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It's a broken family I'd never want to meet (either Kim or Alec) Yet, like Kerri, I'm oh so impressed with the hairy legs and chest, and open gaping maw, it makes his reddening face complete.

Not to mention the robe and slippies are a hoot!


Baldwins are notorious for their temper. Poor kid. But why cant I shake the feeling Kim is no picnic either?!

Absolutely LOVE all your work!


OK, the guy is a hotheaded jerk. On the other hand, making something like that public isn't exactly a praiseworthy act of charity.

I'll bet his daughter (probably with her mother's encouragement) did SOMETHING that elicited his (gross over)reaction. Just my opinion based on a guess.

I wouldn't want any of my worst moments made public. He's probably going to get all the humiliation he deserves plus much, much more.


When you consider that he's the 'sane' one in that marriage,
it is inevitable that the kid will end up on the pole.


Dear 14,

What I like best about your work is that it's totally relevant but, at the same time, completely unexpected. I saw the top of Alec's head and did not expect to see his hairy ham legs, this is truly hilarious. I also love his red skin and bulbous nose; you hit the nail on the head, again.

Thanks for another good laugh with my morning coffee.


NY Diva

Hi 14, I was waiting for you to do something regarding this! Sheer genius! I am LMAO at work.


I had a good laugh when I saw this. Thanks for cheering me up and congrats on the terrific work that you present here!


Hilarious as usual 14, right on the money!
Betcha Kim will get one and use it to stick pins in!
How is Jeff P.? Would love to see more of his stuff...


as always....right on target Keep up the good work. As always, you are fabulous!!!


Beautiful, 14, beautiful! I hope that we can feel the stubble on his legs!


2 words. Anger management. LOL! Great work, 14.



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