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Demon Kitty

Dear Narcissa,

I would. I think Allah is as fucked up as Jesus.

Jenn F.

Oh sweet Jesus. Where have I been? I haven't had a chance to stop in here for a while. 14, this is hilarious. The story is fairly mind-boggling, for sure. Most of the above outbursts are relatively predictable. I mean absolutely no offense in saying that... certain responses are predictable when this kind of territory is touched upon. My own two cents are in line with Deanna's... spot on the mark, there. It's just overall a really bizarre and disturbing situation, on so many levels.

As is often the case, though, Demon Kitty's verbal projectile vomit made me burst out laughing. There's nothing like dragging people away from the controversy and flushing their heads into the toilet-bowl of horrendous cooter images.


If that family was Muslim, I wonder how many of you critics would be mocking their religion and Allah's call for his followers to procreate as much as possible.

I wonder how many of you would be castigating a muslim family with a brood of this size for "ruining the environment".

Yeah, I thought so.


HAHA this is so funny.


My mother is from a family of 13- some step brothers and sisters and some half. Anyway, they farmed to provide food and her mother and step-father worked full time jobs as well. They were very poor. That was in the 50's and 60's. Why anyone would choose a difficult life of poverty for their children is beyond me. What irritates me about the Duggar's is:
#1- they use Christianity as an excuse for their behavior and get tax breaks because they have had their property declared a place of worship. And the father is a pastor or some other church official to boot and is most likely trying to indoctrinate people to overpopulate and mold their families like he has done with his.
#2- As pointed out, it's very sexist and all very brain washing. The children have no exposure to society- they are molded exactly how the parents want them. How can you spend enough time with each child to make them feel loved and special and deal with their problems?

Debra Baker

[quote]Their kids all seem to be intelligent, though it's hard to tell for sure, since we don't see too much of any one child. [/quote]

The oldest, Josh, started a political consulting business. Here's his webpage,

Here is a sample of Josh's education,

[quote]In the past, conservatives who have chose government as their method of influence, have often had to turn to liberal controlled political consultant and service companies. To provide these candidates a requisite alternative, Strategic Political Services was founded. We strive to provide professional service and timely support; all with inherent conservatism. We will be honored if you choose us to help you stand for truth [/quote]

Demon Kitty

This is brilliant 14!!!! I love this!! I love the Donnie Darko Bunny (the rabbit from hell) in the background!! The omen of shit yet to come!!! I can't see Bugs Bunny! Where is Bugs Bunny??????!!!!

Some of you bitches need to get a fucking sense of humor! The Dad's name is "Jim Bob" for fuck's sake!!!! A uterine/ vagina prolapse is probably an understatement. Can you imagine the fucking stretch MARKS????????????!!!!!! This must have aged her tits and her cooter at least 40 years!!! My god. A friend of mine had one kid and she says she has never shat the same again!!!! Momma Duggar's uterus and tits must look like hanging balloons filled with sand. She must have to constantly push her cervix back into her cooter every 5 seconds!!! Jim Bob is probably shooting his load in a dixie cup and pouring it in Momma Duggar at this point.


14 - I did notice Bugs!!! I thought it was a hilarious touch. I actually noticed Bugs before i noticed Frank.


Where do we send condoms to?


Why do they think that they are so special that we want them to keep breeding? That is so wrong!



What I found most "icky" about the photo was that all the girls had the same hair, long bangs and perms, and all the boys looked the same too.
Their just spitting out little clones, one after the other.
My vagina feels sorry for hers......


this is... just amazing.


It's people like this that make Christians look crazy.

It's not a clown car

I think it'll be interesting to see what happens with these kids when they get older; how many will turn from their church, how many will stop at a reasonable number (2), how many are me, giving up a big chunk of your own childhood to care for someone's baby, even if it is your own brother, can pretty much put the kibosh on ever wanting to repeat the experience.

I am laughing at the people who think this is ok though because we need people like the Duggars to breed breed breed so our social security will be paid. Wow...selfish much?


Frank is watching, telling them to continue. Listening to Frank isn't always the best plan. Love it.


People are really touchy about this woman having a litter it's funny. In todays world though having 3 kids in the Western World is a huge family and it is very expensive. How these people afford these kids is beyond me I haven't read anything on their yearly income I hope it is quite large though. Anyway thanks for the picture it's funny whether anyone will admit it or not. :)


did anyone notice bugs bunny in the background?


It might be wrong of me to say, but if you have 17 kids, how can you honestly pay attention to all of them? There's just not enough of two people to go around. Also, are the stickers on their shirts name tags in case they forget who's who?

a fan

I salute you, thanks again.


I love the donnie darko bunny in the background.


What a bunch of and all your ludicrous "overpopulation" hysteria. Any of you ever BEEN to Arkansas? Hardly anyone lives there anyway, so take a chill


1. There are too many people using too many resources.

2. People fight and breed too much because of religion.

This family is indicative of the major problems in the world today.


I was the youngest of six. I was always envious of other kids who received real parental attention. My parents rarely had time to focus on my childhood needs. My older siblings were trapped in the role of psuedo-parents at far too young of an age. My older sister is resentful of her lost childhood as well. Six was just too many kids for a two parent household. Seventeen is just selfishness. I feel sorry for those kids.


This just makes me a little sad. Here she is popping out babies like she's a regular vending machine and my wife and I can't even conceive one. We'd give anything to have just one. Just because you can have as many children as you want doesn't mean you should. I believe that no matter how much love you have and how good a person you are, there is no way you can give equal time to 17 children. There is just no way.


17 Kids! A few people here have said "so what, why not?" Here's a reason. If all their kids also have 17 children and so on then in 6 generation the family will almost equal to the population of Arkansas - 2.4 million!
[17x17x17x17x17x17 = 2,413,569. That's far, far, far too many Duggars. What the hell are they trying to do, take over the world? Actually, it would only take them 8 generations to hit 6.5 billion. Can someone have a word with them? Take a leaflet on vasectomy with you!

jive turkey

I love this piece! Well done. You've totally captured and enhanced the underlying creepiness of the original photo.

I also feel sorry for those poor kids - there's no way in hell two people can be involved parents to seventeen (and possibly more)children.


great!!! give these fools more diapers and encourage their stupidity; stupendous idea. i can't wait for that inevitable people's magazine cover in the next few years with a picture of the oldest duggar kid and the headline that reads "why i became a meth addict" or "the hell i endured" "neglected and forced into parenthood at 9", this followed by some sad story detailing the misery of raising his parents kids.


That's also 16 future voters, just like my 36 siblings and first cousins, and their offspring.


Ok.. so a pharmacy in the area is supplying free diapers? Why? How is that fair? This fertile family is shitting out kids faster than anything and they get free diapers? There are people in this country who can't keep up with what they need to take care of one child! Where are the free diapers for them? Hell, why not procreate like a rabbity couple if you are basically told its ok by receiving all kinds of free stuff. Bah! The painting is fab by the way


Oh come on, Ilsa, it only takes a true man of God 30 seconds to get it on and fill her up! Foreplay is work of the Devil!


this is so bizarre to me... These kids have no outside influence whatsoever like Ari stated above. Also the fact that Ma and Pa Duggar are parading the litter around like a bunch of show ponies to do what exactly? Pad the income of the family, or is it like a good old timey freak show?


This CREEPS me out!! lol


This couple makes me sick. They must stay in their bedroom, fucking absolutely constantly, and have NO time or love to spare for these kids. The irresponsible pieces of shit expect the older kids to raise the younger ones, so they can stay busy spitting out even more. And all in the name of Christ Jesus the Lawrrrrd! I have nothing nice to say about this situation. But I am LMAO at the magic God finger and Frank the Bunny.


My opinion - me opinion only - is that these people are nuts and incredibly selfish. However, having said that, two things come to mind:

1. most of the comments blast "that Duggar woman" - last time I checked, "that Duggar man" would have had a role in this whole process, too.

2. apparently, they saw their miscarriage (after years of birth control) as some sort of punishment from God. As much as these people creep me out, I can't help but feel a little bit sad that they saw that miscarriage - something so incredibly sad and unfortunate but also something that happens every single day - as some sort of punishment.

Then again, you don't have to make up for that "punishment" by shooting out children left & right, but still...kind of sad that they felt they were being punished. :(

Regardless, EXCELLENT WORK 14. As always. :)


Actually, it's not an isolated case. There are other familys, just like the Duggars, who are raising their own gaggle of children. It was mentioned in the Discovery program, if I'm not mistaken. It was truely one of the things that disturbed me most, as there were already hints by the parents about marrying off their children to the other familys just like them. What disturbs me is not the religious extremism, or the literaly interpretation of a several thousand year old document whos words do not mean the same today as they did when they were first adopted and written down.
What saddens and disturbs me is what several other people have pointed out... that these children have no outside influence or experience. While the Duggars take field trips in their home schooling to various businesses and job sites to learn the way of the world and what are some valuable real life skills, their social interaction is severely limited. Even the Amish send their young ones out into the world to experience what life has to offer.. some do not come back, but many do. The Duggars are rasing their children in a bottle.. will marry them off to other bottles where they can give birth to armies of their own. Every aspect of their daily lives is already decided for them, and they will more than likely not ever really express who they are as individuals, especially the oldest children. It's not a family. It's a cult.


If these people were really so wonderful, and really so "Christian", then why haven't they adopted even ONE baby or needy child? Adoption is part of the solution to our environmental issues. Making more babies is part of the problem. It seems that if they really "got it" about their religion, they would be merciful towards kids in need, and also eager to clean up the mess we have made of our God-given, beautiful planet, and not make it any worse.


Hey, with modern drugs, and some fancy (read expensive) doctoring, I could have seventeen kids AT ONCE. We could WAY beat their record...


14, you have accomplished one of the most important goals of the artist; reading through the above comments proves it!

while I love your hollywood/jeff stuff, the pieces that are social commentary are best!


There's no tread left on that tire. It's like throwing a hotdog down a hall.

I know a family that tried this crap. The kids are not ok and do not have a clue how to act in public or in real life situations. The mother has Munchousens Syndrome. She is dangerouse to her children and guess what...Dad has no clue how do the job on his own. One child has cancer, another severly autistic, and all have learning disabilities from neglect and undereducation. They did not have friends of their own choosing until the state stepped in and forced public education.
They don't have as many children, but she was halted because her mental illness came to the surface and she began humiliating her husband and children.
She refuses treatment and relies on "God" a little too much.
I feel this Duggar woman has issues that need to be addressed, not because of the environment, but becasue she is gleefully passing this crap onto children who are being sheltered from a reality they are going to have to deal with eventually.
These parents need to be evaluated by professionals and the children need counseling.


Oooh, this one is right on. I couldn't imagine a more perfect interpretation of these "godly, spiritual" people manifesting "God's" true commands. Clearly, we badly need more children on earth and "having babies has nothing to do with the environment." Yes. So true, my wise "environmentalist" sister. And, umm, "environmentlaism is a religion"? I'm so lost. The glowing bunny eyes. Yikes. Hallelujiah.


Ok..I agree that this family is crazy,BUT they are an isolated case. This is not a rampant,growing or spreading thing,if one family wants to have 17 kids and be somewhat freaky,thats their own choice,they are not hurting the enviroment or doing anything that will affect any of us even remotely!! I grew up in a family of 10..8 kids,and quite frankly,it was a blast. My mother was a teacher,so we all have excellent educations, my siblings and I are all sucessful,intelligent humans,that I dare say,are an asset to this planet! Although we didn't have to match each other and be stepford children like this family,my guess is they will turn out semi-normal and not have near as many offspring as their parents did.What shocks me is some of the hate and venom in the above posts-- At least the Duggars people are not promoting a degenerate,hateful, or destructive lifestyle,as the great majority of our favorite media figures are.
I love the way you depicted the family always do amazing work!


Absolutely Fantastic!! You never cease to impress me...keep it up!!!!


Jerry Steinberg

I pity the kids!

It's not unlike having numerous daughters, but mommy and daddy keep on trying until they have a son. How do the daughers feel? "I guess I'm no good, and mom and dad will keep making babies until they get a good (i.e., MALE) one."

The kids must feel inadequate and insecure, and probably think that their parents keep on having children until they get a good one.

The only good to possibly come from this uncontrolled breeding is that the elder children are likely not going to have children of their own -- having raised their younger siblings. First-born (and only-children) are over-represented among childfree people.

Jerry Steinberg
Founding Non-Father of NO KIDDING!
The international social club for childless and childfree couples and singles;

Jerry Steinberg

Adopting a child is a truly altruistic act, and causes no additional harm to the environment (as opposed to creating yet one more consumer-polluter).

If I had wanted children, I would have adopted.

Jerry Steinberg
Founding Non-Father of NO KIDDING!
The international social club for childless and childfree couples and singles;

Jerry Steinberg

Jay Leno indicated that the local pharmacy is providing free diapers to the Duggars. "Instead, they should be supplying free condoms!", added Leno in his monolog.

Jerry Steinberg
Founding Non-Father of NO KIDDING!
The international social club for childless and childfree couples and singles;


Mili - yes, they would. You might not be a long time reader of this site, but most commentors have had problems with the way Angelina Jolie adopts children like they are new accessories for her outfit. She can obviously afford it, financially, but emotionally? Can all of those kids get individual attention? Are they raised to not think of their nanny as their "mommy"? Who knows. The thing here is, it's hard enough to have 4 or 5 children and raise them to feel happy, secure and loved with attention to all, how in the world can these people do that for 17? Besides, this woman breeds *because she can*, not really because she wants more children. It's sad and i feel sorry for her children.


14: I love your work, and this one might be my favorite so far (not sure about the Donnie Darko character -I don't know, makes it feel less yours, dunno why). It reminds me a bit about the Chapmans' "Insult to injury" stuff. Was it in any way inspired by those? Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, and please post more often your non-celebrity work, which is great.


I'd just like to know.... what would you think if all those children were adopted? I mean, parents who decide to adopt a LOT of kids and all the other remains? Would your opinion be so negative?


For some, choice is only the right choice if you do exactly what the cool kids are doing.

Could have done without the CF bingo.

Fairlady Z

I only have one thing to say:

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