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I haven't commented yet, but I keep coming back to visit this wonderfully horrendous depiction for some reason. The three meat creatures at the bottom tickle my fancy, especially the "Porterhouse Steak". And the "Rib Eye" with the Trump wig...somebody said it looked like Andy Dick...true! And how about the yawning "Filet Mignon". As it is, I only eat meat about twice a year anyway...after viewing this, I don't think I'll ever eat it again. ☺


Oh I saw the advertisement for his Trump Steaks and thought it was a joke!


Ahh! Horrific! The devil hair! The freaky meat! It truly is a vision of hell! In fact, I ought to print this out and threaten my enemies with it! "That's right, Donald Trump and his meat are coming for YOU!" And... what the $%^%# is on his tie? The more I look at it, the more a sense of dread and disgust creeps over me.. things dripping... oozing.. random tentacles- AH! The anglerfish head is the most horrifying. It looks so real- like I might really be served a plate of it. Here I was relaxing after work... Actually, I've seen this before, and fled as soon as it appeared on my screen. But this time I stared, determined to take it in...

Sunny, I've been busy settling down with a nice Jewish woman. But after I've gotten that taken care of, GoTA was the first place for me to go to.

(Your token Jewish commenter- slightly inebriated)


Ewww, these images make me want to go vegetarian again!


Hellish, disgusting, beastly - MAGNIFICO!

gracie o

This is fantastic! I received the catalogue in the mail and was completely perplexed. Great work, as always!

xoxo- gracie


14, not to be a downer, but be careful. Dumpster Trumpster is a vengeful person. I don't want him to find out about this and start harrassing you. He flips out over criticism.


He got the porterhouse from Lobel's. I'd recognize that face anywhere.


i saw in a week or two he's selling them on QVC-ugh!


I am thisclose to becoming a vegan. Make that an insomniac vegan, because these images will give me nightmares for sure.

Semi-OT--where's Kai? Haven't seen any comments from him in a while.


It's too late for him. He needs to sit back behind the corporate desk where he belongs; out of sight, out of mind. At least other fat rich businessmen have enough sense (I think) to do so.


Lovely!!! I own a liquor/wine store, and trump has also introduced his own premium vodka as well!! Vodka business must be failing miserably in order for him to break into the steak business.....

Demon Kitty

I am so fucking sick of this fucking bastard and his egomaniacal bullshit. His mouth is an anus.

I agree with trafficgurl, your text about people flushing their disposable income down the toilet was hilarious. It kinda makes me want to get rid of everything I own.

The sight of an overweight, older man with a big tie in front of a plate of dead cow makes me so fucking angry.


These might be some of the most horrifying images I have ever seen. And that, my dear 14, is meant to be a compliment.


Oh my god, the nightmare fuel! What is the filet mignon? An anglerfish head? Sweet jesus! That was fantastic.

...The idea of mail-order meat sounds very, very bad.


Too funny! Thank god my daughter turned me into a vegetarian!


I wonder if any of those pictures are Trump's "O-face"


The only thing wrong with Trump Steaks is that they're not made of real Trump.......


HEE fucking HAW!
Clog our landfills, already!


The filet mignon looks like my mother (a.k.a. Madam Evil).

Fantastic satire as always, 14! Rock on.

shaky weasel

I loves the googly eyes on the ribeye guy!

Mr. Besilly

Trump "meat-in-the-mail" is a brilliant idea. How much money can be made on meat? Apparently $499 for 10 steaks and 12 burgers. May I suggest 11x14 original, signed limited edition meat paintings sold by mail. There's a lot of money in selling meat. Cash in now and make a video (like Trump) on the exclusive nature of the meat art. The best life has to offer.

Peter D.

Not only are you a great artist (do you ever get tired of fans heaping praise on you?) your writing style is great too! The satirical copy making a mockery of America's obsession with conspicuous consumption, status, and wealth through the medium of packaged meats is pure genius. I love it!


Am I the only one who thinks the "Bone-In Rib Eye" looks like Andy Dick?
Ok. I accept that. Carry on.


I am now a Vegan! Is there anything that yuck of that "man" (used loosely) won't hock? Head-Rugs excluded ofcourse.
Great work 14!


The last few lines about people who flush their income down the toilet was awesome! Made me laugh out loud, and I rarely laugh out loud! trump as a whole does something to my insides, I think in the same way meat would to a vegetarian...lots of diarrhea! :P

A reader

Trump and the Sharper Image: a marriage made in heaven. Get your Donald Trump's Ozone-treated Hand-fired Ionic Beef today!

Viper Tetsu

Only you would be demented enough to have Donald Trump pimping carcasses of creatures straight outta the Cthulhu Mythos.

Then there's the text. Oh, Mother Mary outed on INSIDE EDITION, there's the fucking text. "I understand meat, it's my favorite food." I'm on perma-snort right now. Brava!


Too bad that one of the steaks was not made to look like the recently-departed member of The View. Now that would have been witty.


Why, with all the ready cash this arsehole has, does he not get a good rug or hair transplant? That combover (if you can call taking your back hair and putting it on your head a combover) is gawd awful.

It is no wonder he hates Rosie so much. She is just about the only New Yorker who hasn't backed down from Da Donald. He is a horror.

Has his lawyer contacted you yet? Keep up the most excellent work! You rule!


Good God Almighty.
How absolutely hideous and frightening and hilarious. The skinned goat heads, the potatos with the hairy eyes still on them, and the pig/octopus thing actually made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Yikes.
Showing the true pig/devilishness that is the Donald.

Oh and the "fuck you" face in the second picture is really fabulous.

Jenn F.

Cotton candy hair! That's it! And you're right, it kind of blends right into his skin. I've always thought it's a bit odd that he's the only person on the face of the earth that doesn't find his hair to be completely bizarre looking. Your three images of the meat, in particular the Filet Mignon, had me laughing my ass off. And the eyes on the Rib-Eye. Fucking hilarious. I also like your choice of Trump photos to put at the top... instead of smiling you've got him pulling his signature sneer. Why do I get the chilling idea that he thinks that his two expressions (the sneer and the "you're fired" open-mouthed biting look) make him look sexy?

Trump has turned into an absolute cartoon of himself. Once upon a time he was an admirable businessman. He still obviously makes a ton of money, but he's getting so carried away with the ego that he seems to be losing respect from the general public all over the place. Recently Perez Hilton was on some show (not Larry King live, but something like that... can't remember) and Trump was on the phone. The host had Perez offer his opinion on Trump, and he did so without being particularly harsh or judgemental, although he was straight-forward enough with his comments. Trump responded by telling Perez that he's "obviously a very weak person" and then quickly switched his attention back to the host, said a fast goodbye, and hung up in order to offer Perez no chance to get a word in after Trump's insult. This is the kind of behaviour that's so typically childish as of late... pick a fight publicly, then throw in a "touched ya last!" slap and run off the playground.


Lurve the "stumpy little hands"! He is gross looking. And the whisps of hair shaped like horns. Heh.

Hell' Bells

Holy shit, 14. You've outdone yourself with this one. BRAVO.
The Donald and his meat. You are a fucking genius.


Great as usual!!!Good work 14!

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