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I love the puddle/shadow!
if you look one way it becomes a pregnant woman.
another perspective offers an image of an easter island statue.
i saw a madonna (the origional, not the material version,)an imploded breast implant AND a Cheeto!
Too many mushrooms you say! Indeed!


^^jan, thats crazy because i was just reading about her, lol!! its sad what she did to herself, she had a cute figure before the disfigurement, er augmentation.

i love the coco painting...the best parts are the look on her face, those stick legs, and arrow.

oh and the shadow because it looks like a puddle of...something :P


For a behind even more impressive than Coco's check out Bossip, Angel Love, somthing like that. She puts Coco to the test. Living grotesqueness. (spelling, word?) even better, are they real creations of nature?
For whatever reason these women are now able to validate those big butts, but, LOL, for how long?

Viper Tetsu

Thanks again for yet another insightful art treatise, this time cleverly hidden behind some tart's big ol' pneumatically-enhanced can.

I especially love the distinctively Baconian ambiguous and smeary face--how apropos for a woman whose cartoonish over-enunciation of her asscheeks subsumes any and all of her other features...


love the painting, especially the shadow which is cleverly evocative and way more human to me.

also loved DK's line about "a tits and ass role." perfect description and yet sounds like a good time!


Bacon would be proud of your representation.


Every time I visit this blog I'm in for a treat! I love Bacon and you do him to a tee!!! The picture is juzt amazing, the only version of Coco I could stare at for hours!

Demon Kitty

You are on a tits and ass roll lately, ain'tcha 14?! Bacon would have been proud. He kinda looked like the figures he drew.

I saw Coco staring with Ice T on Law and Order. She sounded like a 10 year old girl.

I just don't know what to say anymore. Hollywood does fill one's head with garbage doesn't it?


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

R O T F L M A O...truly!!!!

I had a Carona light in my mouth at the time-LOL. This is the greatest!


A great take on Coco, I really like what you did.


I'm confused about the circle and the square, maybe it's the opposite like her jaw is massive square and her bottom is round, so the circle and square parts are placed in the opposite?


I really like this series and this is an especially great Job, and I like the carryover of the cubist wall/floor. You're showing your brilliance again...


her thighs and legs are too skinny. in real life shes a cow!
nice pic

Knox Bronson

It is this kind of work that sets you apart from all the rest, 14. Amazing. Glad I clicked over here. I was reading a bunch of political stuff and getting depressed. You saved the day!

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