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Wow, and now I have an artwork of Pamela Anderson as a skeleton I want to trade on my blog. Visit, make an offer. Alan


FAbulous job all three! This is a great example, I hope you do this again. I LOVE all three sites. If anyone hasn't seen them all three sites are hilarious, sassy and unique!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful that the web gave us blogs and blogs gave way to creative interpretations for todays celeb/paparazi obsessed generation.

Viper Tetsu

Any website that includes the phrase "Fleshy Protuberances" in a typical entry needs to be bestowed the online electronic equivalent of canonization. All three of you need to run for office on a solidly pro-fleshy protuberance platform.

The whole thing's beautiful, but you win the prize for taking the least-obsessed-over third of the girl's body and really running (or rather, swimming tit-fish-tentacled style) with it.


this is awesome. Just fantastic. I hope there are more to come!!


I am so sick of seeing this baloooooon titted woman assaulting my tv screen, and magazine pages, and internet viewing

Katie V.

Hey--I thought my mom made up that game for us to play on long car trips. She'd fold a piece of paper in 3rds, then we'd each do part of the body. Hmmm...I'm going to have to trot that one out for our Thanksgiving endless drive with the kids. I won't show them your Pam example, though...

Jenn F.

Now that is freaking hilarious. Your contribution is just so characteristically bizarre that it completes it perfectly. I was laughing at the tentacles and breast fish before I even knew what this was all about, or who did what. Hiltron and Gilmore are also both such fabulous creative talents. I'm a big fan of their sites.


Flesh -y-? good one 14!


the only thing exquisite is the artwork, and I sure don't meant the plastic surgeon's!


While I am somewhat biased, I find the lower anatomy to be the best of the collaboration....and fitting that Pamela has a mollusk between her legs(slash)tenticles

Madame M

It's creepily beautiful. What a fun exercise! (and it sure beats the traditional stick-figure execution seen in most versions thereof).


There seems to be a sphere-like shape theme going on here. Nothing matters but the smell of unmated ovaries.


To quote Donovan in the song; "Mellow Yellow",...

"I'm just mad about Fourteen,
She's just mad about me,
I'm-a-just-a-mad about Fourteen,
She's just mad about me,...
They call me Mellow Yellow,...
(Quite rightly)!

Demon Kitty

I loved the bitch because she used her tits and ass for PETA. My opinion of her plummeted when she married "the shaved cucumber" (quoting Ted Casablanca) from Paris Hilton' sex tape.

I love those "sucker tits" on the tentacles. Pam looks better here than she does in her "normal" state. The amount of eye makeup and lipstick on this bitch in real life! Sun damage has taken its toll. I don't want her to die of Hepatitis!

Knox Bronson

what a great collaboration!! love the tit-fish of course! and uhh ... ?

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