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denver prator

I REALLY enjoy your satire of the VERY absurd "celebrity culture" You are gifted in both verbal and artistic endeavours.

I especially love the fact that you kick them that need to be kicked, and respect them that deserve respect I.E. (George Lucas)

keep up the great work.

Tiger Cavill

Yes I think George is a very handsome man too. And that his hair is beautiful, I agree with Demon Kitty, it's proper Zeus hair. I love this painting, you are very talented (and absolutely freakin' hilarious too in your gossip section)but this is great as a Force inspired work. And did I mention I think George is handsome too? Oh yes I did.

Valerie Stern

I love this painting!!!! I happen to think George Lucas is a VERY handsome man!!! If I wasn't married....oh never hurts to dream!!! I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers!!! I don't mind embarassing myself like this. I doubt he'd ever read it anyway.


Lucas's leonine mane surely does make a statement ... almost as much as this "Star Wows" portrait, 14! I think he perhaps looks better in your depiction/painting than he does in person. Truly far out and out of this world, yet equally world class concept and execution. Great to see some of your other stuff. As many others have said, hope that you are having a great vacation.


So glad you've found his hair as mesmerizing and mysterious as I have.


I absolutely LOVE visiting your page on a regular basis and think you're hilarious and also an extremely talented artist. This picture is great but I wanted to emphasize on how much I love the title, it made me laugh and in fact, Im still chuckling to myself about it...ahhh yes its these little things that make my day...okay well thats all.

G. Lucas

You've cracked my secret.


Have a glorious vacation...and I will live vicariously through your fun. I love this painting. I can't think of anything original, snarky, or witty to say about it (as I went through my non-existent spring break). I just always thought his hair was a little weird.

Thanks for sharing, and please allow us to see more glimpses of your non-gossip works.

Demon Kitty

I can't wait until you come back from vacation 14! I hope you enjoy it though. I need a vacation too man! A vacation from the tedious, monotony of having to get up and do the same shit over and over and over again, with the same pain in the ass people over and over again! This blog is my sanctuary! Lucas is kinda gross, isn't he??!


I love it! Very surreal and could be looked at in many ways.

Now as for George himself, the beard he sports in order to bring some kind of definition to his nonexistent jawline, drives me nuts. *sigh* Oh well, I'm sure he's a nice guy. =)


Fantastic! He is a kid at heart.


Have a great Vacation you deserve it. I love your art and happy to see more it. I think you are so funny and really love what you do here. I know you have even more amazing art the world needs to see. Glad you get a chance to get away and show us more of your brilliance. I love you 14


I enjoy this kind of art. When I see something artfull, I usually share the first thing that pops into my head. In this case I thought... What could "Goerge Lucas" think of next.

evil toner

Love it, babe, but I've always seen him as a bullfrog with a really wimpy croak, more of a whine, with that goiter-like protruberance under that too-finely trimmed beard. Love you. evil


Ah! Trippy! You know what, I like your non-gossip art, too. You could make anything you paint turn to gold. I hope to be famous someday just so you can draw me. Would it help to get crazy plastic surgery? No? How do I get famous so 14 can create art based off me? I would shave my head and wear no underwear with a dress, and go in and out of rehab, but I don't think anyone's looking or cares. Oh and Demon Kitty, it's time someone said it. How are you always first or one of the first? Does 14 call you and alert you? You have the secret schedule of postings by 14? I check this place pretty often and you're still before me! Oh well. I'll settle for being later. But.... can I convince anyone to start carrying pictures of me and mention me in daily conversation? It'd be great for my "be famous" plan. Much obliged.

(Your token Jewish commenter)

P.S. George Lucas can you put me on a conference call with that ancient deity from across the universe? And I hope there's not long-distance charges.


I knew it! His hair have some kind of magic powers! Nobody have that hair like his and he's responsible for birth of Skywalker saga! Thanks for cracking that paranormal mystery surrounding Mr Lucas! Hehe


This is gorgeous! I love the richness of color, detail, concept, and I definitely love the title. Can't wait to see more of your "other" art. So excited.

Demon Kitty

I wonder if his hair is real? Ah, the Hollywood Titan! I suppose he is Zeus in the Pantheon! I wonder which God Stephen Spielberg would be? The colors you used remind me of the placenta from "Alien". I don't know why!

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