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"if you've got to catch a tapeworm, make it a gummy tapeworm"

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Yargh. I HATE tapeworm stuff. I'm gagging here!


Ew! I will stick with my gummy worms.

Viper Tetsu

I eat pretty damned healthy most of the time, but still retain an almost masochistic fondness for sour candy of all stripes, the weirder the better. As such, I guessed this one instantly...and would love to see some gummy ebola virus candy for real. God help me.

Cici, game set and match re: the Celeb/Tapeworm synchronicity!


That is seriously disgusting. This was tough too, I totally thought the tapeworms was a fake product.

just wonderin

And I thought the body parts candy I get for my nieclings for Halloween was vile enough! Apparently I was wrong!



The tapeworms are Paris and Marc Anthony, am I right?

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