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Jennifer Smith

I can only say that these are the absolute best "if Andy Warhol" paintings I have ever seen. I especially love the drool on Lindsay Lohan that was oh so carefully included.


ROFL at the Damien Hirst reference!! Well done!


he was born in Pittsburg , but his parents were from Slovakia.morons, thats not his real name god...


he was born in Pittsburgh but his family's origin is Carpatho-Rusyn, bordering Ukraine. His name was changed. It was initially Warchola.


I second the motion for these to be made into T's. Especially the Britney one. Classic.

Demon Kitty

Britney, Lindsay, and Paris are the genital warts on the media, saturated, consumer, and ostentatious, crotch/anus of America.

You are such a genius 14! I think you should write a book. You are an inspiration!

PS The look on Britney's face is just classic. Reminds me of my former boss, day in and day out.



I googled Andy just to make sure and he was born in Pittsburgh PA. Sounds American to me.

I would hope that Mr. Warhol would be too cool for school to paint these idiots. Maybe he'd be too old anyway, and seeing Lind's boobies, Brit's baldness (both ends) and Paris's taint all the time, could have given him a heart attack.


Love the link to the diamond-encrusted skull in reference to Nicole Richie!


Andy Warhol wasn't American? You probably think Pittsburg is in India. At least we know you're an American, Viki.


Oh it's perfect if you only added the unsightly cottage cheese indents and lumps to brit's butt and legs.


These little skanks are soooo sad!!! Their parents should be arrested for what they have done to their daughters!!!! Seriously!!! SOOOO SADDDDDD!!!!!!!!

Wendy Wayrad

These are (as they said in the '90s) "OFF THE HOOK."

Someone turn these into screen tees, STAT. I want one of each in a size small, please.

Maybelline Jones

Best post ever!


this is so sad , but true.andy warhol wasnt american tho


Brilliant! Let's get Dali in there next.

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