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Oh my! Everytime I see them, I think of them as playing dress up. I don't get why they dress as silly as they do, but when you're worth millions, who is going to tell you that you look ridiculous? Certainly no one that works for them.

And those shoes too. I see them, and they annoy me to no end. I'm not sure why, but they bug the hell out of me! Argh! Money doesn't bring class or taste. These two are living proof.


OOooh, that's beautiful...I love that involuted, self-protecting, leave-me-aloooone osteoporosis posture you accentuated
lovely work.


Did someone tells these two to never smile? That it is more chic to look sad and destitute? These two young women look like the most unhappy people in the world. Very sad.




Based on some of their recent getups and heirloom hairdos (I think is Ashley that has been wearing the oddly yellowed looking hair in a bun) and the racoon or whatever stole, vintage tatting that could be cool but somehow on them comes off as just tatty and holes in the tights, plus the turbo boosted orthopedic shoes - the "Old"sen twins. Sort of what I would call "Our snicker" rather than "Arsnic" and old lace. This also reminds me - 14's "wretch"dition of them - of Munch's "The Scream" with hair for some reason. This is a classic 14 and right on the money as always. And they do have an awful lot of it even if most of us would rather forget them in "A New York Minute".


I agree with Tess- 100% accurate. Well done.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I love this style of yours, cuz I know you were having fun doing it. Olsens have always looked like Troll Dolls; they're scary little things, aren't they? But I confess I do like the granny boots one of them wears all the time. The rest of the outfits, not so much. They seem to want to disappear but crave attention at the same time...they always just seem very sad to me.


Little ghoulie Olsen twins...

Thanks for the funny, it came just in time, otherwise I might have been tempted to go on a three-day drinking binge and wind up in Wisconsin after being dumped last night. Or perhaps go around town wearing only a blanket. And sunglasses to avoid eye contact. Yeah. What's their excuse?

(too depressed for my tagline)


I hate to be cruel, but I wish these two "girls" would fall off a bridge and let the weight of their store-bought esteem drag them to the abyss of the ocean bottom-feeders.. where there is no light, and they'll live happily ever after.. floating around in the darkness, attracted by the ocassional strange sparkly light, which turns out to be some huge angler fish that will gobble them up. The food chain is a lovely thing.

Jenn F.

Oh that picture is just way too funny. The hunched-over body, the mammoth shoes... and those sticks in between! I've seen better legs sticking out of a nest.

gahhhhhhhhh. what is with these furloving


Oh this is cruel, 14. 100% accurate, sadly, but oh so cruel.

You have the legs just right, I am always afraid that their little legs are going to snap like toothpicks under the weight of those gigantic handbags.

How can they have so much money and so little taste. Can you just imagine what their clothing line will look like?


You can't even tell them apart anymore. Sorry girls, the whole "homeless chic" thing doesn't work, especially when your outfit cost more than the average SUV. These two make Bai Ling look like Anna fricking Wintour.


Can't sleep. Olsens will eat me.


Wow, so which one is which? I still can't tell.


Classic! Luv the boots


This is SO true - what are they tring to prove?? They MUST be on meth

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