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Jen, you were thinking the same thing that I was thinking. Carrot Top and Jackie Stallone look exactly alike, with the exception that Jackie is a brunette and Carrot Top is a red head.

B. Featherstone

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Now I have anew halloween costume.


Yes! He is soooo creepy looking - the whole package really defies description, but you nailed it.

I still can't figure out what he is going for, and who he is trying to appeal to.

The eyebrows, for me, are his most disturbing element. So fake, arched, and threatening. Everything about him screams,"Come here now, I'll make you feel better...(evil laugh)"


LOLOL a million times!
I seriously almost pissed my pants and couldn't stop laughing. This is so fucking funny. I mean, ahhhh, so nice to have a good hearty laugh. Carrot Top as "It" makes so much sense, but the way you incorporated it into the movie poster is so delightful. Thank you!!


EW!!! But dead on! My brother in law lives in Orlando and actually works out at the same gym, supposedly CT has bicep implants. That's what a trainer or someone told my BIL. Still creepy!! Don't quote me!


You did a great job here! Really love it-

Lou R

Looks like John Travolta! Well done 14, you are really good!

Jenn F.

He has always completely creeped me out. Thanks, 14, for bringing that mental picture that much closer to life and then nudging it over the edge. *shudder* I love it.

Oh ~ and BoredJane? She's not a dude.

Meghan Sanford

This is one of your best. It's not as funny as most of your stuff, but it really makes an impact, is creepy, and really captures his ... his thing. I don't know the word I am looking for. You know what I mean. Awesome job.


Good Lord,

All that energy expended to end up looking like that? What's the point? I repulse people as much as "It" without lifting a finger. Great as always, 14.


We've been wondering about the amount of steroids he's on. Strange, didn't Danny Bondaduce use a lot of steroids for quite some time as well. I guess it's hard to get over that Opie complex I guess.


This is the third time in a month that you have totally freaked me out. First was Pete's cat. Then the Brit meth face. But this, this is....I have no words.

...I am not worthy

Demon Kitty

I agree with rebbecca, the man looks like Stallone's mom.

Carrot Top, Michael Jackson, David Guest, and Andy Dick, I can't look at these bitches without getting emotionally nauseated. Seeing them is the emotional equivalent to retching up stale vodka.


dude, last night I looked at your drawing.. and guess what? I had a nightmare about Carrot Top and he was a paedophile or something. really creepy shit. You did a good job scaring me!!


*whimper* Please replace this monstrosity with something else...please....


I woke up this morning with a firing burning in my nether regions, desperate for some satisfaction--then I came back to this website to squash the urges (Carrot Top works better than cold showers or pictures of a naked Margaret Thatcher on a rainy day).


I got chills lookinng at

- parissucksliterally


killin' it with this joint


Jesus Fuck, 14. I HATE CLOWNS. This actually made me scream, all alone in my little studio...are you happy now?!


you noticed!! thank you!! they ARE carrot fingers!

thanks for your comments everyone. I always appreciate your thoughts.



Glad you captured him before he explodes!

just wonderin

No, wait, they aren't carrot fingers! Are they....could they be....I want to believe they are; DICK SKINNERS!


his plastic surgeon just aint right.


BRILLIANT again! Carrottop (nicer and more European looking when it's spelled as one word, no?) is like a hybrid of Michael Jackson and John W. Gacy. I think he should marry Jennifer Anniston and thus dignify the media circus surrounding her. Who would be their child? Bozo?


WONDERFUL POSTER!!!!! There's something about Carrot Top that reminds me of Jackie Stallone... :O


OMG, 14! I won't be able to sleep tonight! And I agree with swimgrrl, Carrot top is scarier than Tim Curry.

I hate clowns. HATE them. This pic does nothing to help my phobia, that for sure!


nice photo, but where is your painting?

Viper Tetsu

Speechless. I'm mother. Fucking. Speechless.

Genius. Twisted, horrific genius.

Stuck in AL

Years ago, I use to enjoy Carrot Top's humor. He was bizarre looking with his hair, but that was ok with me. I don't know what happened to him that would make him go to this extreme. The whole package is just not a good look. Whatever has gone on in his life, I hope things work out for him. 14, your art just slays me how you zero in and get it right on the money! Congrats on another job well done!


The guy reminds me of a male Debra Messing but with a heaping spoonful of psychedelics on top. Creepy and wrong barely begins to cover it.

I'd love to see your treatment of the recent Bonaduce/Fairplay incident (I guess the red hair reminded of it).


I've suddenly found myself suffering with some kind of crazy impacted tooth and am about to go to a specialist to get xrays & surgery (prob. another root canal)... so I took a bunch of painkillers to take away the throbbing... and then I thought "Hey, before I go to the dentist, I'll see what my dear friend 14 did today!" BIG MISTAKE. Carrot Top is horrifying enough when I'm not drugged out. And when I'm down here with him... I'LL FLOAT TOO!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!

Fairlady Z

Man, that is one... unfortunate face. The acute gingervitis and hilarious freckles all over his muscles don't really help either.


Oh dear god do you know how many days it's going to take to get this out of my head?
You must use your powers for good. ;)


You're going to make thousands of people have nightmares.



I used to think he was hilarious - then a few years passed where I don't think I ever heard anything about him, then he re-emerged (re-emerged in my world anyway) as some steroid-abusing freak.

I like me some freaks too, but this guy is...too much...

BTW - what great timing you have - just in time for Halloween! You just KNOW It will be on TV, and now I won't be able to watch it without thinking of this LOL

just wonderin

Waaaaaaaaaaaa! He's not the only clown in my nightmares, but he is the most frightening looking one! Imagine how "pretty" he'll look when he's 20 years older, and the "work" that he's had (which you've captured beautifully) starts to decompose or spontaniously combust or whatever the hell happens to that kind of plastic; will he have more surgery and everyone will say: "Gee, he looks great, like Billy Crystal!"
At least if he gets hungry he can eat his carrot fingers.


He's not famous here at all, so the first time I saw this thing, I didn't know what he was- I was confused about his sexuality until I saw his body, which didn't help ease my discomfort at all. Muscles just look so wrong on him!

He also creeps me out because something about his face reminds me of Fergie, I don't know why.

Anyhow, you captured his creepy esscence perfectly!


That tv movie was the single scariest moment of my childhood. I would never have expected Carrot Top to be more terrifying than Tim Curry, but he really, really is.


Great idea for a poster -- this guy is really creepy looking! In my personal opinion he's not funny, either. I love the painterly rendering of the face.


What has he done to himself? At one point he was pretty normal looking- lean, had all his eyebrows, no makeup, and didn't have those two growths where his delts should be. Now he's this pink-skinned Thing,


Excellent. You could put little demonic symbols in his hair...

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