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You do beautiful work. The mom's you portray, on the other hand, are messes.


Julia Valerio

I feel sorry for mother Spears, she was so excited about all this money the kids generate she forgot their needs, they still need their parents love and support ; enough of this media circus with these people.


Lynne Spears is a white trash skank.


This whole family is a joke. What rational Christian parent would put their young kids into the hands of those creeps in Hollywood. It's like handing your kids over to the devil, and then whining about how they turn out.

Lynn Spears needs her head read, not her book. Only a fool would take any of her parenting advice seriously.

a real parent!!!

You all think Lynne Spears is anything but
the worst type of parent??? Please...all
that money that Britney and Jamie generate and
Mom & Dad forgot to explain CONDOMS!!! How
dumb can you be?? I am going to make sure
my daughter understand BIRTH CONTROL and
doesn't get knocked up at 16!!! ARGH...stay
in the deep south and be dumb!


No sympathy for Lynne here. She didn't sacrifice anything for her little girl's dreams. She sacrificed her daughter's happiness, education, well-being, and basic needs for a chance at riches and reflected fame. She pushed her kid into the role of breadwinner, because God forbid Lynne and her husband, like, WORK to bring in money. She treated Britney like a meal ticket, not like a daughter. Oh, and she didn't have any problem with her kid being marketed to dirty old men. Now, she has to live with the consequences of the choices she made years ago.

Moral of the story: don't make a deal with the devil and then act surprised when he comes to collect his due.

Barbara Berlin

Very concerned about Mom and understanding comes from being a parent sagrifying for my childrens dreams and ambitions with no regard for myself
Miss Barbara


Brit was okay for Mommy as long as Mommy was making money off of her.
I dislike these Hollywood Moms, they claim to have religious backgrounds and be family oriented. Oh yeah, and she was a teacher.


I love this!


Did Sally Field sit for that painting? Amazing likeness.

Demon Kitty

I am so sick and tired of Britney and her ilk. Their faces are so annoying. They have that goofy southern thing going on. I wish they would all go away.


ha! great likeness, to echo all the other comments good job 14!


Awwww, so perfect and sad. It's totally her. Subtle and nuanced, loveley and tragic.


Your illustration and the description below it left me in stitches. What I love about your work is that you marry the hilarious images with an equally hilarious text. "Holds up Cheetos peace offering" - so funny!!!


so now i see which side of the family brittany gets that penis like head and shaft, err i meant neck from. i must say 14 has kept the resemblance constant and for that i am grateful.
and those hands... grabbing for the "chemical puffs" priceless.


I agree with you gilmore. I'm soooo sick of all the Brit. love (especially from Trent). Seriously, I don't understand it. IMO, she's a spoiled, selfish, has-been. She's such a waste

Knox Bronson

Thank you for staying on top of this evolving story.

You make me laugh out loud, 14.


The Cheetos are a scream! And the crocodile tears are a bonus. LOL!

If Britney had postpartum depression, how does she explain her goofy behaviour as of late? She's angry at her mother for rehab? I suppose she'll just have to get over it. As big a stage mom as Lynn is, Mama Spears may have done her no talent daughter a big favor, but then again, maybe not.

Britney is over. Now poor Jamie should have a room reserved for her eventual stay at the rehab near you.

Jenn F.

The little rain clouds above her head made me laugh. And the Cheetos peace-offering... what a hilarious idea.


So did her mom have anything to do with her underage Titney Lears persona?

Oh my, what a brilliant peace of work, girl! Fantastic choice of colours!

You'll have to do one that captures the constant sneer on Brit's face, eh.


Absolutely wonderful - I sometimes think that at least some of your work should e appearing in the mags alongside the news :)
A picture that is worth a thousand words indeed :)


look at britnety's new video at


Aww. Gotta feel sorry for Trainwreck's mom. Maybe Jaimie-lynn will turn out better.


I honestly don't know how to feel towards Lynne Spears. I'm torn between feeling sorry for her because her child's turned on her, and feeling that she's a stage mum who's gravy train/child has had enough and she just got what was coming to her. Man, I hate the ambiguousness.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I'm waiting for the Jackie Stallone one. Or is she too passe?

Brilliant work as always, 14!


Chemical puffs--LOL!

Viper Tetsu

She looks like Smurfette with a dye job, on some serious downers.


Yes! I was missing the Kooky Mom series! This is the best thing I've seen all day - Cheetos peace offering LOL!!!


"Cheetos peace offering".....brilliant!

Art Chic

ahahahaha brillilant as usual!


I LOVE it! It looks JUST LIKE HER!


How sad.
It's amazing to me that BS had any money at all. When was the last time she did anything?
I guess the residuals from 7 years ago plus her perfume I see at Claire's, right beside the buy 2 get 1 free faux gold toe rings, must still be rolling in.
Great work again 14.



I'm so sick of this girl, she hasn't done anything in ages but go around being white trash and yet paparazzi still take pictures of her, people like PITNB letting us know if she scratched her ass on this day or what.

I'm so sick of Britney Spears, she dresses awful, looks like an oversized Umpa Lumpa and uses her "coming soon" website with a picture that doesn't resemble what she is in the least to leave little retarded tantrum notes to every Jimmy Joe and Betty Sue that ate her grits or cheetos without her permission.

There is nothing interesting or pleasant to see or read about her. Please media people, stop it already, talk about something interesting, photograph something that looks good.


Welcome back 14! Hope you had a nice break.
I love this series. I think Lynne Spears was probably the only voice of reason in Brit Brit's life. I can't imagine what a bigger mess Brit will become without her mom doing damage control. I'll be eagerly watching.
I love Lynne's shrunken apple face and her offering. Amazing!

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