolonged enough to be warranted an official label. Many more have severe anxiety or panic attacks. Many live with this daily. And yes, if we do have those things, for most of us this is an ongoing, lifelong battle we must fight. Again, I will include myself in this. I also understand that we are not under the extreme pressure that living in a paparazzi and public eye fishbowl would create and exacerbate. Some of these conditions can lead to substance abuse or substance abuse can lead to suffering symptoms of these (and other conditions and/or mental illnesses). And we can have compassion for someone else even if we feel they have played a big part in getting to where they are - positive and negative. A great many people keep saying we should be ashamed for making assumptions about Britney ... or other celebs ... in terms of negative things or bashing. Or that we should not make assumptions about people we don't know and circumstances we are not personally involved in. Again, you are entitled to your feelings, thoughts, and the right to post them. It seems to me that just as many people are assuming or making a backseat diagnosis on whether or not she is mentally ill based on conclusion from what is portrayed in the media and gossip rags rather than based on fact and based on whatever experiences they personally have had. We probably see very little facts about celebs in print as there is usually a spin and all coverage is biased. Though that might be true about us too - depending on who you ask about any given person - whether they think you are well adjusted, addicted, troubled, mentally ill, fun or annoying. How you are viewed or labeled can vary a great deal from one person to the next or from one time to another - depending on many factors, the person's frame of mind, etc. With all due respect, we don't know what Britney's illness is no different from or like - because we don't know what Britney's illness is. Though I do know addiction to substances is a form of illness, so can safely say that she has some time of substance abuse illness deduced from her rehab stint. I'm being really long winded and I apologize. Considered deleting this - but will be honest and say that I value you opinion Joseph, but respectfully disagree with the statement that Britney's "illness is no different from that of Michael J. Fox's" in reference to his fight against the physically and mentally debilitating disease Parkinson's - the diagnosis of which in his case has been confirmed. I know a lot of people with Parkinson's and other diseases, such as multiple sclerosis that probably would be surprised and perhaps, none too pleased to be lumped in with Britney Spears in that capacity - unless it turns out she does really have a mind altering condition or illness, or a physical one outside of one brought on by substance abuse. Everyone I know who has problems has had to take responsibility for them and work with others to help themselve and do the best they can to deal with what they can't change - ME INCLUDED. Whether they have alcohol or drug addictions, chronic physical conditions or diseases, some mental health issues, or all of the above. I hope she gets help and I believe she deserves help and to be happy just like anyone else. I'd also like to see her take some responsibility for her actions and for her well being and that of her kids - or perhaps, more than it seems she has been (maybe that is what she is doing now) as that is what regular people with fewer resources are expected to do. Yes, she has more pressure. It comes with the perks. Not an attack on you Joseph : ) Just something feel really strongly about.

Al Pastor

Since when do I need Al Gore to "Save my sorry ass" ? I didn't know I needed saving. If I did, I doubt Al Gore would be the person to do it.


I've never seen so much confusion on one web page in my life. I have seen cutting edge research, and mental illness is no joke. More people have died from suicide than in all of the world's wars combined.

Britney Spears has a very bad disease; if she manages not to kill herself, even if she quits the drugs and alcohol and cleans up, she faces a lifetime of health problems, disability and an early death. All of her money and resources cannot change that.

I rarely directly criticize people online or in person. To the worker that claims he/she tells grad students to laugh in the back room at the mentally ill, shame on you! You have a low moral character and no honor. If I were your boss, I'd have you summarily fired on the spot, and then I'd set every lawyer after you and make an example out of you.

Britney's illness is not that different than Michael J Fox's, it just hit a different area of the brain-that controls emotion, planning, impulse control...

To make jokes, even in a fun way, about severely mentally ill people is like laughing when someone gets killed in a car accident, when someone is diagnosed with cancer, or some woman gets raped. The Nazi's used to do that..they even have a word for it...Schadenfreude.

Viper Tetsu

Um, can't we all just get along?

adam allinson

wats the point in takin the p*** out of her its not fair if 1 of ur family members were mentally ill u wony like it if sum 1 made a site on it would u

adam allinson

no way britney has gone complete off her head lol she needs to sort herself out from adam x

Depressed Kai

Fan of 14- I think that was uncalled for.
Vi- Yeah, I came across as a little heartless. I give my compassion to my friends. I don't know if Britney needs or deserves my compassion, so, like many issues, I'm staying neutral.

(Your token- whatever.)


Did you see that wild SUV she was attacked by? Luckily she had that umbrella.

Fan of 14


Please be sure to leave enough space on the page for 14's art and other people's comments.

Your ego is overbearing and you are a bore.



i think she is just starved for attention'cause since she is not
she has gonne crazy she is just trying to get back in the spot light


OMG she totally looks like a space monkey, or romper stomper.


On one side I think it's great that she does what she likes and doesn't mind about the comments and stuff, but I think she doesn't realise what she's doing.... I think she'll repent it soon. She went through a divorce. Yes, a lot of people do that. But with all the media around it everything's a lot worse. She has been titled as a "bad mother", "drinker" and some other horribul things. But I think her husband is worser.

Well... I wish her the best!!!


As a writer, I'm familiar with the definition of satire--14's humor, and that of certain other websites, isn't exactly lost on me.

And as the adult child of a mother with untreated Borderline Personality Disorder, I feel like I understand a little bit about taking (or not taking) responsibility for one's mental problems. As an American without insurance, I know what it's like to have nowhere to turn. In a fit of depression, I've hacked off all my hair, too--and liked how it looked. I have visible piercings and a tattoo, and I know how getting those can be meaningful and redeeming.

I know that lots of people have a lot worse problems than me--and cetainly than Britney Spears.

And yet, I still feel compassion for her. Why? Because I can. Because it doesn't take anything away from me to say a prayer that she gets better. And I bet it wouldn't take anything away from any of you, either. Why not give a little love towards ANYBODY who's suffering, even people you despise? Go on, nobody's looking. We won't tell.

As soon as you lose the ability to care about the basic welfare of others, even people you scorn, you lose a bit of your humanity. I'm not Britney fan, but come on. There SHOULD be a line.

Darlene (Offbeat Aesthete)

I do feel sorry for Britney, and I honestly hope she gets the help she needs (I wish that for any person who needs it). But does my having compassion for her mean that I can't appreciate and enjoy a satirical piece of art that pokes fun at her? Of course not.

I visit this site on a regular basis, and I have never gotten the impression that 14 is vindictive or hateful. She's a talented and perceptive artist who's commenting on our society's bizarre fascination with fame and all the kooky celebrities who populate the gossip mags. And I love her for it. You go, 14!


I think many of you are sufferering from mass hysteria.

You zombie people are like those that used to band together and go out on witch hunts when they suspected someone was acting outside the norm. Hell yes, I'm sticking up for 14. This commentary of hers says 2 things. 1. She felt like Britney looked like Mr. Clean and 2.) Britney pulled this stunt to get attention. Come on you feeble sheep, that's hardly something to be considered mean. If anything it's goofy and lighthearted.

She did not judge Britney's action, she created commentary from it. big fucking deal people.

Keep it up 14, your insights take courage and I applaud you. Ignore the of the mindless sheep and keep up your good work.


Farge it! Farge it! I am not feeling so sweet and polite at the moment because I am tired of people pitying the celebrities while ignoring their neighbors! She went through a divorce? Hm, that sucks, but many people do and most agree it's for the best. IT should be a relief to be free now. I never went through that but I did have to find my fiancée dead after she killed herself. Depressed? Mental breakdown? She should try being paranoid schizophrenic and bipolar unless she takes her meds. And she has food. And support. She should try living on one small meal a day, because she can't afford much more after medical expenses, like when I had a heart disease. Maybe she should try having more friends in the comments section of a pop-culture satire blog than she does in real life. Mocked? Think she's distraught by this blog? Well, good thing she's not Jewish, otherwise she'd find herself constantly hrassed by neo-Nazis and physically attacked like I have been. Do I feel sorry for her? No. Call me cold-hearted, but I don't have many of the blessings she has, yet I'm still not making an ass of myself and flashing people. She can get the support she needs for whatever issue she has. If I did do something stupid, I wouldn't have the privilege of fans excusing it for me. Oh, and now you can say I mock her just because I'm "jealous." No, I just don't think she or her fans appreciate what she has, and I think her fans need to back off from the pity thing a bit, because frankly I'm too busy trying to make my own life liveable to pity someone who has everything I don't. You can take that kosherdog and eat it, dammit.

Er.... something,
(Your token Jewish commenter who feels above comment was a bit too vitriolic to finish with "shalom".)
-Inspired by Demon Kitty-


dude, im sorry, yes, i feel for her children, but obviously this woman is mentally sick and I don't think its comical to kick someone when they are down. we all have had fallen moments, we just don't have them magnified to the public, this isn't funny, its sick. we are all people with feelings in thisworld, leave it alone

I completley feel sorry for her... She truly needs help, love and support from her family, friends and fans during this horrible time! I think that she is lost and feels just unloved... For many years since her split with Justin Timberlake, all her relationships were complete failures and to see her ex with his continued success in his career along with his relationships must be hard on her! To finally think that you found that "someone" in Kevin Federline and for it to just fall to pieces (especially in the public eye to see) is devestating!! Including to have those 2 babies one after the other is hard on anyone, especially at such a young age... I truly hope and pray that she finds herself again and realizes that the love she is looking for starts from within!!

eww thats so gross!
get a REAL hair cut britty!


Yow! Good likeness! LOL! Okay, now about the criticism of 14's work. Give it a break! Hello?! Is this not a place where she create's a parody of the celeb du jour? And if someone make their living being in the spotlight, they're fair game.

I skimmed through the nastiness and have to wonder why the energy was wasted in being so annoyed over something that is funny. A parody of Britney doing yet another stupid thing.

Think back to her 55 hour marriage, setting her apartment on fire because she left candles burning. Screw her neighbors, the place caught fire, but fortunately was put out before too much damage was caused, and no one lost their home or life. Crying on Barbara Walters about Justin selling her out because she had sex before marriage. This girl is an attention whore. I can recall seeing a picture of her in People, sticking her butt out as far as possible. A comment below was made she was doing her JLo impersonation. Maybe she was, this was the year of JLo, and her attention grabbing headlines. But Brit has to grab her share too. Hurting herself before a huge tour and cancelling the entire thing? Smart move honey. But she did have to spend time with her beloved, screw the career. And she has. I wouldn't be surprised if the fact that Anna Nicole dropping dead took the spotlight away from poor Brit. So, she shaves her head. It's better than going after someone with a loaded gun.

Could she be having a nervous breakdown? Perhaps. But like someone else here pointed out, she has millions at her disposal to reach out for help. I have no sympathy for her. But I do for her kids. And I'm sure her soon to be ex is just waiting for his chance to swoop in and grab the money and their kids. If she cared so much, she'd do something. She checked into rehab, AGAIN. And guess what? She left, AGAIN. Nope, no sympathy.

14, keep doing what you're doing. Everyone's a critic. But if they don't like what they see, they shouldn't stop by.

Kelsey && Danee

Ok, Britney Spears is soo weird why did she cut her hair off? What is this solving? She is a crazy bitch who needs to get her life together. Remember the 3 magical words COOL CALM AND COLLECTED. She is gonna end up killing herslf in the next few years if she doesnt clean herself up. BRITNEY GET IT TOGETHER!!! If when ever someone was stressed and you shaved your head then the whole world would be bald ok?



Ok, cool. So, library sciences, eh? I did medieval history! Course, the latter doesn't get grads a job...

Thanks for the props on the Barrett drawing! I've some wonderful ideas for him, only, no time at the moment.

Candi Cain

Brit has completely lost it. Here are two songs that I recorded at home and posted on MySpace:

The second song isn't up yet. They're both parodies to her 2 biggest hits: Hit me Baby One More Time ("Hit Me With A Bigger Size") and Oops I Did It Again ("Oops I Just Shaved my Head"). I'm not the best singer in the world, nor do I have good recording equipment. But, you get the gist.

I hope you don't mind-- I put the pic from your Brit/Clean morph with the latter of the two songs. I couldn't resist. If you want me to take it down, let me know and I will.
Candi Cain
(Yes, that's my real name)


Craig Ferguson, host of CBS’ “The Late Late Show,” said that after seeing photos of Spears’ shaved head, he reconsidered making jokes at the expense of the “vulnerable.”

“For me, comedy should have a certain amount of joy in it,” he told viewers Monday. “It should be about attacking the powerful — the politicians, the Trumps, the blowhards — going after them. We shouldn’t be attacking the vulnerable.”



I'd consider it, but I've heard horror stories from my friend who's working on hers. I'll have to think it over though, once I'm done with the library/info science thing. It could fit in with that quite well I'd think. Thanks for the idear!

I love the pic of Roger Barrett you drew on your site.



A masters in media studies might just be the way to go. I use media as an inter-disciplinary tool in several fo the other classes I teach!


the fact that people are commenting so much on this piece shows how successful, and relevant, it is. The purpose of art is to provoke you ... to change you in some way. I'm glad people are inspired enough to speak out .... now if we could all just show the same level of energy about things which we can ACTUALLY do something about. If you think 14 is so heartless and mean, pay her back by volunteering at your local homeless shelter or animal shelter. Do something that will actually make a difference. And, in case you are unfamiliar with the term or perhaps are ignorant as to its definition, allow me:

1 : a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn
2 : trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly

And if you can't see that Britney Spears' behavior is folly, I suggest you look again.


Brittney is off her nut. End of story. She was a young girl thrust into the spotlight, given attention, money, power all before she was too young to comprehend any of those fully. Her actions now show that she is not a well rounded, mentally healthy individual. Lots of people go through divorces. Lots of people have to start their careers over. The majority of them don't run around partying, passing out in public, shaving their heads because of it. She is a mother, she needs to set an example for her children.... and NOT by running amok out of an inability to cope with the harshness of reality. Therapy is time consuming and expensive, but the pop princess can afford it.

Know I say this as a person with a mental illness herself.. I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 14 and have struggled with depression almost all of my life. I know many people like me through support groups and commnity service. You make a concious choice at some point. Either take control of your life and rise above your problems, or hide from them. Brittney made her choice, and is now hiding from them in booze and bad behavior. I have no respect for her mindless, self-destructive path. She put herself there, after all.

.... and when I saw the pic of her shaved head, I thought of Mr Clean too XD Brilliant, 14, absolutely brilliant.



I think I'm going to suggest this to a buddy of mine getting her masters in media studies!

Now I'm starting to wonder if I should switch over to a masters in that. It'll be a great way to prolong my career in studenting.

As always, your work gives me a great giggle break, 14! I owe you a hearty thanks for the chance to see your work and read this fun and sometimes frothing comments.

Adam Brooks

I wrote and recorded a song about this:


Superb picture!
Britney bald video

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