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Why nothing on Jennifer Aniston? Is she getting special treatment? Equal opportunity ok?


"it's bad behavior and now it's claws are out for vengeance. Medium: oil on wood."

In the above, you do not need the apostrophes in the "its." The "its" are used as possessives and therefore do not need an apostrophe. Just letting you know.

Viper Tetsu

Paris Hilton has already dipped her big-ass-sasquatch feet into the pool of crappy remakes of old horror movies with HOUSE OF WAX, so your masterful mutation clinches an even more perfect synergy of artist and project...

I for one would pay big bucks to see Paris Hilton in a remake of Roger Corman's ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS. In (one of)the title role(s), natch.

Demon Kitty

Rex, you are my hero.

Demon Kitty

Bloody Whore

I LOVE the feet!!! LOL


Would the lawyers be mad if you put people swarming around her crotch ?


fuck yeah. i love love love what you are doing.


You have never been a geek


I'm in agreement with Madam M. You're a geek, and wonderful!

Great rendering of "what's her name." Hee hee. I will be so glad when her 15 minutes are up, she's truly overstayed her welcome.

Kevin niveK

14, I met you last night at the art walk. Not only are you cute as hell you're more fun than a bucket load of monkeys. I enjoyed you and your constant smile.

Demon Kitty

Girl, who does your eyebrows??? I want a lychee cocktail! That was a cool interview. i dig your imagination. I would be afraid to draw Oprah as well - you would definitely end up on her show in 5 seconds flat!!!!!!


Complete with eye wonk and giant toes!

Keep on rockin', 14!

p.s. inadvertenly hilarious side advert for "King Crab Legs!"


Cheers for not letting the crustaceans silence you and for the laughs and for your new header.

You're awesome!


14, props for not letting them stop your awesomeness! Crab Trap? Now THAT'S hot!!


Loved your interview with GeekSugar! Is that you in that photo? You are gorgeous! I can't believe you used to do high tech marketing and PR (that is what I do). You are FAR too talented to be doing tech PR! Thank God you quit!!!


Very cool. I love that she only has 3 toes on each foot. Claw?


Poor lil rich gal, I guess karma finally came around took a big ole bite of her butt.


Hahahaha That's awesome.


You should contact a news organization with this information. You'd get a ton of publicity and everyone would want to see the picture that caused so much ire.


I almost fell off my chair laughing at this one. Incredible!! You are so fabulous! As always, keep up the superb work.


Fabulous. You never fail to impress me.

Jenn F.

Oh my God. I can't believe you, you're so fucking hilarious. You actually managed to paint a crab and make it look like Paris Hilton. That's one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. With those big long fingers and toes, pinching onto the money! That's too perfect! Oh 14, I wish you to become a very, very wealthy artist. No one deserves it more.

Bucky Turco

Well done.


14 you rock my world!


14 - Paris' lawyers cant make you do shit! it's fucking ART!

you rock girl!!! love you!!!

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Love your colors on this one---mouthwatering! And also how the crab is cooked a sweet candy pink.
The best thing though is the base of the crab's "neck", which looks suspiciously like Paris' overexposed kitty cat, for reals.

Thorne Smith


"Wonky-eyed" has entered my lexicon thanks to you and this wonderful site!

It would have been good to see Paris's lawyers as barnicles on her crusty behind.

Keep up the good work!


I love your work! What wonderful satire.
I was just thinking maybe you could make more prints availabe,I'd buy a bunch more!



satire and parody is protected


Wait, where are the crab's crabs???


are you serious about the paris-hilton-lawyer-contacting-you thing?! o__O i say draw 'em however you friggin want and the a$$holes should eat $hit


I always felt bad about boiling crustaceans. I'd have the boiling water ready for this one though. hehehe


what a mess. everytime i see that nose i rack my brain trying to figure out just what the hell else pwhitney uses it for. it certainly must serve some other unknown purpose. george clooney getting all up on that frankfurter is so hot!!


We love you, 14. You are right on the money about Ms Parasite. Keep up the great work.


Man, I wish this really were the case. I can't eat shellfish, but I would fight off the world to boil this one.


Crab cakes! Crab cakes!

I can't get over from laughing so hard! After all, she's the best thing that ever happened to you and your gallery!

You should consider turning all your artwork done into a book! That's gonna be a cult following after this!

You rock, 14!


This is pure heaven. Thank you.


I came back to show my friend the "goose" drawing and then we find this new gem. Hee hee, ha, ha! ;D


I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to capture the essence of Paris Hilton so perfectly. You are incredibly perceptive and imaginative. I thoroughly enjoyed this one! Big applause for another masterpiece of our "American princess"!

Congratulations 14!
Ophelia :)

Demon Kitty

Good for you 14! I am not holding my breath regarding Paris' jail sentence. If fucking OJ (orange juice) didn't go to the slammer after slaughtering his wife and her friend, if Paris really going to jail? Her refusal to take responsibility for her actions is starting to make me think she is a sociopath and not a narcissist. I suspect that this will not be the last time she has problems with the law. We need to start a petition people. We need to start a petition. Should we address it to Arnold Schwarzenegger or the municipal government of West Hollywood?

Annie Mahoney

Those toes are going to give me nightmares...


14, you're the greatest. You are so observant! You draw what all of us are thinking!

BTW, I read your interview. Don't be afraid to take on Oprah, she'd make awesome canvas fodder! I can just imagine..big eyes full of "concern", demented smile and sitting on a wrecked-by-Tom-Cruise-Couch!


Ah! Ah! Delish! (is temporarily stunned with awesomeness)

I agree with stardust savant, I bet Paris's lawyers are regretting messing with you. Are we sure you're not responsible for her jailtime? I think 14 is a goddess, and as such, capable of anything.

(Your token Jewish commenter)

stardust savant

I love that you are out for Paris blood lately. Her lawyer should email you back and beg you to put the crabs back on the Simple Life poster in return for nixing Jeff Polange's, um, pose and the Jail Bird. Those nail her skankiness way more that the implication of a loathsome disease.


HA! Take that attorney man! Brilliant!

Madame M

A geek and a genius. You have made an exquisite lemonade, my dear 14!

Smiley Girl

Luv it, luv the hilarious commentry as well. What amuses/distrubs me is that Paris got her lawyers on you for depicting her with crabs, and not because you depictied her with her legs WIDE OPEN. lol



Way to go! Satire is one of the oldest and best forms of lampooning and social commentary around. Don't let them silence you or otherwise infringe on your artist endeavors.


this is HOT

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