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moreover it says... LOUIE Vuitton....haha


um people did u not read:

Medium: Photoshop collage.

AMazed how many sites think this is real lol


I don't even think is real, have you heard of it from vogue or from, or the olsen sisters? it must be someone's joke, the ashley pic looks fake an the brand it's spelled: louie, not louis.


that is freakin retarded and its ugly to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like anybody will buy that freaking purse

Marc Jacobs Bag fan

People really do over price everything. Even though I do like that bag I wouldn't pay more than $200 for it.


Wow, i guess that's one way to recycle...
Rubbish! 150k for a pile of trash and some people call it "art"?
Talk about lack of effort, Louis Vuitton is really good at thinking on how to use trash and how to put the ideas inside some people's mind that needs garbage... and get money in return...

Liberty Justice

Personally I've never liked Louis Vuitton, and can't for the life of me understand why anyone would spend perfectly good money for their junk. When I was young, I'd often tell people the "LV" really stood for Lousy Vinyl, not Louis Vuitton. I get it now, with the debut of this new bag; the powers at Louis Vuitton are letting the world know that it's all been a big joke; they sell trash...Extremely Overpriced "Lousy Vinyl" trash, and for years they've been laughing all the way to the bank.

joanne kirkland

hi just to say to all those wierdo's that are complanin' about the expensive bag. ihave went out and worked my ass off for all the money i have got. so if i w=have earned the money then why shoudn't i spend the money i earned on me


Ok, thats is a fake bag. I got to preview the entire season collection and that was never there. If that is a real picture than why is under the bag with the olsen there the same stamp on the first picture to say it was coppied off the internet. Anyone who believes this is an idiot!


Who in there right mind would ever come close to that bag. It is like Louis Vution forgot to go to the dump after a party. Y would I want a cigetette on a bag? Sicko. woust bag I had ever seen. You don't rock anymore


to tell you the truth i hate it its the ugliest thing that i've seen for handbags wouldn't even ake it if they gave it to me for free....realy realy ugly

Bea K.

Can you say "sucker"? I realize the majority of the people buying these bags have a right to do with their money what they will, but things like this are 'beyond' ridiculous at least in my book, and sorry to say only a person of limited intelligence would be foolish enough to be 'duped' by this bit of stupidity. One reason in particular the knock-offs are so very popular these days, and why the so-called 'real' designers are truly laughing at the suckers willing to pay this money, all the way to the bank and beyond.


Hmm. I really want one, but I strongly disapprove of smoking! Hopefully LV will make a special limited nonsmoker edition that I can afford.


It's UGLY!!!!


Damn, Wish I could have designed it!...I could have been rich pickin shit up off the street! Some people have all the luck!


Cant be more ugly.
I don't think white trailer trash can afford this bag.
Welcome to the trash club everyone who will buy.


I hate this bag. It's a hidious mess.


This bag is what can be best described as utter crap! $45,000 for such a make-shift, put-together accessory is utter nonsense, yet you get people with nothing better to do with their money buying it, only to end up lying in some drawer once the novelty factor has worn off, it would not matter if I had £1m in the bank, I would not buy such trash, neither do I know any girl who would thank me for it, this kind of money is better spent on other stuff that is more needing, not on things that are here one minute, and gone the next! A total waste of money!!


This bag is what can be best described as utter crap! $45,000 for such a make-shift, put-together accessory is utter nonsense, yet you get people with nothing better to do with their money buying it, only to end up lying in some drawer once the novelty factor has worn off, it would not matter if I had £1m in the bank, I would not buy such trash, neither do I know any girl who would thank me for it, this kind of money is better spent on other stuff that is more needing, not on things that are here one minute, and gone the next! A total waste of money!!


luk at yall cussin pplz dwn ur just jelouse lil tramps al n ur so go bk t ur council ouse n suk dik


You are just Fantastic!!!


Wow. Just, wow. Linda, honey, are you serious? Linda, for the sake of the human race you need to be put out of your misery before you can reproduce. Please feel free to play in the freeway and with loaded guns.


also, the picture posted of the $45,000 louis vuitton bag is stretched out, that's why it looks unattractive in the posted picture.


this is so fake. first off, the "louie vuitton" is spelled incorrectly. it's louis vuitton. and the picture with ashley olsen and the bag is photoshopped to have ashley olsen's head on the model's body and the bag is photoshopped in to be on the hand. louis vuitton is too classy to make a bag like this piece of sh*t. wtf!?!


i can't believe you really did that - glued all that gunk onto your bag i mean! rofl! and this thing is so utterly believable (the way you put it) I thought it was for real until i read further!

Mr. Wiggles

I Think my mom has one of those.....


Man, the crap celebrities will blow a year-of-college worth of money on....

its the most poofiest bag ive eva seen

TC Girl

Your Art is simply FAMULOUS darlin' love it all - Art should stimulate the mind and when it makes you Laugh Out Loud - the irony of it all is complete. Thanks for sharing. TC




Is Marc Jacobs the designer of this bag?? Can someone tell me where i can find more info on the bag??


This is very clever. I love that and the African baby bag.


sweet sweet kai,
please continue to apologize. i, praytell, have never read such sweet apology. i will remain here, in this place, before thine screen, until hence, the one who call himself kai, the man to woeful to leave a tagname, returns to bedazzle said blog with words plucked from the sweetest tree of wordiness. continue child, to raise my ego to further heights yet unknown. i forgive you for treading carelessly while trodding selfishly all over our friendship, but just this one time and only after your finish the apology, as requested. :0)

i hate idiot

You know, I don't think some of these idiots get it. The big purse for 150,000 is fake and it is done as a humorous drawing. Some people actually think it is real. bah. We are doomed. As for the original purse, Bleh


Is that a raisin on that wadded napkin or ?
As usual, You are fabulous!!!!!


Rich people will friggin' buy anything.

Charlton Hawking

"Let me show you Derelicte. It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by the very homeless, the vagrants, the crack whores that make this wonderful city so unique." -- Mugatu


Add the ridiculously expensive handbags to the list of things I Just Don't Get. I have a purse that I bought two years ago at Target. It cost $15 and has no designer name on it. Yet it performs its function as well as anything LV ever fobbed on a foolish public. It may say to some that I am ignorant of what's hip and hot and happenin', but to me it's just my purse and it carries my stuff.

Lachrymose Kai

Deanna, I am crying heavy tears of ashamedness. I had no idea my quest for enlightenment was sapping the souls and knowledge banks of those closest to me. When a man reaches up into the sky to try to grab a star, he is unaware of those he may be trodding upon to reach that star. That star being, of course, understanding women's buying decisions. Yet is such a star worth crushing my friends underneath my careless feet? I shall be content to watch the star glint upon the surface of the pool of reflection, believing that yet someday my friends may elevate me to greater heights of understanding. But only when they have found those reserves of strength within themselves, which will surely be reciprocated by me.

Cum meis pedibus terram, stellam capere non possum.

Wishing for forgiveness,
(Your commenter who is too woeful to put his tagline)

Viper Tetsu

Adam, 'fuck-muppet' is my new favorite word. Bless you, my brother, for expanding my Yank vocabulary.

And dear Quatorze, no one calls Emperor's-New-Clothes Bullshit on celebrity fads and indulgences so hilariously. Checkmate.

How much of the Goth Stoned Raccoon Dominatrix Olsen Twin pic is real and how much (if any) has been, um, surgically altered? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Adam Smith.

I have fakes of Fourteen's bag available for sale on E-bay, for only 5oo euros.
No dollars please.If you pay in U.S dollars YOU pay the conversion fees.

Every bag is hastily slung together by an army of cold turkey junkies, on a one bag one hit basis. All bags are original and personally signed in junky blood, with a choice of Hepatitus A,B or C varieties.

A perfect fusion of Haute Couture, and urban deprivation, with tiny little pockets for your own personal vice (Clarky Cats, Purple Munchers,Jelly Bentines,Yellow Moshers,Disco-Biscuits,etc).
Each one is unique,like Andy Warhol meets Charles Bukowski as imagined by a Crackhead.
A parody of a parody, that's so ironic, you'll never know whether you're being very clever or extremely stupid.

They also come available with free T-shirts declaring the witless anodyne philosophy of the buyer.

So far we have:

The Olsen.

"I'm frightened and depressed. Let's see if nobody will notice me,if I hide behind this giant bit of designer rubbish".

The Hilton

"Fuck you all. It's true I'm a nauseating little bobble head, with the erotic appeal of a moose drowning in a tarpit.But me,my Dad and my Boyfriend could buy you all a million times over.So, er...Fuck you all, Firecrotch Bastards"

And finally the Lohan. Which comes in two types.

"Read my lips.Because I'm so fucked on Jelly Bentines,the face has not said anything other than 'bibble',in three hours"

That last one's a thinker.

And the rather less subtle.

"Come on boys.It's not going to lick itself"

Buy them now, while stocks (and junkies) last. It's almost as cool as playing soccer with a dog.


when i mentioned unnecessary comment i was referring to my own vulgar unecessary comment about the intense fruity grape flavored prophylaxis. i didn't want my words to be misinterpreted. looking at that bag again i seriously think a boca burger box or used syringe would set that bag off...


gee whiz kai,
last year you wanted us to explain spam, no vienna sausage... now it's tell me about the purse and shoes appeal. I hate to say this but I feel like you're sucking your friends dry. :0)
DemonKitty, I must admit I too searched immediately for the the used pink or purple condom, hanging ever so slightly from the side with the torn sporty condom foil wrapper placed with tender care on or near the zipper, advertising the improved grape flavor bursting with new fruitiness...and whatever else. beyond that unnecessary comment, 14 how dare you try to push this bag on the public without the mercedes auto piece you broke off some idiots car who probably has the real mccoy in trunk? I simply wouldn't buy the bag without it. it's like c'mmon you know the crowd is hard to please. I love the bag and would like to see you auction it on ebay... I'm sure if you gave it some swanky french name you could get more than what lv is asking for that piece of trashy trash. can't wait for the knockoffs.

Adam Smith.

Civilisations rise and fall. This one will eventually,(probably not as soon as soon as the present carbon farting war monkies seem to want it to), but it will end. My main worry is that future archaeologists won't unearth a copy of "The Theory Of Relativity", Stevie Wonder's "Innervisions",
or even a really good computer (Mac or P.C,no preference);instead they'll find , a DVD of the "Simple Life" (series one), David Hasselhof's mummified body and this fucking bag.
They will then declare this epoch as unworthy of study, and deserving of whatever fate befell it.

Christina T.

I've been following your blog for a year or so now (the only blog I really read), but this is my first time posting.

I just found this particular post one of the funniest entries you have done in a long time! I cannot fathom how even the wealthiest of the wealthy would blow that much money on a shitty, ugly purse. It costs less than what my entire college education will be once I finally get out of school. I don't really understand high fashion, either.

My marketing teacher is right, people just buy things like this to show that they can. I'll just stick to the gap. Hell, even the gap is sometimes too expensive for me!
Oy gevalt!
But, hope you don't mind that I linked your website from my facebook. I'm trying to get my friends hooked on your site too.



I can see a dog nawing on that purse as his own special chew toy or somebodys toddler picking off every intricate $150,000 detail one by one.


You forgot the used condom wrapper


Holy knapsack! I have no arts and crafts skills, but I can make that $45,000 handbag, no problem! How much do you think for a LV knockoff? Why do women spend so much on purses? I asked my girlfriend this before we broke up (I swear that did not contribute to the breakup). Is it brand name? Look, I know guys can spend a ridiculous amounts of money on cars. But they look good, are useful, and spending more on one probably means it will perform better! You can get a nice car for $45,000! It will carry your stuff and take you places! How can you spend so much money on something that just carries your sh*t around? It's not like you can improve on the functioning of that. Oh, and while you're explaining that to me, can you explain the shoe thing to me, too? I really don't get that.

(Your token Jewish commenter)

P.S. 14 does the Urban Satchel smell like a NYC subway station? Mmmmmm.


There are millions of starving people and this? PULEEEEEEEZ, God, help us all!


I'm finding it hard to get over the actual purse that's being made fun of in order to enjoy the parody. I cannot believe that anyone would buy that, even people that are known for wasting money.

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