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you are amazing!!!!!!!!


I didn't vote for you, but I did look at your website for the first time after you came close to winning the Lizzie. The frog is the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'm hooked, you get five stars, and please keep drinking the coffee and showing us the absurd. Being a DC resident, I humbly suggest Alberto Gonzales as your next muse. He begs to be mocked, as does really any member of the administration.


I need that froggie on a t-shirt...



What can say, you NAILED it yet again, and if you caught the “Sons of Hollywood” episode (sadly, yes, I tuned in to watch the horror) featuring Candy at her Mother's Day dinner seated next to spawn of Satan, Sean Stewart, son of Rod (that boy is TRULY TRAGIC). Nice to see Alana and Rod's handiwork in child rearing. The former Mrs. Stewart is a definite nominee of worst celebrity mother in Hollywood.

You better win the 2007 Lizzie. (Note all the other knock off 14's out there doing horrendous illustrations that aren't even funny). You're talented and have an incredible wit. I started reading your blog way before you were hot, hot, hot.


The wee Candy Spelling froggy is just killing me: absolutely hilarious - And such a perfect likeness of her too. Brilliant touch!


Wow, this is the most hilarious, beautiful rendering of Candi I could imagine. Better than anything I could dream up. Masterful.


Looks just like All smug and everything. Typical Hollywood mommy.

I voted for you too.


that hint of an adam's apple ... i tan in the sun of your brilliance ...


Cock up the butt? Uh huh!

candy should die, Britney is fucking AWESOME!


Pot? Say hi to Kettle! XD

Honestly, 14, you really went above and beyond with this one. Also, as someone else mentioned, she is exactly how I pictured Professor Umbridge when I read that book. Maybe they should have cast her instead.

Demon Kitty

I see Candy Spelling has the same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson.


That frog is PRICELESS!! LMAO!!! :-D


If Candy has a sense of humor, she'll order a bunch of these prints and pass them out to her friends. You are amazing! and I'm so glad we're on the same team!

Viper Tetsu

Any celebrity mom writing to another celeb who ain't their kid about lousy behavior is kinda like dog shit writing feta cheese to say that it smells funny.

But thank God they do, because it gives you yet another avenue down which your genius can set up shop! Mama Spelling (and your ace, um, re-imagining of her) just furthers my theory that 85.5% of all celebrities are descended from Sleestaks.

And a Mad Lib. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in a chartreuse microbus, a Mad Lib. God love ya.


I have been a fan of your site for a few years now and I must say this the best one I have ever seen. So on point. I cannot wait till we see Linsey's mom.


I voted for you and I hope you win!


I voted for you! I hope you win!!!


Love it, 14. I have to admit I was already inspired by Candy's fascinating open letter habit and your multiple parodies of Paris Hilton to post on it myself:

post: Pop Culture Post Secret: An Open Letter to Paris Hilton

Once again, however, I defer to your artistic prowess. :-)


I love the frog version! It's adorable and I never realized that Candy looks like one before. Nice!

And congratulations on your Lizzie nomination! I totally voted for you.


I voted. 14 you are a brilliant talented funny artist.
Be lucky!


ROTFLMAO! omg...the only thing [eVen] FuNNieR than the MaD-LiB is the comment featuring a filled-in version thereof!! i dunno exactly what a Lizzie is (but i will soon, 'cuz the link's already opened in a new tab) but KuDoS in any case. Pure social commentary -- what "vanity fair" was originally named before, 'til it got all uppity-case 'n' pre-10-ious~{{;>}~Word!!!


Unbelievably hilarious! The frog! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH so brilliant!!


She looks just like Dolores Umbridge, heh.XD

diana in seattle

I voted for you! Good luck! xo da


This is hilarious! I can't wait for the next installment in the series!


Beautiful, my friend. Only thing missing is Candy's ginormous collection of miniatures and fantasy dolls. Because every mature woman needs a ginormous collection of miniatures and fantasy dolls.


That would be so awesome if 14 did her own Tarot deck!

Jenn F.

*cracking up at Badger's letter*


Why DOES she look so frog-like? With all her cash, why doesn't she get rid of those lower lid bags ? God knows it can be done along with her other surgeries? !
I don't get it. Does she think it makes her look a little more human by keeping them? 14, I'm loving the AD Libs. I may copy it and try it out on my friends to see what we come up with !! NExt on your list --that ugly hag, Dina Lowhore, I mean Lohan. I already voted for Gallery of the Absurd, by the way -keep up the good work. Wish I had a tenth of your artistic talent.


While I get where Candy is coming from, she really ought to sweep her doorstep first. Tori is a mess, and has been for some time. Okay, perhaps she's settled down a bit, but what's the point of bringing negative attention to someone who's barely in the public eye, and surely wants to keep it that way?

Good work! She does look like a frog.

Oh! I voted!


Yea, she's butting her nose in other people's business but honestly, she's right. At least someone is giving these losers good advice.


I love the froggy version of Candy's so cute and clever!Congrats on your Lizzie nomination!

Josh Maday

You've got my vote, 14! Keep up the great work.

michael ian bateson


even tho you never wrote me back and forgot about the tarot cards!!!!

so sad. but good luck!


just kidding!


Choosing between Gallery of the Absurd and Go Fug Yourself??? How can I do that?!!!


That Mad Libs letter is so awesome. And I love how Candy looks so frog-like... just like real life!


hee hee hee this is great!!! Candy's little frog is perfect, and I love her pinched plastic nose. Are her eyes the exact same color as Froggy Spelling? This is so funny. And Mad Libs--how I used to love them!!! This kind of smart and crazy humor, coupled with the witty artwork, is why this is my favorite gossip site, and yes I totally voted for you.
P.S. I can't wait to see what you do to White Oprah!!!


We are sick and tired of seeing your MARTY FELDMAN-LIKE BUGEYES hanging out all over the place. Your BUSYBODY behavior is APPALLINGLY HYPOCRITICAL and makes you look like AN ATTENTION-SEEKING WHORE.
Must you INGEST mountains of METAMUCIL in ANY nightclub's bathroom? Do you think it's classly to take off your FALSE TEETH and DROOL on the tables? Do you think you are entitled to PLASTER YOURSELF WITH HORMONE REPLACEMENT PATCHES, smoke METHOLS, and drive your WHEELCHAIR the wrong way on
the highway? You are a spoiled rotten EX- MADAM and you have no one to blame for your
BUG-EYED, ADULTEROUS AND WOEFULLY UGLY DAUGHTER but yourself. You may think your NOSEJOB makes you look like a GENTILE, but deep down you are a shallow, needy YENTA. Pull yourself together and for goodness' sakes eat A HANDFUL OF PRUNES once in a while.


I honestly do not have a problem with her writing these letters. She has plenty of time on her hands, so why not tell off one or two massively spoiled and stupid celebs. Britney is a complete idiot! I can't tolerate or excuse people wanting to have lots of sex and (oops!) making babies and still not getting "it." Playtime is over - time to grow up and become a responsible adult. You can start by staying home with your kids or keeping you boobs in and knickers on when you do go out. Simple.


Candy kicks ass!!! I love her letters and can't wait for her to launch her own website.

Thanks 14 and Candy for telling it like it is!!!!!

Madame M

Love the Candy/froggy stationary! And congratulations on your Lizzie nomination! Yay!!


Fantastic! You capture Candy's persona so well!

I voted! Yay!


Reel me in.... I'm hooked! I can't wait to see the rest of the moms. Mama Hilton, Mama Spears, and the worst/best of all, Mama Lohan. I love all the great details with the frog (who is a perfect mini me version), the diamond capped pencil, and that mouth! Lord Jesus the way you drew her mouth is killing me! Love it so. Ah ha ha and her neck is divine!
Thanks for making my day brighter!


More people need to write letters to these "Train Wrecks". I'm so sick and tired of hearing who's cooter,or boobs, are hanging out today. Paris, Britney, and Lindsay, should be ashamed of themselves. Little girls look up to them as role models. From now on, I won't let my little girl look up to them. They are ALL losers in my book.

Jenn F.

That little froggy version of Candy is the funniest thing I might have ever seen. Damn, 14, it really looks like her! You're so hilarious. You must have been giggling your ass off as you sketched out that frog.


14 you're awesome!


OMG 14, this is truly fabulous. I LOVE her hair helmet, and Joker-like cheeks. Yikes.

She really should concentrate on her own children, who have not exactly been the models of decorum and good behavior.
Unsolicited advice is the worst kind.
Now go away and have something lipo'd or enhanced, or peeled.

fanny pack

How is it possible for you to outdo your own genius? The image was enough to make me chortle and then I scrolled down and busted a gut when I saw the accompanying Mad Lib. I am 40 years old and still love Mad Libs – especially when they are served with a side of sumethin’ sumethin’. (God, when did I turn into Jimmy Fallon?)

Please continue the Hollywood mom series. I want to laugh. I need to laugh.


atleast britney doesn't spend her time writing meaningless letter for attention..


Candi should just kill herself, fugly bitch! take care of your children instead of shunning them you attention whore. Focus on Tori not Britney, Britney is too good to listen to your lame ass!

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