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Also reminds me a bit of either Jane Curtin as Prymatt Conehead/Mary Margaret DeCicco or maybe Dan Akroyd as Beldar Conehead/Donald R. DeCicco from Classic Saturday Night Live fame. Yes, I wondered why people are freaking out more over her bald head than her repeated (seemingly intentional) bald beaver flashing too.


All I'm going to say is George the Animal Steel.


Oh my GOD it's just her HAIR!!!
You've already seen her hanging around with Paris Hilton and wearing NO underwear..
And now you freak out because of a bit of hair?!


For my previous comment:

Just see Michael Jackson, the same problems in soul.


She looks good, real extravagancy.
She could do some extra music now.
She will be a memeber of rammstein :)

By the other side: she is searching for herself. Her childhood and yound ages are taken by being a star. Had no time to grow up inside.


Aha! I finally figured out the 'trashy gossip' website that linked to this GotA thread. (A Socialite's life)I always suspect as much when the standard brilliance and wit of the postings gets mucked up and diluted with the shallow and all too literal observations of the tabloid consuming masses. I'm glad 14 gets more coverage...but for the regulars it's annoying. Don't get me wrong though...the occasional ninny who finds themself here and calls us all a bunch of f***ing nuts and meanies is always amusing and creates a nice contrast.


Who knew that britney starred in Anna's new movie? Illegal Aliens Attack Britney


Someone could take this thread and turn it into their masters' thesis! An M.A. in media studies! Or, better yet, we could create a sitcom out of it. Laugh tracks included.


Unfortunately it seems Brittany Spears’ behavior is apparently very distressing for many people. The alleged distressed individual did not lose her right to individuality or freedom of choice when she birthed her young. It seems what is most distressing for folks who feel "sorry" or "concerned" or accuse others of "relishing in her misery" is that she and her behaviors, including haircut of recent, fail to fit within this perceived notion of what a mother should be, and should do and should wear, and should look like, and should behave like and should dress like and who she should be friends with, and what time she should be home keeping watch over her young, and should this and that. When we start bringing along our own personal "shoulds" and generously holding these benchmarks of correctness up to the light and using these "shoulds" as a yardstick to judge another person's worth, behavior, frame of mind, mental status etc. more often times than not, when we find the individual fails to meet the mark, certainly there must be something wrong and there simply must be a reason for the discrepancy. I mean there HAS to be a reason a mother of two is partying, drinking, dating, throwing her vagina to the wind, and oh mother of mary sister of joseph,buzzing her head. Is she distressed? About to have a "meltdown"? Suicidal? Depressed? At 20 something years old doesn't she know how SHE SHOULD ACT? Well if not, then we certainly must put a label on, or diagnose the behavior to which we cannot explain given the perceived circumstances. What if Brittany isn't distressed, or at least wasn't distressed until we began to label her behavior as distressed or accusing her of “crying out for help” ? I suppose now being labeled as on the edge as well as borderline crazy, just might cause her to feel distressed if she had not been the day before. Can those of you who feel so strongly make room for the possibility she is living her life like its golden? So she shaved her head and smiled for the cameras, then proceeded to get some tattoos… Sounds like someone who is trying to regain some sense of autonomy and exercising her right to individuality. And contrary to the uneducated but popular belief, individuals who live with mental illness tend to be educated about his or her illness and can recognize when he or she needs to seek help. Kai I applaud you for honesty and certainly believe, from the insight you have shared, you have the strength to pull yourself through your most challenging moments. Continue to express yourself because I find your posts just as interesting as well and always look forward to reading your comments. Thank you for backing me up here on the playground when Jenn F’s attempt to explain sarcasm failed to convince the distressed dozen. And mm I do accept you apology because often times words, pictures, and yes a haircut can be taken completely out of context. Even though I do not agree with your opinion I certainly won’t begrudge you for it. Hopefully we can agree to disagree.

DeHanna Fah Fhanna


Demon Kitty, that sounds like that'd hurt.

Demon Kitty

She's sick man? Like Anna-Nicole sick?????? Well I'll be fucked up the butt sideways!!!!! Jesus in a jockstrap!!!! Britney can't die man! Who will I make fun of? This will make me a little more bored then I already am. Oh, but wait, there's Kirsten Drunkst- that geriatric wannabe needs to get her teeth fixed!!!!

Miss Cleo

From my calculations ,the original intent of this artistic commentary is being blown out of proportion, taken too seriously and misjudged due to the current Mercury retrograde.

On February 14, 2007, Mercury, the cosmic trickster, turns retrograde in Pisces, the sign of the Fishes, sending communications, travel, appointments, mail and the www into a general snarlup!

In general, Mercury rules thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information and all means of communication, commerce, education and transportation. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their minds or their wits: writers and orators, commentators and critics, gossips and spin doctors, teachers, travellers, tricksters and thieves.

want further info? read this


My be Paris Hilton do same


Ha! So let her be the next Anna Nicole.. Boo hoo.. big loss.. Oh NO!! Not Britney! Shes sooo sick.. Yeh its called drugs.

All these "stars" just booze and do drugs, and don't even bother telling me that thats not how it is.. She probably sniffed something fun and shaved her head. I'd feel bad for a person who actually gave kids something to look up to.. But fake tits and a druggy life style isn't anything to sympathize about.

Her poor kids.. No there not.. they'll get her $$, and not like have a mom anyways.


As I recall, Sinead O'Connor shaved her head in response to a suggestion that she should "tart" herself up a bit more. Bald is the only way she's ever been seen. This could be, in Britney's case, a rejection of "beauty" standards, but she's just been engaging in SO much frantic image-changing lately that to me, it says that she doesn't really know WHO she is anymore. I see it as more indicative of inner turmoil than a cry for attention, although the two are not mutually exclusive. As others have said, she is certainly wealthy enough to get help; let's hope she has someone around her who loves her enough to point her in the right direction.


I acutally originally put up a MR. Clean pic with bald Brit today but then took the Mr. Clean out. So I know everyone thought about her as the label thing!

Sam Spade

Spears is miserable and pathetic. It's cruel and hypocritical that you should accuse her of doing anything for attention. FWIW I say this as a longtime fan of yours, and admittedly someone who knows very little about Spears, so maybe I'm wrong. The only other thing you've done that bothered me was when you made fun of a young woman who refused to get her teeth 'fixed'. In general your targets are grasping jerks who richly deserve skewering.

I hope this comes across as constructive criticism, that is certainly the spirit in which it's intended.


You are all a bunch of pea brains - isn't it obvious that she is sick? I mean, really sick - to the point where she could easily be the next Anna Nicole - not that any of you morons would care - it would be just one less person to make fun of when you're bored!

Resilient Hawk

Sinead O'Conner did it. Telly Savalas did it. Homer Simpson is well on his way and Marge thinks he's all man. Michael Jordan did it.

What if Hillary Clinton did it? Would that make news?

She was called to be bald.

Bald Britney Spears Foie Gras

Diary of a Newspaper Hawk: It is cold, and no one is buying papers like they used to.


Very nice, although I think "Ms. Obscene" might have been catchier ;)


You know Demon Kitty, the more I look at her bald, the more I think I do like her that way. She looks tough. I once saw this guy who was completely bald and had tattoos all over his head, in place of hair. I think she should go for that. Yeah, so maybe being bald makes her far-apart eyes look really obvious. But she needs to rock the baldness. I don't know if she's lost it, but concerning my hair, I'm always a bit impulsive. If I want to do something, I do it right NOW, and no one can deter me. Perhaps it's just a rebellion... she's remaking herself after divorcing and being a sex symbol for so long.... maybe she wants to wear a rotating series of wigs... Hm.. I wonder if this will catch on? Think it'll start a trend? -fiddles with my hair and considers it- I would look evil bald. I'm waiting for now. Though if anyone would like to give their input, that's fine. In a moment of self-promotion, here's my pic... (no photo on my computer, sorry). Yeah okay I expect no replies to this but if you can convince me to shave my head, well... I guess... you get brownie points?

(Wishes you to ignore my previous posting)


I wonder why it doesn't seem to occur to anybody that maybe she had a perfectly rational desire to be rid of her hair? What business is it of ours, anyway? To be honest, I don't listen to her style of music and well... she's just not my cup of tea. But isn't there better fodder for our wit than some public figure's personal care choices?


Good job Britt. Now you're dumb AND ugly.


Nice artwork, she does really look like that commercial cartoon guy . So funny
she's not as pretty as Natalie portman when she shave her hair.


Finally! The drapes match the carpet.


There's a lot of run at the mouth, because perhaps people are trying to figure out, is it serious or no? I don't think fans or non-fans slamming each other is going to fix things for her. K-Fed and JT were allegedly making fun of the Brit, shortly before she shaved her head--according to this mag here:

A source says, "K-Fed and Justin were talking for at least 20 minutes. They were laughing at Britney and how messed-up she is. They're both more than over her."

She is a product of our society (we created her), and maybe that's what's bothering some people.


Do I have to give cold, hard, bitter truth that people here aren't evil? Fine then. One dose of truth coming up, served well done. I told everyone I have a mental illness. I might as well go for full disclosure and say that I have schizophrenia. Yet no one's laughed about it. That's what I find amzing about people. I've been harassed for being Jewish, but these people who've harassed me know I'm schizophrenic too, but they've never mocked me for it or brought it up at all, even though it seems like it would be an easy target. How nice that they can be prejudiced about religion, but not about mental disorders... no, I won't bring them into it, they have nothing to do with this blog. My point this time? These people are not evil. They're like my family. And if Britney has a mental disorder, I doubt they're really laughing at her. If they are, it's more like a political cartoon kind of humor, which makes you laugh but in an uncomfortable way about death, war, and deceit. It's not a mocking laugh, more of a... well, if you've ever read political cartoons or satire, you'll know what I'm talking about. Deanna, always enjoy your comments. Thanks also to rerun, pun_inpendid, and Sage. Jenn F., you're spot on too.

(Your token long-haired Jewish German/Japanese/Indian schizophrenic epileptic multilingual genius-level middle-class currently unemployed male commnenter. Everyone needs one of those, ja!)


I still think 14's art rocks and I don't personally have any issues with this depiction of Britney. I will say I haven't looked very hard to find good press on Ms. Spears and there isn't much that is easily found - but there is some, probably other stuff that I am not aware of other than this. Thought would share this from ROLLING STONE -
BRITNEY SPEARS has donated $50,000 to Gilda's Club Worldwide, an organization that supports cancer patients. Gilda's Club is named in honor of the Saturday Night Live comedian Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989 . . .

I believe this was recently. Her aunt passed away from a long battle with breast cancer in January of this year (her mother's sister). There are now some stories that she is selling the hair she shaved off for a cancer charity. That may or may not be true. Could just be spin, but no denying it sucks to lose a cherished family member and it can mess with your head, and no denying that she did do something for someone else with her money.

Demon Kitty

Fuck man! Damn! Look at all these comments, man! Fuck! Every time I tried to post something, my cat Juju has interrupted me. She doesn't like to compete with Britney for my attention!

I don't think she's crazy, I think she's pissed. I think she has hair issues and I think she wants to tell everyone to go fuck themselves. But then, what do I know?

I like her bald. I want her to pull a Judas Priest.

You have shoulder length hair Kai? Damn that's sex-ay! I once dated a JAP who had thick, black, and wavy shoulder length hair. She was sooo hot. She was animal!


I really love the artwork on this site but, concerning Britney, what once seemed funny is now just sad.
I actually find myself feeling bad about this... Everyone made fun of Anna Nicole until her death. (Some are still laughing at her expense.) I wonder how far this will go until it isn't funny. Last time I checked, mental breakdowns were a good place to draw the line. But, I don't know anymore.

Taquila and the Bee-Arthur

Britney Spears is my hero. She should start a metal band next and rock out Pantera style. F Hollywood.

F Hilton

who the fuck cares about this because i don't... shes just britney and everyones reaction is just giving her the staifaction that she wants shit!! if some woman on the street shaved her head in public no one would give a fuck!


After being told by EAK that I must be blind or not be able to read, because poster's names appear before, NOT after, their comments - I went all the way back up to the top of the post to verify this. There is no name above the top post under comments - therefore, it has to be below the person's comment that the accreditation resides. 14 also verified in a response that it does indeed go below the posters comment underneath the line and that yes, Sarah did write the post that you mention and attribute to another. It bothered me that I might have addressed my comments to the incorrect poster - though I never said anything rude and said that poster had right to own opinion and to state it. I was halfway thru writing an apology to Sarah (for believed mistaken commenter identity) when I saw for certain that our names go below. I looked at my own posts and see my name below, not above them, in case there is any doubt. Not commenting on anything other than that and not calling anyone out for any reason or comment in particular.


I agree that this site's purpose is parody, and I whole-heartedly support that and applaud 14's talent and insight. However, I also found Sarah's post to be well-written and thoughtful. As such, I would like to point out that it WAS NOT Sarah who wished those of us who enjoy laughing at the absurdity of celebrity culture a horrible death. It was the nimwit who posted directly above her, with the moniker of "brit." Go figure. I think some of us owe Sarah and apology for ragging on her for something she didn't even say.

To wit:

Posted by: brit | February 17, 2007 at 12:51 PM

I hope everyone here and every where else who is poking fun, and getting joy out of someone who is obviously now mentally ill, and distraught can just die a horrible death. This is not at all a good time to laughing at this woman. You people have no lives, and you are all very sad. You have no heart whatsoever.

Posted by: Sarah | February 17, 2007 at 12:57 PM

Somehow, in the context of Anna Nicole’s death, Britney’s antics cease to be so damn hilarious. Yes why don’t we gawk at her plight with morbid fascination, let’s relish in her misfortune, after all she deserves it right? She’s too rich, too famous, and we love to watch those people go down in flames, makes the average existence seem justified. Maybe next we’d like to see her wheeled out on a stretcher out of some random hotel room, it would all be so deliciously tragic – the two babies left with K-Fed, another parade of circus freaks collecting their checks from Entertainment Tonight. By the way, I’ve boycotted that fucking show since their drugged up Anna Nicole interviews, it was like watching a train wreck, disgusting and almost sacrilegious to see a tormented soul be exploited for all the trash addicts to gobble up with their mouths hanging open.

It’s obvious Britney is on the edge of a meltdown. It’s sad people. Not funny, sad. She’s got two young children who are most likely being raised by nannies, a failed marriage, a booze problem, and she’s far too young for the package. Let’s hope this story will end with redemption and not an autopsy, and if you all think it’s just way too cheesy and naïve to send her some good wishes, at least don’t cheer her on her way to rock bottom.

fanny pack

Wow. People are passionate about their Backwoods Britney, aren't they? I have a theory about people who are fans of celebrities like her -- they are accessible train wrecks who make their own pathetic lives seem a little less, er, pathetic.

Profound, hunh? I mean let's think about this. People would rather defend a crazy ass drunk gum-smacking Cheetoe-eating head shaver than champion someone like Al Gore who has dedicated their time and energy to saving our sorry asses.

And guess what? There are children all over our fine country who are abandoned and ignored and go to bed HUNGRY and neglected. Don't waste your time feeling sorry for the Federline clan. Sarah, put your money where your compassionate mouth is and use your powers to help someone less fortunate than your Britney. Really. Go. Do it. I dare you.


Kai - kudos to you for your last post and for having a sense of humor despite the fact that doing so can be very trying at times. I think most people (me included) could use more support than we have at times, someone to help us understand and weather the rough patches, or get through really tough stuff - both internal and external - and I am very happy for you that you have found a counselor that meets your needs. I would wish that for any of us who needs it - again, me included - whether we be rich, poor, celebrities, or people in the private sector. 14's artwork is one of my coping mechanisms and I thank her very much for that! Take care, Jessica


Read correctly my posting pseudonym is pun_inpendid with a "p". Un_inpendid implies something the opposite. Have a good one! I have misread things before or read them differently when in a different frame of mind or mood later, and I am certainly guilty of typos and transposing homophones when I am tired or typing too fast. I do, however, stand by everyone's right to have their own opinion and to state it - as I stated in my post - and the right for us to agree to not agree. I just don't think countering negativity with more negativity in doing so betters anyone. So, I stand by both of my posts though wish I had caught that I had spelled sight "site" before hitting send. Had I been incorrect about the poster's name following the post, I would have appreciated the error being pointed out and would have felt like a doofus for getting that mixed up. I hadn't posted comments before visiting 14's site, and I'm sure I goof sometimes. Have a good one!


She's gone nuts. I feel sorry for her kids. It's really bizarre to say, but her soon to be ex, K'Fed seems way more qualified as a parent now.


Maybe she's just a big "V For Vendetta" Fan.


To: Lint
Re: Stupidity
You're right, I am stupid. It's embarassing. I don't even have a scientific theory named after me. Shameful.



ohhh myyy has Britney done to her hair?

if shes ill and going to suffer in her life thats understandable, but if this is another of her attention seeking ways, what the f**k is she doing?? T-Shirts

She needs to be home shaving her own kid's damn hair.

Bob T-Shirts


you people are all fucking nuts.

sarah, you have compassion thats great.

deanna, umm "you'll be sorry" wow nice threat, im sure shes supposed to be quivering in at her computer now. and the accusation of sound "immature" please, you sounds just as immature as she does.

and for all you morons talking about her putting a spell or threatening you...can you guys read??? she made no comment about a threat/hex whatsoever. you people make me laugh with your stupidity. hahaha



The author's name is placed directly under their comment. Yep, it was Sarah who wished horrible death upon people she perceives as deriving enjoyment out of Britney's rumored mental illness. She probably wrote it in a fury of passion and most likely didn't really wish anyone to die a horrible death. When people are upset, they sometimes become blind, shoot off their mouths and say things they don't mean. : )



mm- You do seem like a compassionate person, though I'm not sure if your version is more correct than anyone else's. Let's assume you are correct. Well, then, let me reveal something about myself. I have mental breakdowns sometimes. A couple weeks ago I was supposed to be going to a job interview, but from the combined stress of worrying about the interview, and other factors in my life, I found myself leaning against the wall, shaking, barely able to form a coherent thought, praying I wouldn't have a seizure, or lose control of my body in another way. I frantically called and demanded to speak to my counselor, which she was soon able to do, calming me down enough prevent me from having a complete meltdown. It's happened before, and it's been worse. One time I grabbed scissors and started giving my shoulder-length hair a trim. Fortunately I didn't get too far before I calmed down enough to put the scissors down and call a friend over.
My point? Well, for one, I know that 14 draws the gossip, not the celebrity. And even we mentally unstable people can laugh at ourselves. After I regained some sanity I could look in the mirror and laugh at my new hairdo. Was it funny when I was leaning on the wall, barely controlling myself? Not really. Did I look funny with long hair and random short bits? Yeah, I did. I poked fun at myself. Now, Britney should have a much greater support system than I do. If she's having a mental breakdown, that's too bad, She can get help, probably much more easily than me. Also, 14's drawings cheer me up and make it easier to cope. Isn't that at least something? I don't know how to prove that we aren't laughing at Britney's expense, but I don't think things are as horrible for her as they are for some less public figures, but we will survive, and being drawn with my new 'do would be the least of my concerns.



Dear 14, I didn't quite understand your drawing until I realized that this girl really did shave her hair off. I saw it on the news last night, unbelievable!!! I want to be a good person and I want to feel sorry for her, but it's so damn hard. I don't believe she's mentally ill but she's definitely got some major emotional baggage to unload -- for this, I sympathize. But she deliberately sets herself up for the media circus. Think about it, if she truly wanted to avoid the media, she has enough money to have someone shave her head in the privacy of her own home. Thus, I do believe this is just another calculated publicity stunt (Anna Nicole stole her spotlight). Therefore, your portrayal of this distressed woman-child should in no way be offensive to anyone. It is merely a drawing of the image that she herself projects -- that's all. You know, we all have problems, some of us cannot have children (she's blessed), some of us have a terminally ill family member, some of are so depressed we want to die. Unlike many of us, she does not have to wait on her company HMO for approval to get quality professional/medical help. As LadyK stated in a previous posting "this is a woman who is a multimillioinaire and who has the resouces to get help if she wanted to". Anyhow, I hope she finds the maturity to focus on her two beautiful children and that she pulls that bald head of hers out of the clouds before she causes any irreversible/fatal damage.


Honestly, I think Brit looks pretty good with her head shaved. Of course, the media circus surrounding it is pretty ridiculous, as are the people wishing others "horrible deaths" just because they have a different opinion on a celebrity.

Wonderful work, 14. :)


Hey.........P Melanie and Un impendid.

Learn to read more accurately. Sarah's post never wished death or ill will on anyone here. It was the post before hers....... Are you both blind or do you always go and shoot off your mouths?


Now, let me clarify. I’m not quite sure why I got so captivated by this story, I don’t often comment on this site, or any other for that matter. I look at the latest piece, have a good laugh, marvel at the artist’s ingenuity and move on with my life.
I saw this drawing after viewing the abc video, and it just hit a wrong nerve. I’m not a neurologist, nor am I Britney’s confidant, or a mind reader. But I do think that all humans are equipped with an intuitive ability to spot pain, which is why I’m not the only one who responded to this post negatively. Perhaps a bit more eloquently that Sarah did, and with less vengeance and death wishes – and for those of you who keep confusing her posts with mine, please pay attention while reading.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has different degree of sympathy and compassion towards others. Sometimes it’s directly linked to how much of it you have towards yourself. 14 should not have apologized for her art, but in a way I’m glad that she did because I believe that when we appreciate someone’s creativity we also project certain qualities onto the artist, and I have never thought of her intent as malicious before, hence it was a relief to have her reaffirm that indeed it was not. But look at what you started 14!!

I want to apologize to Deanna as well, I think my comments were somewhat misunderstood. I mainly took offence to the assertion that only the facile can have a degree of humanity left in then, due no doubt to their immaturity. I believe that we can be mature, intelligent and have an ability to appreciate satire, but also be discerning as to when it may have crossed a certain line. For me this has, and I have stated my opinion, as I am entitled to, but I don’t expect others to share it. I don’t pretend to know the TRUTH, nor do I care that much, I just know that something in this particular story stroke an intuitive cord in me, and I felt more like wishing her well rather than ridiculing her. Call me human.
No one should be able to judge who has the right to fall apart or not, based on the amount of money or resources they have, because we all know that money does not shelter anyone from those experiences.
What was sad for me (and that’s why I don’t often read the comments on this site, and just look at the art) is the evidence of how many people love to relish in other’s misfortune, stupidity or physical imperfection. And I guarantee that it’s not limited to Britney, she is just today’s target, but it’s indicative of how we operate in our daily lives, and what is really within us. If most of us can laugh at someone, for whatever reason, without feeling a touch of compassion for their innate humanity, well the world is in trouble.


"Shop employee Emily Wynne-Hughes tells that Britney arrived at the parlor agitated and, when asked why she shaved her head, replied, "I don't want anyone touching me. I'm tired of everybody touching me."
Hughes adds, "She wasn't making sense at all and you could tell she's not in a good place at all, and that she is totally freaking out."
Hughes tells us Britney then got a black-white-and-pink cross tattooed on her lower hip and red-and-pink lips on her wrist. The price: $80.
Britney was not an ideal subject, however. "She was a nightmare to deal with," says Hughes. "She was screaming and flipping out from the pain and wiggling her body all around."
At one point during Britney's one-hour visit, Hughes asked Britney why there was a pink stain on her fluffy white handbag and Britney said she had "spilled Nyquil all over it."
Hughes, who was somewhere between appalled and concerned by what she saw, adds, "After she left the shop we all just looked around and said to each other, 'We just saw a huge celebrity on the verge of a nervous breakdown.'"

Also check out the abc clip on

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