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Paris has now made many millions of dollars as a result of having gone to prison.

I think I could handle prison for a while too, if my wage were, say, $60000 a day. Most people who go to prison do not benefit in this way.

While she did indeed serve her time for her crime, it is somehow ironic that this has been a boost to her publicity and 'infamy'. This may be equal treatment, but somehow very unequal.

Is it Paris' fault? Hardly. It is just a weakness of society that so much attention is paid to those who contribute nothing but vapid gossip fodder.


The Jail Bird will be set free tomorrow.

America deserves better Celebrities than this STUPID woman.

I hope she drives drunk again.


Each time I look at this drawing of Paris somehow this world seems to be nicer.

Each time I look at this picture everything in this world seems to be better.

I am going to print this drawing of Paris and put it in a golden frame.

Each day before I go out to face the world I am going to take a good look at this photo & sing 'What a Wonderful World'


What is with all the hatred towards this individual? Has no one else in there own personal lives made a mistake? Has no one been givin a second chance? What i dont understand is that you spend all this time talking about how much you hate her why dont you do something constructive with your time! I beleive that you make a mistake you have to pay the price... tis life! As far as the media attention Paris is getting is only becuase of her social status you and I would never get that kind of media attention... nor (by the way) would i want it! So all in all we are all born into sin and will probably die in sin as well so I think everyone should just back off the poor girl and realize that words hurt and she is just human like the rest of us. I am not saying she should get of jail because of who she is. I think the hurtful things that people say... those peole just need a little love themselves.. putting someone else down is not a way to bring your self up!


Comment on the 'HUTAS' (Head Up The Ass Syndrome) post:

Paris was born with 'HUTAS'. Prison has made it worse.

Best cure for this Syndrome is to insert a Rocket up her Ass and shoot her to Mars.


I have never been to the US.

If I ever go to the United States I am certainly going to visit 'Twin Towers Correctional Facility' this place has become a symbol of Justice.

In most countries there are double standards when it comes to the law. If the Rich break the law they usually get away with it. On the other side the poor have to pay the full price for breaking the law.

I hope this teaches a lesson the Rich and Famous that they are not above the Law.

ND from Switzerland

paris sux

I am so00 gladthat that bimbo is finally being taught that $$$ cant get herthrough life, nobody is above the justice system and i cant beleive that she thinks that she is the closest thing to american royalty. Just disappointed that the sentece wasnt life


You have hit the nail on the head and I could not have said it better. She needs to catch a real wake up. And to those of you who back her up you should really wipe the crap from your eyes and realise that you are still responsible for your actions no matter who you are...and now is her time to pay for her crime. She got what she asked for. About time too.


If I ever visit the US.

I will surely visit 'Twin Towers Correctional Facility'. This Facility has become a symbol of Justice.

This shows that all are equal before the law.

From Switzerland


I think you guys are all jealous of her : )


i just want to say that paris shouldn't be hated on just cause how many ppl do it honestly she just gets caught cause media wants her to get caught im not sayin what she did was right but i do think its unfair to her and not such a cool pic paris as the bird pretty ignorant i feel and you all have right to comment on that...shame on you all


shame to all you paris haters shes owt of jail and you guys are stupid fucks lol im always right lol so stop writing dum ass coments k!!!!!

besides paris doesnt care y should you!!!!

fucking lame fucks!!!

peace lmao

the blonde

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The Twin Towers professional staff has positively diagnosed Paris Hilton’s condition.

Miss Hilton has been confirmed to be suffering from an advanced case of HUTAS (Head Up The Ass Syndrome). Hilton exhibits acute symptoms related to a patient with their head clearly up their ass. It is known that if HUTAS isn’t diagnosed and treated in its early stages, the condition suffocates the brain and leads to irreversible systemic damage. Symptoms are characterized by a lack of intelligence, muffled hysteria and blind arrogance which enlarges the head making it more difficult to cure the disease.

Treatment for HUTAS includes applying repeated and sufficient force to each side of the buttocks with one’s foot. Having the patient walking or running while their buttocks is booted builds psychological remedy for the patient and satisfaction for the treatment specialist. Most professionals agree that in Miss Hilton’s case, several hundred treatment sessions will be required to obtain full remission. Due to the expected long and arduous recovery period, it is recommended that the public at large be recruited to administer treatments.


Hilton has no complaint. Out here in the real world if you violate a judge's order a warrant is issued for your arrest. You are picked up and jailed until a hearing the next day. If you plead innocent, then you go back to jail or make bail. if you don't have money for bail, you stay in jail until your court date which is often two months or more away.

If you plead guilty you are fined. If you cannot pay the fine then a payment schedule is set up. Fail to make one payment and you're in contempt, and back in jail till you pay the fine or work it off in jail at $10 a day.

Yea.... all of the above for a DUI and then ignoring the judge's order. And, if you're on probation when you ignore the judge's order you may well be denied bail and forced to remain in jail until your court date or, as an alternative, the judge can just revoke probabation and you serve your time.

How can anybody think Hilton got a worse deal than poor people get every day?


you guys are all fuck wits your all jsut jelous of her....and you obviously cant stop thinking about her cause you all keep drawing her etc...why not just leave her alone she has done nothing to world and nothing to you...


I think she should do 80 days and be given a big fat mamma to look after her.


The photo is funny, but I don't feel bad that she has to serve her sentence. She not only had one DUI, but she was caught twice by the police driving without a license.Now I am sure Paris graduated for high school, so she knew what she signed during the first incident.When you get arrested and they take your license.. something should have click in her head then that she was not allowed to drive. And the order to go to a classed for how many days that she didn't go to for punishment (as instructed)didn't give her a hint either. NO! She did as she wanted.
Now some of you think that driving without a license is nothing.But if you or I were caught in this same situation? We would, as Americans, be sentenced to the same punishment. for all you Paris sympathizers, she is a grown woman! She doesn't need to cry for her mother. She does need her daddy to hold her at night. Her mother didn't drive her when her bone ass was drunk. Nor did she buy her behind a chauffeur!! She's rich. Obviously she isn't the best driver. She's crashed almost every one of her cars!! Why is she so special? >>


Great pic!

I saw her at the Palms several months ago and you depicted her hoofs perfectlly.


Excellent drawing. Now if Ritchie should happen to end up in the slam, all you'll need is a grahic depicting both of them going over the wall.

Lets beat the streets to ensure Judge Sauer remains a Judge for a long time to come.

Lucifer Tiddeys (that's DoubleDs, not DoubleTs)

Paris Hilton is suffering today because we Americans don't know our place. Doesn't being Wealthy, White, Young, Female, Connected, AND being America's top selling Porn Star count for anything these days?!!

I was in the court room when that judge passed sentence and I am shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you!!! I was sitting right behind Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears and Nicole Ritche (to think I was going to ask them for their autographs!!!) when the judge asked was there anyone in the courtroom willing to vouch for Paris' character so that he could sign the OR release form.

Lindsey, Britney and Nicole stood up together and Nicole said "Your Honor, We know the Defendant intimately and we can provide character witness. THEN THEY KINDA LOOKED AT EACH OTHER AND WINKED AND Nicole said: " Your Honor, Paris Hilton is a danger to the community and a threat to good law and order. Because her family has properties around the globe, she is a flight risk. WE beg you, your Honor, to do the right thing and incarcerate her NOW with no work release, home detention or alternative sentencing!!!

It was like watching MEAN GIRLS being performed LIVE!!! Britney running her finger across her throat was TOTALLY uncalled for as was Lindsey's vulgar hand jestures. The judge then slammed his gavel down and said "IT IS SO ORDERED---45 DAYS in the Century Hilton Hotel (he could have simply said JAIL; there was no need to be vicious). Baliff, Take this Paris-cite away!!!

These were her friends, HER POSSE---My GOD!!

jack m purvin,m.d.


Treating Paris like everyone else would mean at most 2 days in jail. Non violent petty convicts typically serve less than 10% of their sentences. This absurd jail sentence is nothing more than grandstanding by both an acknowledged but never prosecuted felony perjurer prosecutor with political ambitions, Rocky Delgadillo, and a Reagan appointee judge long known for his extreme right wing views as well as poor peer review from his fellow judges, so poor in fact that he was actually demoted. Any doubters must ask themselves why else would a judge with 35yrs experience be assigned to a courtroom usually reserved for beginners? Baldurr


The artwork is incredible. You must be a genius!
Who does that Sheriff think he IS? (Isn't he SUPPOSED to be a public figure employed by and for the people?) He should be reprimanded harshly for allowing this media darling (read: media wh0re) to serve part of her sentence (which she actually got CREDIT for...) at the L.A. Hilton (the Presidential Suite, no less.. Mama & Daddys that's a tough stint). Wonder what Sheriff Bacas controversial 'decision' to thumb his nose at the Judges ruling/sentencing cost Mom & Dad? The only parents worse than Ms. Hiltons are the ones that allow their female children to idolize her. Lest we forget she made not one, but two p**n films, which she chose to profit from. Enough of this disgrace. (Oh, and Ms. Hilton, if you are sweating and shaking in court, it appears obvious that you are suffering oxycontin *or similar* withdrawls.. What makes you think you deserve to be treated better than any of the other junkies in jail?) Guessing here, that this was indeed, the "medication" that the jail infirmary was not able to prescribe...DO YOUR TIME and SHUT UP!


@ Jon

The US isn't an oligarchy, it's a polyarchy.

That said, I'm glad The Hilton is back in the slammer after her family 'inveigled' the sheriff to let her out of it. Boing-boing. That the way it works: the folks who uphold the law bung you in, the folks who uphold hierarchy in society let you out, the folks who uphold the law...

Boing-boing. Wonder if Hilton pere is now going to make a big donation to the ruling Administration to let his daughter off. Wouldn't be surprised. That how life works.

The visual, as usual, is masterful. Won't go into the details, but it looks suitably gonorrhoeic.



Spelling class begins at 9 AM. Be there.

Brilliant picture ... captures Paris to perfection..


Amazing that anyone could care about this useless piece of air being in Jail. She and her family have displayed their complete contempt for normal people throughout this affair. I for one hope she just rots there for the next 42 days. She is disgusting.


Paris Hilton was driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and with a suspended license. She was very fortunate she didnt harm or kill anyone. The sentence the judge has given her I personally believe is just. There should be no pardon for committing a crime whether your rich/or poor. Excusing her crime would only give the idea that the wealthy can get away with anything but thats not true. We are all equal.



Why must you taunt and tease me as I wallow in the depths of abject depression and inconsolable misery over the early release of Paris Hilton out of jail? Why? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?

I don't know if I can go on. How will I face the next day, no, the next hour?? I can barely ty pe t h i s

Oh woe.



the jail bird is out..hurray!!! I'm so happy.. mainly beacause it will make you sad..:>>>


Here's to hoping that Paris finds some balancing religion in prison! Hmmm, but not fundie christinity. Islam is out of the question. Maybe Kabbalah? PanDeism? Buddhism? Confucianism? My bet is on Confucianism, since it's good for the confused.

Kirk Halgren

Latest news is that's she's out, which I find outrageous. Driving with a suspended license shows her complete disregard for the rule of law. True, it's not dangerous in and of itself, but she was DUI as well, which is.

She certainly could afford a driver.

I don't dislike her personally, but her lack of any real achievement coupled with special treatment by the powers that be turn my stomach.

No wonder all the 20 somethings want only fame and wealth these days. Other than Charles Grainer, it's hard to think of a worse role model. Oh, yeah, OJ got away with murder-he's a bad role model too.

The US is not a democracy, but an oligarchy. Next thing Bush will pardon Scooter Libby, who did commit a crime. With a complete political hack at the head of Justice, why should anyone follow the law?

The problem is that democracy requires the vast majority of citizens to obey the law. We could never hire enough cops to force compiance, and we'd need special cops to police the regular cops, etc.


For all you Hilton Haters out there:
She is out already! The judge has a heart!


hay to all you haters out there againest paris hilton why are you hating on her you guys must be joulous or somthing you guys must have fucked up lives to write stupid comments on how you want the inmates to rape her fuck you!!!! you shes the shit and worth more than you those bitchs and hoes in prison will eat paris up lol i feel 4 paris and you guys that hate on paris can go to fucking hell


she should be sentenced just like everyone else. i just don't understand how a lot of celebrities do the same thing as any other "normal" person yet get away with it. just not right. keep her ass in jail and i hope that she doesn't get out early because her sentence has already been shorten. biach.

For those of you who don't think she should be in jail...your out of your minds!it was a DUI!and it wasn't her first...instead of sympathising with her maybe you should be sympathising with the countless families that lost love one to drunk drivers...she's lucky she only got the 20 some odd days...her sentenced should of never been cut in half...ohh no but that paris hilton!fuck her and anybody who thinks she shouldn't do time!!


Those Spots on her Arse are just perfect.
This truly is a work of ART.



Driving Drunk without a license is a very Serious crime. Paris Hilton should sit in prison like any other person. This proves that the law is the same for all people.

Really Love the cartoon of Paris.

I wish this bitch is raped each and every day in prison.

Paris is too stupid for this world.
The only thing she is capable of is getting drunk and behave like a retarded person.

James Robertson

I think you have no compassion. Paris Hilton should not go to jail. Her crime was minimal as I see it. Driving drunk isn't that difficult. Driving with a suspended license isn't dangerous at all. I say free Paris Hilton. Let her off with a fine or something. 20 something days in jail is way too harsh a punishment.

R.I.P. Charlie Pace


She should be taught a lesson we all no shes as thick as shit but putting her life at risk is way to harsh. A sister of a woman in that prison said Paris will definitely be sexually assaulted if not raped while shes in there and that all the butch lesbians are counting the days. Shes just Stupid, she shouldn't of been given a licence in the first place.
Does her family have any shame!!!!!


shouldnt she be put in isolation or something? its not fair for her to be fed to the fat lesbians for such a lame crime- hey she didnt kill anyone.. she didnt rape anyone.. shes just a ditzy slut thats all. so what have you got against her? i know it must suck not being blonde and malnourished with celebrities for friends but damm your harsh.


you guys are crul do acully know wat it is like in prison people are crul in there maybe you guys should be in prison!!! yeah maybe paris did a dum thing and made a mistake but doesnt every1 paris hiton doesnt deserve to be put in cells with murders and etc. they will do mean things to her evn worse!!! the only thing that will protect her is her money and they will still be after her even when she gets out of gail i hate this web site


Oh lord - you are HYSTERICAL.

Love it!


There are ass-specks of the image which I find troubling.


you are amazing! you captured the wonky eye and beak nose and Everything else perfectly! :P


well said abt paris!! she deserves the jail term! (and i like the butt on that bird! LOL!)


14, this piece is grand, and the commentary is orgasmic!


I will be very amazed if a person with such status and money doesn't get out of this. Somehow they always do - by using their connections, bribing the right people etc. It will make the world a little better to see her be treated just like any other else of us common mortals.

jail time!!!

warty bum!


Your work is brilliant! love the penis shaped nose- ur spot on there!!

Lets hope she doesnt get out of this jail sentance early. She deserves to learn a lesson of the big girls in the slammer

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