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They're dressing could be better.But they seem like such sweet girls.They have they're whole lives.They'll go back to as pretty as they used to be.


i can tell them apart. and the pic so so true!


Deman Kitty
Whats up? ru a big fan of MarykateAshley2? o& our paintings in Tennessee r no were ner this paintin.


u people really need a life just leave Marykate & Ashley alone stop with the HATERADE Bitches!!! yall r just some ugly haters!

Doglover 18

The olsen twins looked like they got ran over by a few cars and then covered there faces with make-up so no one would notice. But no matter what the olsen twins will always look like skinny, little, sluts.



I seriously took about five minutes to type this because all I could do was laugh hysterically for the first four and a half. Another fifteen seconds to wipe the mascara out of my eyes and I'm done.

Demon Kitty

Dear Stacy,

I am about to move to Tennessee and after I read you post, I can't wait.

Hope "yalls r not shitty like a mother fucker!"


All yall r just Haten bitches that r just jeluse there rich&preety&good people i Love Marykate and Ashley!! so just stop with that haterade!!&whoever painted that pic.of them did a Shitty ass paint job!! Stacy in tenneesse Love MK&Ash & Stacy wrote this


all yall lil bitches need 2 back offMarykate&Ashley yal r just jeluse& there preety,cool,good rolemodels 2&theynevr did anything 2 yall. yalls just jeluse BC there rich&preety&famus & yall r not so dont hate & howevr pinted that pic. of them its not good at all its shitty like a mother fucker.yalls all just some haters. i love MK&Ash & my lil sis does 2 & i no more people who do so sop with that haterade I love Marykate&Ashley!! stop with that haterade k Stacy


I was wondering what would happen to these two once their teen years were over, but I never expected anything near this drastic. Doesn't help that Nick-At-Night keeps playing the highlight of their career constantly either.


Those 2 need a wash. They look so dirty all the time. Yuk. If they cant wash their hair I can imagine not much else gets washed either - their poor boyfriends. Gross.

Elle Benis

dont be so mean to those 2 they are good actors and that picture is not true they have a good sense taste of cloths.
All those people who have wrote about them saying somthing like "that picture is so true" and stuff mean like that your the people that have no sense of taste and should think before yoy by stuff from shops.
So when you go shopping for cloths think about what i said are you just buying it cause its differnt to celebreties that you hate and you dont want peope to hate you for it or are you buying because you like it.
Remenber be yourself who cares what other people think about you because you iun your own life and you have to be yorself.

Adam Smith.

I had an infestation of Olsen's once.
They really are a pain to get rid of.
Impervious to most known pesticides, they would always be at the corner of my eye, scampering across the living room floor,leaving bits of fashoin tat and trendy detritus in their wake. I took to watching the T.V with a 22 calibre Luger my Grandfather wrested from the hands of a dead German during the war by my side, just in case I could get a clear shot.Once I caught one straight between the eyes, but they kept on running, flipping me the bird before dissapearing behind the fridge.

I sealed every point I saw them entering and leaving by, but still they came. Every attempt to rid myself of this pestilence would lead to an exponential increase in their number, with the whispering and cackling becoming a sort of white noise I couldn't block out. They also scratched all my Cd's and Records, and left unfeasibly large droppings for such tiny creatures.

Finally, after nearly demolishing my house to find the little fuckers, I found their lair and confronted them. They explained to me that infact they were gentle woodland creatures, much distressed by the imprisonment of two of their kind in the world of Man.This was the reason why the sisters always looked so sad and depressed, because they had not frolicked for so long. Raising my pistol to the Olsen's leader's head I looked into the elfs eyes and said in a booming sonorous voice, "Do not decieve me with your trickery, Olsen".
For a moment I considered dispatching them all,but the look in Elder Olsen's eyes told me they were speaking the truth.
They asked if I could aid them in their quest to save their sisters, since I seemed knowledgeable in the ways of this world. Replying honestly and manfully, I told them, there was absolutely fuck all I could or would do to help them now, and that they really should fuck off. If they had approached me in a more direct way,maybe I would be more amenable to their request.But having oversized "Borrowers" skulking around my house was so fucking annoying that I had absolutely no desire to help them at all.

Eventually they left when a magic amulet I bought in thrift store forced them back into their dimension. But that really is another story.

Frisky Shadowridge

I think my 11 year old weighs more than those girls which is very scary. I really don't want to see anymore pictures them with their freaky little couture clad bodies, children of corn staring eyes and their heads bent together like their performing some kind of mind meld.


OMG - this is GENIUS!!! Thank you for doing such a dead-on perfect depiction of these disturbing creatures.

miss L

i love this. very surreal and tim burton-esque.

well done.

Viper Tetsu

Thank you for revealing the truth in this (customarily ace) charcoal rendering. The Olsen Twins are sleestaks. Oh, sweet Jesus in a rusty El Camino, the fucking Olsen Twins are fucking Sleestaks.



I think I'm starting to appreciate the little imps. They are actually very classy compared to the rest of the Hollywood-under 25-jet-setters. Think about it: They wear underpants in public, aren't in rehab, haven't run over any photographers, haven't had any homemade sex-tapes get into the wrong hands, don't accessorize with monkeys or small dogs, and generally don't speak while in public.


Perfect! although more abstract than some of your other paintings, it is an EXACT, and I mean EXACT likeness of them!


hi i love you


This piece is truly billiant. The charcoal and pastel combined with your exaggeration of their features gives this picture a child-like realism which brings to light the delightful absurdity of the twins.


you forgot the buckets of starbucks!


Remember all the countdowns to their 18th birthday and all the skeezy men who lusted after them as squeaky clean teenagers? I think in trying to shed those losers and that image, they went a bit too far the other way.

Great in theory, not in practice?

Sarah Jean Snarker

I would buy a copy of this drawing. I love it!


...the $8,000 handbag is not large enough! The ones they usually carry are big enough to carry each other in...


Hehe, when I first read the title, I thought you were going to show a picture of their shaggy unshaven legs or something. Now THAT would be scary!


Yeah I heard they lurk in subway stations and still the souls of helpless children.


Very Tim Burton, thus, I absolutely approve.


You know, I really like their clothing and who can not applaud that they're trying to do something of their own?


I can attest as someone who has experienced both poverty and wealth (rags to riches to rags to..... ) that money doesn't make you happier. Just makes life easier. Yes, you can make yourself temporarily happy but indulging in your desires, but you lose interest in new goodies pretty fast. People have higher expectations of the richer- they don't need to worry about survival, shouldn't they do a good job taking care of themselves and others? I don't think these girls are doing either. They probably don't have appreciation for the wealth they own. When things are really tough, you appreciate little things, like hot water, enough food, getting a car so you don't have to take the bus, etc. People who have been poor all their lives would probably never feel completely comfortable with wealth. And those who are rich would not be comfortable any other way. See, if you lived your life at the top, where do you have to go? I don't know what's up with these girls, and why they remind me of skeleton whores. (Probably the meanest thing I've said this year- don't like calling women whores). And remember, money's not about cash and metal and plastic- it's about the possibilities. I'm afraid these girls may have no imagination.

(Your token Jewish commenter)
(What would I do with a lot of money? Well, visit Europe, Japan, and India, start a business selling novelty items, get a kippah for each of my moods, and take a long break and travel across the US like the early settlers would have done. Oh, and buy fine tea and chocolate. Mmm.)


RE:::You know how it is when you see a possum in your trash and at first it frightens you because they are so odd looking. And then it frightens you that they aren't more frightened by you staring at them and shooing them away...:::

***Spits wine on keyboard.*** lol.

RE:::Don't they make enough money to look a little happier?:::

Ya know. So true. That's what upsets me about ALL these chicks.


You forgot to include all the dead animals. They sure seem to be big fans of those.

God, if this wasn't so damn tragic, it could have been really funny.


Don't they make enough money to look a little happier?


I think this is an incredible work-but to those of you all too quick to comment and insult the twins (whom I do not defend in any way) look at 14's write-up on the work ... WE are the 'prying eyes of humanity' and have created monsters such as these..the twins have been watched by us since birth.. is that something YOU could ever imagine?..
just a thoughtful note from an art historian's perspective..



Heavy shoes


Re: Demon Kitty's "they need a good smack in the mouth and a coin for the ferryman" comment. At least they need not worry about being able to afford passage to the Underworld, though I'm not sure even Charon would except them, though many men do seem to think they are hot : ) - so they might still be forced to wander the banks of the Styx for 100 yrs rather than the streets of New York. Have enjoyed the comments on this one almost as much as the "poor"trait.


you've captured them perfectly!!

fanny pack

There is something special about this image that scares me. You know how it is when you see a possum in your trash and at first it frightens you because they are so odd looking. And then it frightens you that they aren't more frightened by you staring at them and shooing them away...

The Olsen twins have that same effect on me.


My thanks to Demon Kitty for getting Munch's first name correct in post as I did not : ) 14 called them "those little Olsen buggers" and that really is the truth - literally and figuratively. This truly is one of my favorites too because it looks like it was a real kick in the pants for you to paint, 14. Thanks again for the "tween-queen" tee hees.


The chipmunks become Squirrels from Hell!!


I'm all for looking different and not dressing like a clone of every other clothes horse out there, but what is up with the bag lady/ heroin addict/ homeless runaway chic?

I can't be the only one who wants to see them get over their teen experimentation years and learn about how to dress originally whilst still flattering yourself.


so perfect!!
i really dont like their poor taste


Honestly, 14, I think this is one of your best, "artistically" speaking.


Hahahahahahaha so funny! The look like a dead people... Great Job!



Love it! Funny, haunting, accurate, and beautifully done.


Yes!! I can't help but notice that one of the two, ah the one with the handbag, seems to have little tiny fly-like wings behind her. These two remind me of those stick characters from that movie the night before halloween. I digress. This piece really has a creepy feel to it, much like the subjects. "Turbo orthopedic shoes" are so chic, where have you been pun-intended... like duh steeforth, destitution is in now. Its like so totally now and so hot. Sort of like kickin it wit your homeless homies but not really cause these girls get their homeless apparel from really expensive boutiques. Damn it you must admit these girls are brilliant. Who else could pull of this new trend? You really outdid yourself this time lady.

rose no thorns



Oh I LOVE this!!! Hee hee!!! I want to be them for Hallowe'en. There's enough in me to BE both of them. :)

Demon Kitty

I completely 100% agree with Tess, Kirsti, and Pun Intended. They do look like they rose up from hell and reside in Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream". How did these two annoying shits get so rich?!!! I know they were child stars, but I never heard of them until they turned 18!!! It's like they have suddenly emerged from the netherworld where the posessed Reagan from "the Exorcist" and that awful girl/thing from "The Ring" reside. When you are small, stick thin and resemble a monkey, you should not wear bed spreads from the Salavation army, handbags that are 4 times your body weight, and glasses that make you look like Seth Brundle's "The Fly". These two troll/ogre/monkey things look like they crawled out of a hole in somebody's basement. They need a good smack in the mouth and a coin for the ferryman.

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