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Its amazing after how bad things have gotten with Lindsey that she would want her other children involved in show business. I know the kids want to pursue it, but they shouldn't do it now. They should work on their craft/talent (whatever they call it) and figure out if they are really serious about it.


hmm funny how theres absolutely no positive comments on this page?Newsflash, everyone makes mistakes if this were anybody else who wasn't famous would you even care?No, so leave her alone please


Dina Lohan is the hottest MILF ever.


This woman is seriously the devil. It is NOT normal to have such a young daughter in rehab. Dina tries to make it seem like it's a right of passage, or "what kids do". I can honestly say that I do not know ONE person who has EVER been in rehab, and I am not a sheltered person. This woman needs to wise up and stop trying to be a fun mom. She's putting more value on fame and money than educating her kids.

bandaid on ur booboo

ur right ilsa, she was really pretty and a really good actress but now she just doesnt know which way is up! plus dina just needs to get a grip and start acting her age! i feel really sorry for ali and the others, but not for lindsay coz she had the best chances for life and completely blew. i hope that dina can be happy with ruining lindsays life and her own wivout killin the others too.


Lindsay is really stupid, almost a year ago, she was at the top of the world and really pretty and now she's shit. and her mom supports it, what a fucking whore. by the way, i love the buck teeth.


LMAO at her puckery, sun-spotted old cleavage. Remind me to slather that area with SPF 60!

14, you must create a "kooky hollywood moms" image of hayden panettiere's mom. she seems to be the next stagemom to totally screw up her kid. her and dakota fanning's momma as well.

Demon Kitty

All the good shit hits the fan when I go out of town man!!!!!!

Poor Lindsay. I keep having sexual dreams about her. Poor me!!!

Jenn F.

Peta, you're right ~ that was utterly laughable and pathetically transparent of Lindsay. "I was wearing someone else's pants." HA! Nice attempt there... and only wound up making herself look even dumber. Who the fuck trades pants with their friends, not even clean unworn pants, but pants that someone was apparently wearing with crap in the pockets? What the fuck?! I couldn't stop laughing when I heard that one.


Blech! Dina has no sense. Living the American Dream? She sure is, right off the backs of her kids.

Dina is,nasty and skanky, sadly enough, so is Lindsey.


I think you are going to be busy in the coming weeks. I love the boobs on D. Starlet China syndrome on it's way.


White trash, all of the Lohan clan. Dina is a disgusting whore and a poor excuse for a mother. She is not attractive in the least. Since she's mooching off her daughter, why not get those horrible chicklet teeth fixed? While she's at it, do something w/ that chicken fried looking hair and for goodness sakes, shut the pie hole!


What gets me is that, when the first sign of Lindsay's dance with the bottle popped up, Miss Mummy Big Sister here brushed it off as an 'adult' having fun. Well, now that it looks like her meal ticket's life is spiraling down the U-Bend, do you think she'll finally reconnect with whatever maternal instincts she had and actually be a parent?

What the hell am I saying. She has two other children she can milk! Silly me!

Slightly off topic, but was I the only one who followed Lindsay's "The drugs aren't mine" with "I'm just holding them for a friend."?

I especially like the way you captured her tired vegas waitress cleavage.


"You don't know what it's like, your Honour, my mother steals all of my boyfriends before I can get to first base with them!" Lindsay exclaimed before they dragged her away to yet another stint in rehab.


I guess that when Linsay finally goes to court she could actually use that in her defense, you know the whole 'overbearing cougar mom drove me off the rails bit',


Love the buck teeth

Viper Tetsu

The Shelley Duvall overbite on Mama Lohan is just ickalicious. Your wallet photo of LiLo, meanwhile, is one of the cruelest (and funniest) things you've ever committed to this here site. Bullseye as usual, chica.


LUV the spotty,sun damaged chest!


Is it Armageddon yet? This is very, very bad. And yet, why am I so thrilled?
Train wreck syndrome, to be sure.
My theory about these youngsters with all their money, fame, attention, power, etc. is that it's like a car going 100 mph.
We all know you can't make something that is going that fast slow down to 20 mph that quickly. It takes time to gear down. A stint in rehab=a tap on the breaks. AND
we all think she is bottomning out, and ripe and ready for rehab, but maybe she is not at HER bottom. She still wants the car to go 90-100 mph....for a while's so much more fun than having to actually stop and find out Who The Hell You Are. Liz Taylor, where are you? Liz actually went on to do some very loving things for humanity. She amounted to more than a pretty face, juicy carrer and gossip fodder. LL is not ready yet.


Great job!!! You two should collaborate more often.



i've totally been waiting for this one!


It's sad that that drawing ACTUALLY looks like her.. no parody needed!
And as for Lindsay, oh nevermind, I'm not going to waste my breath on that idiot..

Love the post!

Courtney E.

Wow, this is great. 14 and Candy are like the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of celebrity blogs. Two great tastes that taste great together!


I love how you got the squirrelishness of her teeth so perfectly. This is amazingly good.


At least Brittney had the presence of mind to place most, if not all of the blame for her alleged addictions and screw-ups on her mother and manager. If La Lohan had not got drunk maybe she too would have delivered some childlike, hand scribbled letter to her mother warning her to stay away from her girl/boy friend. Shout out to the Paps!!
I thought the chin and cheek implants worked fabulously against the beckham like chest implants. The teeth... so classy. I enjoy the very fake feeling I get when I look at that picture.

Jenn F.

Ooooooh my. That is too perfect. Dina Lohan is a big honking joke, and Candy's write-up pretty much covered it perfectly. I'd be horrified to have a mother like that. But then, clearly I don't, because I'm not a complete fuck-up like her eldest.

You know what I find most annoying about this whole thing with Lindsay's non-stop screw-ups, and the constant whining from the parents about how they just need time to help get her on track? It's the fact that she's not a child (remember, there's a different between child and childish), she's an adult. She's getting a bit long in the tooth for all of this "needing guidance" bullshit. You can't play it both ways... one day it's "look at how grown up I am with my hooker clothes, drinking and snorting binges, driving around in my Mercedes convertible" and then "oooooh boohoo I'm so lost and young and impressionable please help me". And all of the "I grew up very quickly in this industry" crap. Oh please.

How is it that Lindsay Lohan has actually managed to become about ten times more irritating than Paris Hilton? They've both been cushioned by money and fame for so long now that they're both completely separated from reality.

All of this DUI crap is really stupid, really ignorant, and really bo-ring. Lindsay is a complete fucking idiot, and her mother even more so for all the reasons so cleverly outlined above.

Well that's about it for my rant. Beautiful work, 14. As always.


Wow! This is really, really good. I love the hands.


Fantastic job, yet again 14.
Love the chicklet teeth and grapefruit boobies.

I sure hope Linds gets some tough love. She's LOOOOOOONG overdue.
Anyone else, except in Hollyweird, arrested for DUI, suspended license AND coke possession, would still be in the slammer getting pissed on by a 300lb woman name Shaniqua who constantly asks "whatchew lookin at beotch?!"


The kooky mom series is among your best 14. And that is saying a lot because everything you do here is bang on.
The apple has not fallen far from the tree with the Lohan clan. Very pathetic. Maybe mom and dad will finally come to the realization they need to do something about their pitiful lost child.

Britney's Bald Head

What a great team you and Candy make! Awesome work all around.


What a great combination of talent! I love your work 14 and Candy's writing from HolyCandy. Absolutely excellent! The illustration has such a beautiful vintage circus poster feel which adds perfectly to the point of this piece. I also enjoy Dinah's collapsing sun damaged chest and veneers!
Well done you two.

Thorne Smith

14, you never fail to amaze me! It seems as if teen Hollywood is starting to tailspin at an accelerated pace…and I'm getting a perverse amount of joy from it all.

The vacant stare from the "Mommy's Little Angel" photo is priceless.


Again, 14, love the work! When you announced your Hollywood Moms line, I was WAITING for this one!

Dina is the absolute worst excuse for a mom. Any mother who has a thing about trying on her daughter's clothes and then posing as her sister seriously needs to grow up. I'd blame her for how her daughter turned out and that's sad because out of all those stupid girls (i.e., Paris, Britney, Nicole...) Lindsay actually has talent. What a waste.


I love your work 14! You're the best.

This woman is crazy. So is her ex. Lindsay never had a chance in hell...


Wow, what a day to post this one......was it by accident or did you here the news and load it up?
Either way its great, but she's such a sad person and her family is suffering for it.


That's fantastic!


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