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GREAT! n witty! :)


I like the terrified celebs at the bottom - reminds me of Mort Drucker stuff for some reason.

Gorilla At Large

I love this for so many reasons. But the best part is how Lindsay is drawn normally amongst the other cartoonish freaks. That shows true artistic insight.

Is she the magical princess who needs to be rescued from "Poshopolis"? I think so too.
Unfortunately before that happens she'll probably go down on this thing's brass coochie.


Metropolis is a classic. 14 you have a great eye.


Utterly brilliant! Not only is Metropolis one of my favorite movies, but I work in the building on 5th St. you have included on the right! Tom Cruise latching onto the media blitz is not only shameless, it's creepy (as so much about him seems to be these days).


Absolutely love this poster!!!!!


I really like how you made that poster. I always enjoy your work but this one strikes very high for me.


I guess the whole problem I have is that while cameras actually follow retards like Paris and Linsay around you get the feeling that the reverse is true with Posh. Maybe shes a celebarazzi. Becks how you have suffered dude.

Viper Tetsu

PS: I'll come out of the closet and 'fess up to being, um, a BIG Spice Girls fan (no shit, they were the nineties equivalent of ABBA in their brief prime). But Posh's duck's-ass-shiny face and slightly porcine upturned nose always gave me the heebies.

Viper Tetsu

A Fritz Lang reference? A fucking FRITZ LANG reference?! In a divinely pointed (and I don't just mean the mammaries, guffaw snort) lampoon of one of the most artificially waxy humans on the planet this side of a pre-fat-vaccuumed Star Jones?! You are a goddess. No, scratch that, a Goddess Empress.

I'm just a little sad that you needed to explain the reference to METROPOLIS, one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever, to the young sprouts in the Blogosphere (grumbles the old man as he gums his oatmeal and thumps his cane on the TV tray in indignation...).


Ho, hum. Another super skinny rich girl with super big boobs who is famous for... what exactly?

I find her gi-normous, obviously fake bosoms especially offensive. First, she starves herself to a negative size. Then, she pops in a massive chest. This is supposed to be the ideal of womanhood? How bizarre, twisted, and just wrong, wrong, wrong...

Brilliant work, 14! A perfect satire: the self-appointed golden idol. I also love the vapid crowd she is trampling... other self-appointed American royalty... ha!

p.s. Did she REALLY think that being photographed with TomKat would endear the American public to her?


I love Posh, I ADORE Posh. But I love this picture even more LOL

Excellent work!


Oh my god, have you heard? Probably you have, and this is news to me only, but still:

Brandon Davis has been disinherited!!!

Life is good.


[gleefully]:AND..........not that I am complaining, but you SAID you weren't gonna do Paris anymore for a while...LOL!!!! Maybe you meant Paris on her own. To leave her out of such company would have been remiss, for sure.

exes and ohs!


and I hate that hair doo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is so fugly and unflattering and hard.


I love it. I love it. I love it!! Unerring and hilairious and sad and absolutely true.
What a pathetic media machine society we live in! It is starting to feel like we are being raped by these people and their publicists and and that there is so little in these "celebrities" heads after they have satisifed their own needs for indulgences and material things and attention, but then they have to double the energy of THAT by making those SAME ACTIVITIES into marketable shit-goo they sell to the public. It's all like The Comeback, that short-lived show with Lisa Kudrow. She didn't wanna do anything off camera. But, in her show, nobody really cared about her!! And that was part of the funny/sadness of it! But this monster. Her ego must be so incredibly , unhealthfully huge, like a force-fed goose' liver. I guess thats why they have to go to rehab. To get their ego reduced back to a normal-crazy size. And I LOVE all the familaiar faces in the freak gallery down below!
You are GREAT!!!!!Kisses!!


Much love to you 14, on another fantastic likeness.


Menuda chorrada.


Love the painting :)
But I thought you weren't supposed to draw Paris for two months?


Absolute genius!!


Cool--you even got her faux tan right! mean that's part of the Poshopolis look? Oops, my bad! :D

Awesome, as usual!


damn but where are my manner?

Welcome to the gallery Victoria.

Herb Sewell

I like how you captured her dead eyes and unmoving facial "expression" (actually, her lack thereof) From wht little I've seen of her on tv, it seems that She's not a mean or bad person, just extremely shallow...

marilyn manhoe

What was really obvious was Ryan Seacrest's excalmation of desire for her on E! News. It's always funny when the obviously gay fawn over some celebrity, (rosie's crush on tom cruise, cutey patooty). And especially an antiwoman icon like posh. she is not feminine and lovely. gay designers always push some woman as a fashion icon who is either boy shaped or overly dragged out looking as a symbol of what is a woman.


LOL at the celebs on the bottom! And oh yeah, only Posh could pull off being a lifeless statue.. and yet at the same time, look totally life like.. tryin to pose and pout like always, lol! Eeew she's ugly.
Welcome to LA and the Gallery of the Absurd, Posh.


Got to lover her snout. It sure is a welcome change from the pointy too small snoots we see so often on the botoxed, tightened, pulled and pinned faces. I love the idea she stands so commandingly over the lunatics clammoring for attention below her. Who could've imagined the woman-machine could command so much media blitz? I had hoped she would've imploded by now but to no avail...


I love how you make Britney sort of look like the weekly world news's batboy.
You are awesome.


Very clever.
Love it.
"Fembot" needs some oil on her smile joint...

I especially like your treatment of the peanut gallery:
the usual suspects lurking in all their charming creepiness...
Too right!


Gods, this is amazing! I love Metropolis. I'm flabbergasted and this is just so brilliant! Words cannot describe it.

Worker B... itch

Don't know what all the hoopla is over her. Funny.


My favorite part of this is the drawing of bald Britney in the corner. She looks like the SNL character Rachel Dratch played that had a baby arm growing out of her head. 14, you are the best.


Love always seem to out-do yourself.


Fo' REAL! Is Anybody else SICK of the posh frenzy?

I love the poster!


Lord knows Posh's boobs are just as stiff and unmoving in real life too.


Oh man, I'm sorry, I totally missed Posh in those photos. Let me try again--YES, brilliant depiction of Beckham's useless sidekick, what's-her-name!!! I especially like your presentation of Titney Lears!


Me want Beckham. How get rid of Posh?


Trik- imagine how us brits feel. She's been here YEARS.


Fantastic work, they've been here, what, a week or something and I am already really sick of her.

Knox Bronson

Oh my, 14. I just love your work. I completely agree with Jessica about the faces in the crowd making the picture ... this is the kind of thing you do that others, who shall remain nameless, can't and don't! :)

Also, little known fact I will share the GOTA community: if you watch Metropolis and turn the sound down, and put on "Man Machine" by Kraftwerk (1978), it makes the perfect soundtrack, way better than Dark Side Of The Moon & The Wizard of OZ!


I love it! Although Posh looks a little bit more like the Stay Puff Marshmellow man crushing cars in New York than Metropolis' 'Hel' life sized robot. Should we expect to see David as Rotwang next? ;)

a fan



Posh reminds me of the movie They Live you can see the robot people but without the special glasses.

Christina T.

This is so fitting; even the rock hard, abnormally circular boobs of the Poshbot resemble her own freaks of nature!


you're awesome, 14. <3


the faces in the crowd definitely make the picture.

Thorne Smith

Here we go with another heaping helping of Who Cares? served up by those programming geniuses at NBC.

It's nice to see some of your past works under the vapid gaze of the Poshopolis. Interesting...your Bald Britney bears an uncanny resemblence to The Weekly World News' Bat Boy.


I love the original poster....but this new horrible posh version is really funny...and scary!


The best depiction of Poshy yet!


I love it! We all knew the Posh & Becks invasion was bound to happen.


one of the best ones you made yet!

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