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Viper Tetsu

Van Gogh on a major sugar high watching E! Television. Fabulous.


This painting is really cool. Glad you shared this artist's talent with us.



You catch that LiLo Riley Giles date connection from Rehab? Man, I knew that was the place to pick up men! Yum yum yum!

just wonderin

She looks like the statue you could take liberties with.


that house on the background reminded me of vagina.


Isn't blue the colour of your body after they find you dead from eating too many ice cream cones?

Demon Kitty

He has really made Hohan look good and appealing. I am so sick of her. She looks so fucking trashy and dehydrated all the time. When you bleach your hair and it looks like dijon mustard, then you need to either shave it or get a new color.

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