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Greg Cameron

I was watching Robert Hughes's attack on Andy Warhol in his "Visions of Space" series currently appearing in B.C. on the Knowledge Network. He says that Warhol is the most boring, banal person he had ever met. I was wondering this - what does Warhol's personality have to do with his art? I'm no big fan of Warhol, but I find Hughes's line of reasoning suspect. In all kinds of aesthetic criticism, we have learned to separate the work of art from its creator. Hughes perhaps does not adhere to that line? Let us remember that George Orwell hated the work of Salvador Dali and tried to deny Dali the status of a great artist because of his behavior(no doubt about it - Dali was a despicable person)and because of his "diseased imagination." So we are back to judging works of art because of the behavior of the creator? I'm not so sure about that one, Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes seems to think that all true artists somehow sit around all the time being wonderful. I tell you, Mr. Hughes, I've read some of the letters of the painter Constable and I found them at times to be mind-numbing in their stupidity. Should we judge Constable by the mind reflected in his letters? As I have said elsewhere, many modernists flirted and sometimes even went to bed with the evil that was fascism. Pound, upon returning to Italy from his incarceration in America, gave Italy a fascist salute. Being a great artist means never having to say you're sorry? At the risk of belabouring the obvious, I'd remind Mr. Hughes that great artists wipe their behinds just like everyone else. Albert Camus wrote under the influence of the writing of the American commercial writer James Cain. Tolstoy was influenced by the writing of a British melodramatic author Elizabeth Braddon. The line between high and low art is not a strict one. Many artists high and low have fallen prey to the problems of living up to your own self-image. Was Warhol really stupid, banal, etc., or was he just trying to live up to his image of trying to reflect surface banality without ironic comment? I wasn't there. I guess we'll just have to take Mr. Hughes's word for it about the banality and stupidity of Warhol. Stubbornly, I still wonder what that has to do with Warhol's art. Cheers...Greg Cameron, Surrey, B.C., Canada

Jason K

Andy is the reason WHY we have Paris, Britney and the others...he (and some others) made trashy cool, and exhalted the simple celebrity to the status of icon.


it's sad how I recognized Paris Hilton's ass before reading the post.
the Britney montage is awesome... I love that look on her face, like she just bit off a chicken's head.


the nichole ritchie/Damien Hirst comment made me laugh until i peed!!!!!!!!


Awesome, 14. I'll take a 4 bald britney t too (and I'm an old fart). As for the rest of you -

LP: "SOWING their wild oats"
viki: "PITTSBURGH" (as noted by JSP)
Peta: "flown the COOP"
Learn to use the language properly or don't bother to post, you only illustrate your ignorance - something we have far too much of in this country already.

Thank you JSP, Fabiola Thing, Viper Tetsu ("portraitured trio of trollops" - nicely done!), DonnaJEM, Demon Kitty et al - and of course 14 - for getting it right.

tito toti

I love it. ja buenisimo.. papa. espectacular... madanden mailing with more information


That is hilarious! Nice work


Oh, Jeez! I can't help snorting with laughter when I see these. Paris certainly provides a lot of things to laugh at. Now that she's back in the slam, I can't wait to see what you're doing next. ;)

Demon Kitty

Does anyone want to see a picture of Paris crying as the police take her ass to court? It's ok. Experience the Schadenfreude, embrace it, - it's ok - love it, it's OK to get immense pleasure out of seeing Paris Hilton in utter misery. She's had it coming for so long. And if you have any doubts whatsoever about this issue, this is what Paris' old friend told Howard Stern, "Parish has invented her own language which she uses to insult people." That should drive it home. I mean, I think people suck in general, but fucking hell if I ever invented my own language to insult the human race!

Paris is a cunt.


Looks like Paris is back to court. What ever will you come up with now?


no shit

I meant to say "I hope that he would have been too cool" meaning in the past tense, if he were alive today.




"would hope that Mr. Warhol would be too cool for school to paint these idiots. Maybe he'd be too old anyway, and seeing Lind's boobies, Brit's baldness (both ends) and Paris's taint all the time, could have given him a heart attack."

Not likely, seeing as he's been dead for almost 20 years now.

Lee Cherolis

I think I can see another wart on Paris's left cheek. Am I seeing double? That color combination is buzzing my eyes.

And I include my vote for T-shirts of these masterpieces, though I don't know how the original images rights would be handled.


You always take it to the next level. If you put these on imagekind I'll buy them! Keep up the brilliant work.

Thorne Smith

Wow, 14. I think your Warhol-esque Paris painting may have uncovered the source of the "rash" that help spring Paris from the clink. Untreated, I bet that lil' bugger went to town.

By the way, your Britney quad paiting must be made into a t-shirt. That is a thing of repulsive beauty.


Slightly off-topic, and I guess that Paris painting would just about cover it, but what will you have in store for us now that Paris has flown the coup with the excuse of a 'rash'?

Demon Kitty

Whose cock did Paris suck to get out of jail? Suicidal my ass! That bitch isn't going to kill herself! Not a narcissist!

Demon Kitty

" ..... trollops has proven Andy Warhol's axiom about 15 minutes of fame to be true. Except for the fact that (with these three), it's been one excruciatingly long fucking 15 minutes that must end. Now."

Ha ha ahahahahahahahahahashahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Viper you are a genius!! The media and these bitches have beat their meat for attention over and over again!! I am sorry to say that the excruciating 15 minutes will probably continue until we all die and go to hell.


I've always loved this blog but this? This is brilliance.


Hey 14! Love, love, love your art! The Andy Warhol painting of Paris cracks me up. I love the one yellow dot on her left cheek and the one pink dot on her right cheek. Just enough to hint disease! Please paint more of your ideas of her in jail. You've got such an imagination! Love it! Keep up the good work! ;p


If you're into Lindsay, go here --> and listen to Lindsay Goes Back to Rehab

Knox Bronson

I am a Warhol fanatic and this is a masterpiece. I've never seen a better tribute/imitation. Your sense of (his) color is impeccable.

You are sooooooo bad, 14: good bad, not evil, I mean. Like in the song "He's a Rebel." That's why I, and many others, like you so much!


i really like this a lot. have you seen the warhol-esque work Banksy did of Paris, with the pink hue and black drips from her mouth?

reminds me of that. i like it a lot.


haha oh my god, you. are. genius.


What a life I have when I look at the bottom picture and think, "her ass doesn't look droopy enough". I don't even know what my own ass looks like! (Because it is, you know, where I am unable to see and I have yet to check out my own tuckis in a mirror). All I'm saying is I know Paris's ass better than mine. Ugh! I gotta take a shower.

(Your token Jewish commenter)

Viper Tetsu

Flip-flopping the paintings provides a nice mind-fuck to the day. And I gotta agree that the Lindsay-drool is the piece de resistance. Any way you color it, 'tis magic.

Usually I'm moved to all manner of verbal diarrhea by your fine work, but I'm too busy laughing my ass off. And I'm too busy contemplating how the portraitured trio of trollops has proven Andy Warhol's axiom about 15 minutes of fame to be true. Except for the fact that (with these three), it's been one excruciatingly long fucking 15 minutes that must end. Now.


Treeeeeeeeeeemendous. Andy would have loved to see that he is still the talk of the town! Cudos to all of you up on your Warhol history...

I'm an afficionado of Warhol trivia, and indeed Andy was an American. His parents immigrated to the U.S. years before his birth - he was born, raised, and buried in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.




"comment," not "common..."


I Did Not make the comment about Andy Warhol's citizenship!

My common is posted Above My Name!!!


Oh goodness, I love you commentors. Your contributions, opinions and debate make my blog so much more entertaining...even when you're arguing about Pittsburgh. Thank you.



Someone should learn to spell PIITSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Actually Midevil, Warhol was American, he was born in Pennsylvania


For one thing, it's PittsburgH, with an h.

For another, born within the borders of America makes one American. He was, however, of Rusyn descent and ethnicity.

Andy was a Pittsburgher, even if Pittsburgh never had any use for him until he was dead and they could stick his stuff in a museum that they don't publicize enough anyway.

And no, not everything that comes from this country is good. Not by a very long shot.


yes, youre right im sorry. im so sorry , i forgot that everything good comes from america, and the fact that he was born in Pittsburg makes him 100% american.please dont continue this retarded arguement


The Lindsay and Britney are classic; Paris, not so much. I'd like Lindsay on a tee without drool, please -- it distracts from her angry look.

By the way, how can you look angry even when you're in a half-coma?

Demon Kitty

Ooooo, you changed it around!!!!! I am laughing so hard. For some reason, this version is fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!! That close up of Lindsay drooling. That insane bald Britney!!!! Haaaaaaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paris is lifting up her dress. I hope she gets body lice in prison!!!!!!!


Ha ha ha ha!!! The Britney (4 Times) is my favorite. I think that is the greatest picture of her, ever--equal to the Mr. Clean one.

And Bubbles53, I think that "lone zit" on Paris' well-ventilated patushka is actually a herpe (herpie? herpy? what is the singular form of herpes???)

Well played, 14!!! :)



What superlatives are left for you? ;D


I want a snarling, neon Britney t-shirt too!


how can i but copys of these? i love them they should be posters or somthing

Fabiola Thing

You know whow they say "Don't engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person"?

The same applies here. The ignorant and undereducated (and proud of it) should just be ignored.


In particular, I am loving the lone zit on Paris's ass.


Love the Warhol tribute 14! The sharp colors make those images pop.
Regarding the images...Back in the day, they would say that all these young ladies were just sewing their wild oats. Don't they all look like their having fun????
Not too long ago, Lindsey's mom was quoted saying that we just don't understand Lindsey. I think we do, she looks pretty strung out. Maybe it's her Mom that doesn't understand Lindsey. Wake-up "Mom" & stop enabling.

Melanie Cipher

The Lindsay, for some reason, strikes me as especially classic.



1) Andy Warhol is American, born and raised and even more patriotic than today's average American citizen.

2) 14 is a GENIUS.

"he was born in Pittsburg , but his parents were from Slovakia.morons, thats not his real name god...

Posted by: viki | June 05, 2007 at 01:22 PM"

1. a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection
Under the Fourteenth Amendment, “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.” A person born outside of the U.S. to parents who were born or naturalized in the U.S. is also a citizen of the U.S. A corporation is not considered a citizen for purposes of the privileges and immunities clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. A corporation is, however, deemed a citizen of the state in which it is incorporated or has its principal place of business for purposes of diversity jurisdiction.


Viki- even if his parents were born elsewhere, if he was born in America, then he IS american, EVEN if his name was changed.


"this is so sad , but true.andy warhol wasnt american tho

Posted by: viki | June 05, 2007 at 04:22 AM

he was born in Pittsburg, but his parents are from Slovakia. And why would i ever think that Pittsburg is in India??wtf?

Posted by: viki | June 05, 2007 at 01:47 PM"



he was born in Pittsburg, but his parents are from Slovakia. And why would i ever think that Pittsburg is in India??wtf?

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