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Chasity Austill

most of you are soooo ummm IN DENIAL.
she is a one of a kind woman, rude, sexy, bitching, funny, my idol. so she got plastic surgery, she has an image to up keep and if she doesnt she's just another old supre model. i love her. her attitude. her face. life. body. you all wish you had the moneyto look like her


hello, i am newbie here


Happy Halloween All, this is one of your very best. A classic and true to it's inspiration!
Janice is stranger than Fiction!

Demon Kitty

Jenn F, you are so right! Beautiful assholes become butt fucking ugly once you get to know them. Beauty is barely skin deep. People with nasty, evil personalities DO NOT AGE WELL. I know this for a fact. In the words of Joan Collins, " after awhile, you get the face you deserve."

i agree with Erik too. She and the rest of Hollywood would smear Bat guano or any kind of guano on their faces if they thought it would make them look a nanosecond younger. I think of Gwyneth and her snake venom. Debbie Harry and the sheep embryos. Oh Debbie, how could you? Wasn't there a write up about bull's jizzum being used in a salon to shine hair? I wish we could get the medical community, and scientific community, not to mention the media to play a huge practical joke on the world convincing everyone that smearing any kind of animal guano/shit on your face would stop aging. I bet all of Hollywood would have shit on them. These bitches are so ridiculous. Snake Venom has not done shit for Gwyneth. She was so much more attractive in her early twenties.

Viper Tetsu

Aside from the conventional choices for horror this holiday season, Ol' Plunger Lips has provided no end of Halloween terror via AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL reruns in this neck of the woods. Christ, she and the show are like the greasy sack of generic potato chips you shouldn't touch, yet somehow can't resist.

Brilliant synthesis of the RE-ANIMATOR poster/DVD cover art and Ms. Dickinson's distinctive, um, flavor. I'm still in stitches.

missing you

14 where are you???


The caption in the top right corner had me rolling--I think this is one of the funniest ones ever!!! JD lends herself to that sort of humor but this takes it away. I want a poster of this for my computer room!!! :):):)


ohhhh! I hadn't noticed the many eyes of Satan's minions! They are too fun!
I always feel when people are THIS desperate to stay young, they should just wear sandwich board signs that read: "I'm not good enough to love." It would save everyone a lot of trouble.
Another fantastic page from the book of 14.

katie scarlett

you gave her a vagina neck..... :)

Jenn F.

A fantastic piece. Look at the composition of it all! So well thought out and orchestrated.

It's a shame that so many people put so much into appearing "youthful", as if that epitomizes beauty. Ever noticed that friendly, happy, positive people seem better looking while complete jerks become less attractive as you get to know them? Beauty comes from within.


Hahahahaha! Great! And so true!


Enjoy YOUR youth while you can.:s

Knox Bronson

Remember how perez used to love her? and then they did that show together. i warned him to get his money up front from her. i guess he didn't, 'cuz all he ever does is trash her now.

aahhhhhh hollywood.

perfect work as usual, 14!! i'd forgotten about that particular lunatic. janice that is. never boring she is. thanks for the laugh!


That neck will haunt my dreams.

She'd smear bat guano on her face if she thought it would make her look ten minutes younger.


I don't get all those young girls wanting to become super models. I mean, look at the end product, look what happens to them when they get spit out for innevitably ageing. Seriously, who the hell wants to end up like that? Isn't the point of living to make the best of it till the end? I don't understand anyone who strives to have the best time of their life solely while they are young, might as well kill yourself and sadly, that's what they are slowly doing to themselves.

Demon Kitty

You are so brilliant 14! Janice's plastic surgery is definitely reminiscent of a horror film. Happy Halloween!!!!


I don't know who this chick is, but the piece is fantastic!


My brother drug me to that movie back in 85. It's so campy and gross, yet like Janice.
She's the perfect subject for Halloween. Love it!
Can't wait to dress up with you tonight.




I love the La Mer insert :D


er...the movie has a cunning-linguist scene that your picture reminded me of.

i will now go wash myself in bleach.


Great As Always!!! And a frightfully good "Happy Halloweeny" to you too, 14!


I love how the extra head also has that innocent, wide eyed, oops, no, wide mouthed look that is so appealing.
Janice WISHES she looked this good!

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