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WOW!!! You all have completely bought into our society preaching that 2 kids is all American. I'm sure most of you are 'live and let live type' but with The Duggars you are horribly mean. They don't promote this idea for you or even me...they simply say this is for THEM. I watch the show every single week and those kids are 100% normal, happy kids. Actually,most 'normal' kids aren't happy because they come from divorced families of chaos.
They promote caring for one another..oh my gosh!! VOlunteering...THE NERVE!! Good lang and wholesomeness..Pathetic!! Patience...WHATS THAT!! Seriously people, get a life and bark about people who beat their kids, neglect them and don't realize where they are each evening because the parents are bar hopping!!!


When you believe that the entire population on earth is capable of fitting into Jacksonville FL, it probably makes it easier on your conscience to have so many children. If we can all fit into such a small area, why not have more children.


Apparently, the oldest one got married to a RoboDaughter from another equally religious family; they didn't have their first kiss until their wedding ceremony, Papa Duggar gave Duggar Boy #1 a book on CD AND a DVD on "the basics..." and 4-months after they were married announced they're expecting their first. And of course, the soon-to-be-Daddy Duggar did the talking NOT his RoboBride.

...And yes, when asked by a TLC interviewer, the oldest one did say they would welcome as many as their God will allow them to have.

Aaron Reis

They digust me!!!
Sick F*cks


They are disgusting and selfish. So many kids up for adoption, and they choose to bring another kid into this world? Stupid and selfish rats!!


I heard of the Duggars because of their Today show appearance. I watched a couple of shows to see what the fuss was about. All I can say is this is one f'd up family. The whole religious thing really freaks me out. They say they'll continue to have children as long as God "wills" it. All I hope is that Jim Bob "will" keep his pants zipped when he is around Michelle. Eighteen children (and counting) is completely irresponsible. There is something very wrong with this picture. The mother is not really mothering all these children as far as I can tell. It's being left up to the children and their buddy system. She's too busy with her pregnancies. A baby a year is outrageous, not only for her poor, worn-out body but for the planet. I think she must welcome a positive pregnancy test because it keeps her from assuming some of the responsibilities around the house with regard to cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. All those poor girls are straddled with the work. On a show yesterday when Michelle was asked if her daughters have any aspirations for themselves other than motherhood, she stated that was all they really wanted to do. Well, duh, that is all they know and have been programmed to know.

I think they are exploiting their children for profit by putting them on a reality TV show. They may think they are presenting a shining example of Christian family life to the world. I think it is a freak show and an example of how NOT to be stewards of the Earth.

With this next baby, they will have nine children under the age of 10; four under the age of 5. I just hope Jim Bob AND Michelle have life insurance policies in place should something happen to either one of them.

bre burnett

There are too many people in the world already. And many of those people are children. If the Duggars want so many kids, they could adopt some of the many children in the US or abroad that need parents. 90,000 diapers? Doesn't their god care about the earth? Does he want us to trash it? What if everyone followed this line of thinking?

Happily Childless

How in the HELL do these people pay for all of this? Did you see their pantry? It’s the size of my living room and PACKED floor to ceiling!! WTF!! Oh, and I cracked up when someone suggested she’d give birth to her uterus next, “if God wills it.” HAHAHA!! That’s actually not so far-fetched. My own grandmother had 14 kids, and, I shit you not, later on in her life her uterus actually FELL out of her body. There were no more muscles left to hold it in place. Pretty freaking nasty, but at least she held on to it until a few years before her death. At the rate Michelle is going that uterus is gonna be hanging low, and wobbling to and fro just like in the popular children’s song. Can you just imagine those 18 kids singing that one? “Does your womb hang low, does it wobble to and fro? Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow?”LOL LOL!!!!


I see this family and all I can think of is Andrea Yates. What about the perpetual post partum depression this woman most likely has?


I can't believe some of the stuff you negative posters are saying - I've read nicer postings about Osama bin Laden than some of you have been saying about this family! Have you people bothered to LOOK at the children, the family, their home, and at how they live? This is a NICE family, a damn sight better one, I'll bet, than the one YOU came from (or could raise yourself, either naturally, or by adoption). They're beautiful kids: clean, concientious and well behaved. They all seem to get along pretty well with one another, they seem to mind their parents (no SuperNanny required), and they don't ask for anything from anybody. Sure 17 kids seems like a lot, and it would be if the house were trashed, the kids ran amok, Dad was absentee, and Mom sat around eating Hostess Ho-hos all day, and the family was on public assistance, but this is not the case, and I think this is the thing you dislike the most about them - NOT that they are Christian, not that they are a huge family, not even that they are a traditional, nuclear family, but that they are NOT the DYSFUNCTIONAL family that liberal and feminist anti-family people have talk about all the time. Were most families with only two or three kids able to manage their lives half as well as the Duggars have with 17, we'd have a much better, happier, less divided country. As for the overpopulation/global warming/environmentalist crowd who think that the Duggars are 1) selfish and 2) crazy for having their own kids and not adopting, consider this: you are free to adopt as many kids from China, India, Indonesia, Africa, or anywhere else on Earth that the law allows. I challenge you to try to adopt a sixth as many children and raise them yourself and be as successful. My guess is at least one would be a problem child, and at least one would eventually leave you on a quest to look for his biological parents. If that breaks your heart, you can always take solace in all the good you'll be doing for the environment.


most of you people are small minded bigots who are too selfish to think of anyone else other than your selves the duggars should be applauded for the way they are raising their children because they are the minority in this world today and if there were more out there like them maybe we wouldnt be at war for pathetic reasons and having our sons and daughters sent fight a pointless battle in a country that none of us are going to ever see or visit in person, my husband and i have 8 children and they are all loved and cared for we are not on government assistance and they have all attended private schools they also get one on one time with us and do not feel "left out" or "unloved" and they will tell people this they all have their lives mapped out by their own choice and we are supportive of that so unless you have been there or done that maybe you should stop being so shallow and small minded and as for me steinberg of no kidding - its our and their children who will be supporting you in your old age so maybe you should think about that while you are whinging and filling peoples heads full of useless mindless crap or are you a millionaire - cause you will have to be if your not getting supported by everyones elses children mr im not having kids - yeah cause your so brilliant.


I like the way liberals condemn Americans for having large families but it is OK for large families to illegally immigrate into this country.


P.S. Bugs Bunny on the left hand side behind "Mama's" shoulder.


The reason that the Duggers don't adopt is because then there would be nothing stopping him from having kids with them!!! (Remember Woody Allen?)

And I loved the comment about they want the right to chose but not you. Jim-Bob Dugger was a US Representitive and ran for the US Senate. One of his platforms was going to be abolishing BIRTH CONTROL!!!! Not just abortion...all types of birth control. Every body would have 2 names then because the inbreeding would be inevitable!!!


I'm surprised at all the negative comments about this family. I find them wholesome and refreshing and if a couple is going to have a bunch of kids, who better than the Duggers? I admire them!

free choice

why is it any ones business how many children they have! the children all seem happy and healthy and that is more than i cam say for people with a lot less children!

They seriously need to stop having kids it's disgusting! More Funny Pictures at

James Allen Griffin

The Dugger family should be proud of their
life and what they have chosen to do with it. I believe they are a happy family and
that they love each other. They will make a
far greater contribution to America than the
people who seem bent on bashing them.

The liberal left in this country are a very
unhappy and bitter group of people.They have
more hate in their hearts than they can contain, as is clear from the above hateful
and ugly comments about a family that has never,in word or deed,done them any harm.

Anyone who has read at length in Feminist
literature knows they are a very unhappy and
bitter group of people. Most will grow old and die alone without ever truly loving another human being. People that love,truly love,another human being are not capable of
such ugly and hateful attitudes and remarks
about a family that they have never even met
and talked to personally.
I was surfing on the TV one night recently
and stopped on an MTV program that had a popular MTV personality doing a "man on the street" experiment. He would walk up to one stranger after another as they walked along
the sidewalk and ask them if they would give
him a hug. I was struck by the fact that most of them, males and females,blacks and whites,stopped and gave him a hug with a smile or a good natured grin.Common humanity, I guess, was the point he was trying to make.
At least consider giving the Duggers a "hug"
in your heart. If you can't bring yourself to do it, you can always go back to the hate.


I've got to admit, 17, 18, 19, or whatever number of kids these people are at is a HUGE amount. I mean, I've seen TV secials about them and stuff, and they seem like nice people, but what really makes me angry about them is how they are sexist. Fine, have twenty kids, home school them, but don't make the girls wear nothing but dresses and ankle length skirts and train them to only be mothers. Don't make them feel that men should be in charge and they should be submissive toward them. Teach all your kids to be strong individuals. Don't pretend like you're back in the 1800's when men still ruled over women. Basically what I'm trying to say is that while I'm not exactly in favor of people having nineteen kids, if you're gonna have so many, at least raise them normally.


Looks like we got enough Christian meat for another surge in Iraq. As long as these pious and devout God-fearing scum keep breeding, we can keep the US Army chock-full of bullet magnets. Onward Christian soldiers!

On a more serious note, how many of these little Rapture-spawn are:

1. Gay

2. Apt to turn into atheist lefty communists by age 18?

3. Sleeping with Mommy?


Some idiot wrote:

And before your so quick to add, "Yeah, but I'm not the one procreating every year...
I'll reiterate my previous thought, WHAT IF YOU WERE????


If 14 was a slack-cunted cow popping out baby after baby after baby she wouldn't exactly have time to be doing brilliant social satire, now would she? Some women are smart enough to figure out how to prevent this sort of thing. Actually, the vast majority of us are.

To: New

This family has thrown themselves into the spotlight by calling the media every time they pop out another one. And anyone in the news, by choice especially, should know that they will receive both positive and negative attention! IF they don't want people to blog about them, then they should not be so quick to call the press every time they need some attention. Of course the children are the innocent victims. Mom and Pops are using them to get all the freebies from Discovery Health, People, and anyone who chooses to bestow gifts upon them just because they can procreate faster than field mice. I wonder if the same media groups donate diapers and food to the poor and needy. I wonder if the Duggars themselves help out those less fortunate instead of running their "LOOK AT US" publicity campaign.


I'm new to your mostly awesome site...but it seems a little stupid to hate people for breeding...I mean they're certainly not the first family to have this many children, nor will they be the last.

What is all this talk about the environmental repercussions?! Since when does anyone take the time to calculate and supposedly worry about what it costs to raise children???

Do you even understand that these are REAL people and innocent children that you have so infamously cast in a negative light??????

Let me end by adding this: How would you like to be put in some hatefully bazaar painting by someone who doesn't even know anything about you or your whole family?!

And before your so quick to add, "Yeah, but I'm not the one procreating every year...

I'll reiterate my previous thought, WHAT IF YOU WERE????

What goes around, comes around.

Whether you think so or not.

I hope your children never have to endure the hate you insist on throwing out into the universe.




I'm rather flabbergasted by seventeen and tend to agree with the how could you bring that many kids onto the planet crowd, but one thing no one has mentioned is that what kind of husband-wife relationship can you have with that many kids? As a father of three, I've joked that each child was a year out of our sex life. I think the physical relationship is a very important part of a marriage, and these two obviously have no such physical relationship. Maybe they can manage it once or twice between kids, and then there is question of finding time and a place. This is the dark side of huge families rarely mentioned. I don't think if you really love your spouse both spiritually and carnally that you could ever do this to yourself!


I watched the TLC special on the Duggar family when they had child #16. I'm a mom of 4 children myself, & I know how overwhelming my "little" brood can be--I was also raised as the youngest child in my family of 3 kids, w/ our upbringing being extremely sheltered because our Dad is a preacher. Two of us rebelled mightily as soon as we hit the age of 18. I feel sorry for the Duggar children, because they seem to be, as someone suggested above, just "clones" & I know from my own experiences, that when you are raised in such a manner, you feel tremendous pressure to conform to what is expected of you, & you feel so pressured to get parental approval & be perfect. (NOT possible!!) Yes, we live in the USA, & yes, thank God, we have freedoms, but I believe personally that these Duggar folks need to STOP already with the baby making & focus on the children they have, & stop being so zealous in their beliefs that they need to keep reproducing. Children need one-on-one attn from their parents & I don't see how on earth the Duggar children can possibly get that, with all their siblings. This whole situation to me seems downright ridiculous, & Michelle Duggar, if you read this by chance, Honey, you DO have choices--Your "destiny" as a woman is NOT just to make babies & be a Mommy & wife. There IS life outside your home & you might be shocked to discover that you can have FUN in other ways!! I do hope that baby Jennifer is the last Duggar child they have. JMO.


I still love the art work, though!


The only church I ever went to was Unitarian and no one in my family, including myself, is anything near religious. I'm extremely liberal and pro-choice etc. but honestly, some people are coming off as extremely close-minded here. I don't neccesarily agree with the lifestyle the Duggars have chosen for themselves and their offspring but certainly it's their right. Some of these comments are downright hateful.


VAGINA: It's not a clown car.


I think we can all agree that everything should be in moderation. No one should eat 2 super size big mac meals in one sitting, no one should own a solid gold car, and no one should have SEVENTEEN kids.

This isn't the 1800s where the kids were needed to work on the farm and 80% died before they were 3.


good word folks, even dogs, hamsters, and rabbits take a breeding break breather. all that humping cannot be good for the lower lumbar spine. jim bob you are grinding away for arthritic changes in your L3 -L5.
please no more duggars... this is spousal abuse.... i think i will take these folks to court. perhaps a class action lawsuit might work. as concerned citizens a nifty petition with some legal jargon attached might be in order, or even a citizen's arrest. i'll give up a saturday and ask for signatures at the local market to put a stop to what ever it is that's keeping these folks horizontal for the majority of their adult life.
a duggar on the way early next year would not be surprising. no reason we shouldn't be expecting another duggar next may or june because as it stands this situation poses a problem if we do the math. as of the moment one designated childparent will be left with out a child/buddy or far more disturbing; a child will be left with a designated childparent helper. for sh*t's sake, these folks just can't win.


Look around and you'll notice most Westerners are not having more than 1.7 babies per's actually Muslims that average 6 babies per woman...guess why?
Read some of Daniel Pipes research (Mideast expert) and tell me who's more of a threat to the globe?


To make this even funnier, Google the story of Mary Toft and her rabbit babies. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture. And references to "Donnie Darko" are always appreciated.


Jim is right. You're JEALOUS! Who ISN'T jealous. Who doesn't want 17 kids? No, who doesn't HAVE 17 kids. I'm perfectly happy at my compound, thank you, with the chid'lens makin me money on our travlin' Tap-Dancin' Wagon! You know what is the best part about the Duggars? The racist SHIT. I believe a black family with 17 kids would be called "Porch Monkeys" or "Welfare Cheats." These Duggar people are CELEBRATING THEIR LOVE, ok?? What crap! That having been said, I LOVE THIS PICTURE! And the Donnie Darco Rabbit in the upper right corner is hilarious.


Wow man. Irresponsible as hell. The ugly thing is that people who don't have kids don't pass on whatever lifestyle or tendencies that leads to that choice. Kids who grow up in large families tend to have large families since it's what they're used to. Guess what? They're going to win.


I watched a show about them recently and they are all a very good very nice family which we need more of in this world. You haters should realize that there are younger generations in countries such as Italy that are having less children than ever by choice. This family is an extremely rare case. However, having personally observed that the majority of Catholic families have no less than 3-4 kids, as well as some ethnic groups that have 10 kids they don't bother to parent or raise, I see absolutely no problem with this good responsible family having as many kids as they want.


It's Frank!

Demon Kitty

C'mon Jim, you know they are not going to be engineers!!!

I agree with Helena! I also have to wonder how old Mama Duggart is? How long has she been married to Jim Bob? Has she spent the majority of her life being knocked up? Is that healthy?

Ya' know, the image of her and her daughters in those girly moomoo frocks with their hair put back .... it just makes me think of American gothic.


I love this piece!!! The Fibonacci sequence and Frank?

As for this family? Eh. I say let them do what they want; I do what I want, why shouldn't they? I'm single. I have no kids. I do whatever I want whenever I want, and I don't have to cook or clean or penny-pinch for anyone. And I never ever will, either. Not by choice. Not by force, not for anything. Tomorrow, I think I'll spend $800 on a haircut, or maybe a pair of shoes. Because I feel like it, and, well..because I can. This is the kind of "news" story that allows me to laugh in the face of all the crazy breeders who tell me how "selfish" I am for going to the Seychelles for 3 weeks and not leaving a contact number. I'll be on Fregate Island; you'll be home with shit-filled diapers. Ha ha...

PS. I loooove you, Jerry Steinberg!!!


Some places in the world may seem empty (such as Arkansas), but there would be major problems if we fill every "empty" spot of land in the world with people. Where would we put the farms? The waste disposal? What about water and energy supplies? Would people be able to get around without bumping into a whole lot of other people who are getting in their way?

Pretty soon, people would have to start eating each other (and not in the good way) as the only abundant source of food and liquids left would be... PEOPLE! (And social security will come in the form of grinding the old people down into mush to be made into baby food.)

More fun with rampant over-breeding:


You want to know how they afford? Their house is declared as a church, so they do not pay taxes. Also, as stated above, they are handed free stuff out the whazoo. I believe in the right to choose, but not at the expense of the tax payers.


We're not on our 'high horses' as you so eloquently put it...

...we're concerned, interested, flabbergasted, amused, and upset.

We live in a world where there are way too many people already. No, the Duggar children are not the cause of global warming or the war in Afghanistan *rolls eyes*, but as someone mentioned above, it's one more consumer-polluter. If the parents indeed want to do the 'lords' work...ADOPT. So many children without parents and homes already existing on this planet. Didn't Jesus go where the infirm and poor were? So many of us have concerns about the daughters...rightfully so. Hopefully they will choose what they want to do in their lives as they get older, BUT...

...not likely. Kids learn what they live. I did see the special on TLC and I believe they have an older daughter who got pregnant. She does not have a good relationship with her folks and If I remember correctly, she has decided to raise her child on her own and has decided to only have one child. If anyone has heard different, I'd like the hear your feed back.

I have two children (girl/boy). That's it. I chose to have them, but I also chose to not keep contributing to the increase in the worlds population by having more. I knew that was all I could afford to have, but most importantly...

...because it's just the two of them, I am able to spend quality time with each of them individually, together, and I am able to have ME time.

Everything in moderation Mr. & Mrs. Duggar...

...gluttony is still considered a sin.


wow, you guys know so much about the world...
And her babies are definitely the casue of global warming, world hunger and probably the war in Afghanistan.
I think you're all just jealous. As for her being selfish, how can you judge a woman you've never met? You don't know how her kids feel (unless you've spoken to them, in which case I apologise for presuming you haven't)
Get off your high horses and do something about the world's problems, if you're so concerned.

Anyway, who's to say they won't all grow up to be environmental engineers and save the planet?

ONE family having 17 children isnt going to kill the planet, people.


14, you are my hero after this one! The Donnie Darko (father) rabbit is just icing!
While the Duggars creep me out, this is a free country. But as a free country, it should be safe and not taboo to discuss overpopulation and remaining childless (or adopting) as a real, respectable and responsible option!
I'm also concerned with how they could parent so many. At some point, as with my dad and his 7 siblings in a very Christian family, the eldest ones have to do some premature parenting and the consequences of that are often not positive.


Oh, shizz, I saw this when they showed it on Discovery when I was still preggs with mt second.

My son almost KILLED me!! I don't know how this woman does it..How hard is it for her not to spank them?

I'd be smoking weed all day just to deal with all that crap.

That bitch is least she's got the peace and serenity of Jesus in her heart..meh..


Wow even Bugs Bunny is up in there. These people are nasty...sorry.


Thank you for doing this! Those Duggars frustrate me so much. And yes, they are quite creepy.

raisin girl

In my opinion, the saddest part of all this: the way that the older kids are expected to care for their "buddy" sibling ("Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last"). And I can't imagine living - and being home-schooled with - 16 siblings. My grandfather had 12 siblings and it's difficult to remember all their names..
Regardless, I think this picture is hilarious.


I just LOVE this piece!!!!!! It captures their creepiness completely.

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