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What's next? roasted chicken chips??


Actually, the Crunchitos sound pretty tasty. I'd probably eat them.


Alas, the crunchy factory Beer Match (only in the Philippines) beat Burger King to ketchup flavored fries. :)


Why do I have the feeling the execs at Taco Bell are thinking, mini-nachos. Why didn't we think of that??

Demon Kitty

Barf!, Barf! Barf! Barf! Barf! Barf!!!

Pretty soon McDonald's is going to bottle the grease it fries everything in and sell it to KY.

KY will put it in a bottle and label it "KY Intimates: The McDonald's hamburger/french fries/ chickenmcnuggets warming edible massage oil". It will bring people closer while allowing them to enjoy being intimate like nothing else in addition to tasting experiencing the comforting taste of McDonald's grease. Imagine blowing your load while smelling and tasting McDonalds? The American public would LOVE that!!!!

The funny thing is, when I went to the KY web site and looked at "KY INtrigue" curious to know what made it so different from the regular KY lube, KY quoted a study that said people who had three to four orgasms a week were less likely to die of heart diseases. KY is quoting that shit to make you buy their "Intrigue Lube". I thought it was appropriate for McDonald's joke! Now you can have the McDonalds without the heart disease and get fucked all at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The smell of sex is like McDonald's!!!!!!!!!!!

Burger King and Taco Hell will feel the need to compete and start selling their grease to Astro Lube! Are you like Denis Rodman's ex girlfriend? Do you want your man/partner to have body odor during sex? Are you like Napoleon telling Josephine, "I am coming home, don't bathe?" Well now you can have your partner slather Taco Hell flavored astro glide all over his ...

I have made myself puke!


Thought they both were real, but it will be only a matter of time before we have crunchitos.


I thought for sure that the bite sized tacos were real. I'd rather snack on those than fries already dipped in ketchup.

just wonderin

I'm pretty sure I saw "steak & worcestershire sauce" flavored chips at the market and I felt so sad for someone wanting a steak and eating a chip instead. It's just wrong on so many levels. Unless I made it up.

Viper Tetsu

Man, this 'un threw me off big time. Crunchitos seem as eerily plausible as the near-future world posited by George Orwell in 1984.

You could totally rake in the bucks designing junk food. You'd be like the weed dealer in REEFER MADNESS who never uses the stuff himself...


Canada has ketchup chips too! They're good, but messy.


In belgium they already have ketchup flavored no big deal there :)


Oooohhhh, I'll bet Britney would just suck those down. ;)



Hilarious! =D



just wonderin

Super Size me, bitch!

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