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I was hoping for some good high quality
pictures of John in drag. All we got was
some Cartoonish nonsense.


All that I can say is "why?"...did John Waters okay this or is it (hopefully) out of his control? Travolta is terrifying!!!


This so perfectly captures the sheer horror that I too felt when I saw clips of JT in full Edna Turnblad garb. I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb. They should NEVER have bothered - the original Hairspray with Divine was utter genius and could never be improved upon. Speaking of genius, 14, YOU are seriously a freaking genius!


Awww...I thought he looked so adorable and sweet in the movie. I still do.

You bad.


That's possibly the most grotesque thing I've ever seen.
I think you've done John Waters proud, 14.


awesome. John travolta in that role looks like a female and human version of big bird.


I saw a recent photo of Travolta arm-in-arm with Kirstie Alley and Kelly Preston at a Scientology anniversary party over on the "Oh No They Didn't Community". It completely freaked me out: Interview with the Vampire 3, the Harem of Lestat.



He's a friend of Tom Cruise. No further explanation needed. Thanks for the laugh, 14.


Whats freaky is the upper left picture looks a lot like Marilyn think Travolta could be moonlighting?


OMG! I breathed in, then forgot to breathe out!

Awesome, 14. For all the craziness, you somehow captured the sweetness (don't yell at me, people!), that is also a big part of Travolta.

I think this is my favorite, ever.

Christina T.

haha my sentiments exactly. freaky! I don't even understand why they re-made Hairspray in the first place...the original isn't that old, and is waaay better.


This is awesome and so accurate! Everytime that commercial for Hairspray came on, it scared the crap out of me. I thought John looked completely demented in drag. Usually drag queens are fun and approachable, but John dragged up in Hairspray looked like he'd bite your finger off.
Move over Freddie Crugar, there's a new monster at the cineplex.
I love your take on him 14.


"NOT DIVINE" a haiku about Hairspray

No Harvey Fierstein.
No Baltimore. So Disney!
What the freaking Hell?

nathaniel r

the visual effects by XENU --LOL


LMAO awesome!

Jenn F.

I love Viper Tetsu's haiku's ~ especially the one about Clive Davis' orcs.

What the hell did happen to John Travolta? Is it Olivia Newton-John's fault? There were all those rumours years ago (decades?) about a supposed romance, after Grease and then the shiteous Two of a Kind, but any form of romance fell flat. Did she discover that in place of a penis he had a neon green nobule? A penchant for self-administered anal probes? Maybe she scooted back to the land down under faster than Kelly Preston could think up an adequate escape plan. Maybe Kelly Preston was willing to overlook John's love for indulging in Xenu's special finger time with Tom Cruise, while Olivia could not.

Oh John. If only you'd married the "Hopelessly Devoted to You" crooner, your eyes might have stayed evenly spaced and Tom wouldn't be trying on your pants in the closet.


Ok, that was seriously creepy! I already thought he was scary enough in the adds for the movie, but you took it another step further.
I love the credits at the bottom, including all the scientologists...fabulous!
Thanks for the brisk wake up this morning~

Demon Kitty

When Travolta was younger, he was handsome. What the fuck happened? Is it old age, or L. Ron, or what?


I said it before and I will say it again... His eyes are WAY to close together! LOL

Josh Maday

There will be vomit everywhere.

Good work, 14.


Jeebus Creebus THAT is scarry!!!!!

But your poster is totally fabulous. I love the credits at the bottom. All the bat-shit crazy scientologists. Killer.

Horatio Knibbles

Oh my, that is genius. I have to pass that poster several times on the way to work and each time it gets more disturbing. You've excelled yourself again, 14.


LMAO!!!!!!! I LOVE how you kept in the "Oh yes...there will be blood" tagline LOL!

It's funny, one of my all-time favourite movies is Saturday Night Fever - and yet, JT DOES scare the crap out of me...anyone in THAT much denial....*shudder*

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