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Hi, Like the way the Cartoonist portraits Britney!! She Definitly Needs real Help!! Hope Dr. Phil can help!! He may be looking to be her Pychiatrist!! She is doing this because the Judge are taking her Visitation rights from her and she feels bad she can't see them!! She is acting out because of this! She is probably sick and tired of all this stuff about her too!! She has become a Real person to make fun of!! Where is Chris Crocker in all this trouble!! What do you think of her now , Chris!! Help her!!

Pinky Bear

She is a product trotted out to keep you dumb, like her, and unconscious of what is happening in the world. She is there to keep you consuming magazines and television. If she was someone who lived in your community, you wouldn't even pay attention to her.


14, is that some kind of argentinean flag on brit's hat in pic#1? she looks like some kind of butch tango singer...

your work is amazing, you are retarded talented (of course i mean it in the best way possible). Thanks for the weekly laughs, you are a true treasure, 14! :)

Maria Borunda

The picture w/ Britney and Chihuahua was funny as hell!

So Madonna was hittin' that, eh? No wonder she goes around looking pissed off and preaching holiness now.


Love how gave the "girls" a huge case of the flabbies. Awesome. Those things look used, recycled and reused again. And again.


Her fashion choices boggle the mind, man. I can't afford a stylist, but I know better than to go bra-less and sheer especially if I'm lactating. Dear Lord. T_T

Oh, I also look forward to the skewering of Dina Lohan. I'll just go easy on your ears about it. ;)

fanny pack

I just heard that Britney's cousin is getting a recording contract. Has anyone heard this?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the trailer park...


What are you talking about, Britney wears bras all the time - and we all know about them because either the straps are showing or we can see it through her shirt or dress. She's the definition of class ya'll. disrespect to southerners who say ya'll but when someone says it I automatically think "airhead". I think that was Britney's doing. And some of the girls on My Super Sweet 16

NY Diva

The boots got a good chuckle out of me, especially the dead rat next to then, gthen I began chortling at her smooching the chihuaha (I love those lips!)You made one mistake in picture two though. You have her with a bra on. Since when does she wear bras! Then I just busted out laughing at Dracula looming over Brintney's shoulder and the bats behind her. Brilliant as usual 14! You always make my week!


You consistantly bring my bitter black heart...momentary lapses of emense joy!

Thank you for sharing your vision.


You SO have to do a "women of Pete Doherty" piece!

Demon Kitty

I want to throw up every time I see a picture of Britney Spears. She looks so gross in all of them. I am with Jenn on the public bathroom thing. I tried to avoid public bathrooms at all costs. It is easy. Why the hell does this woman want to go in public bathrooms? I wish Britney would just vanish and never come back - taking Paris and co. with her. You really do have to wonder about her hygene.


I already voted, of course you must win or there is no justice in this world!


Uh-oh. I, too have been wearing the same shoes over and over again, showering my pets with kisses, and changing the color of my hair. I guess I must be about to have a meltdown. Seriously, where do they FIND these stupid so-called shrinks? The drawings,of course are A++.


In nature, it is not uncommon for mothers to eat thier young. If britney was a bunny, she should have been eaten.


I love your work but may I make one suggestion? Remove the bra strap on the second picture. We all know Brit doesn't wear bras.

Pablo Vazquez

LOVE U 14¡¡ that boots image its one of the ost pretty fun, the bones coming out of the boots.. just great¡


This site is incredible. Nothing like a great cartoonist ot make the already laughable lives of celebrities even more so. Found you through the Blogger's Choice Awards where you are nominated for Best Gossip Blog. If you don't win there is no real justice in the world. This site is creative and not just copying and pasting pictures you can find in any mag. Best of luck, you can simplify the voting process by adding a Brag Tag to your page. The code is easy to get at Everyone else should click on the link and vote for this site! Good luck, you have my vote!


I love how she continues to wear the ugliest, nappiest, cheapest wigs ever created, like we don't remember that her head is shaved. I wish she would embrace her "real" head of hair. It's probably a cute little short cut about now, but no, as with Jessica and Paris, they ALL have to have long flowing, even if it's fake, hair.



OUCH MY EARS! OKAY!!!! OKAY!! : ) I happen to be working on a Dina Lohan so check back next week, dear. OKAY??????!!!!!!!!!!!



Jenn F.

Oh Jesus... the toilet paper stuck to the boot. That must be due to the numerous trips to gas station rest rooms. What's with that, anyways? I mean, I manage to avoid gas station rest rooms always and public washrooms as much as possible. Granted, that's a bit easier for someone who works from home. But still... gas station washrooms? What the f%ck? Who uses those except for cokeheads, white trash, and... oh. Oh I see.


Wait a minute, I was looking at that last picture again, and uh, well, she kinda looks like Elvis in the... in the... last stages...


Love the look on her face in the last one. Heh. I guess we wouldn't all be ragging on these "messes" - I mean "girls" if they were'nt so cocky, privelaged, and acted like they own the universe. Oh well....that is all.


lol at her lips in 2
.. and she looks like Rosie in 1, lol

Madame M.

Wait.. did you say PUBIC meltdown?

love it.


#2 leaves me with one question: how much chihuahua cuddling is considered excessive?

Jenn F.

The first pic, with the dark hair, reminds me so much of your original classic "Cheetos Britney" with that dumpy-assed expression on her face. And yes, adding Bela Lugosi was just the perfect touch.

The second picture made me laugh out loud... the lips are so over-the-top comical, and the way you drew the tiny dog is hilarious... it just looks so little and helpless.

Too funny, 14! It's amazing how consistently fantastic your work is. You're the best thing on the net.


Does that mean Paris is headed for a breakdown, too? What with the chihuahua love she... Oh, wait, she abandoned those accessories, didn't she?


Well, if Dracula can't bite some sense into Britney, who can?

Herb Sewell

Britney is looking a little like Rosie !

that one guy

Those sunglasses really compliment her jowls in the first picture.

Sabina  England

haha that's such bulls--t. Dark hair means getting in touch with your dark side? Well, I have black hair. I guess I'm "evil." Some people's stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

haha, i like the way you draw Britney's fish lips on the dog. Very funny (but gross).


Oh my, that chihuahua-cuddling picture is awesome! Those lips, the nose, the strap off her shoulder and that poor little dog is just perfect.
I'm excited to see what happens over the next few days with the experts.


That chihuahua-cuddling picture is just about the funniest non-Paris Hilton image you have ever conjured. Thanks!


I LOVE the way Bela Lugosi is looking at her in the first pic.

Gosh, I hope she doesn't have ANOTHER break down, can we handle it? (the poor among us, I mean...)


Love Bela in the background

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