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Love it.
I used to be an artist until I became a sign writer by trade, and all my art has dried up inside of me from dealing with morons who love Comic Sans.
Your work makes me feel as if one day I might actually draw again.

Demon Kitty

I will never understand why a woman would want to be within a 100 feet of Jack Nicholson's cock.

The term "man grease" got me where it hurts. Ew!!


Perfect layout & captioning.
Maybe Lisa's planning on doing AFLACK Insurance commercials.

Doodle Whore

Lisa Rinna's lips make me uncomfortable. They're just so big and.. engorged. Perfect, as usual, 14!


Hmm...I thought it was Angelina too, because the hair was pulled back and Lisa has short-ish, spiky hair. Other than that on as usual!


Brilliant idea, I can't wait to see more of these. I really love your B+W work.


You must continue Behold it or Not! It is my favorite. You never cease to amaze me!

Thorne Smith

14 -- I never tire of your Brandon Davis shots. From Greasy Bear to Beaver wetnurse, it's all good.

I have to wonder... does Brandon ever ponder his purpose for existing? It is to excrete as much man-grease as possible? Stumble drunkenly while bellowing "Fire-crotch" every third word? I see nothing but a bloated, greasy sponge. What a friggin' waste. And that's why I love, absolutely LOVE, when I see this waste-oid on Gallery of the Absurd!


Lisa Rinna and her GIGANTIC LIPS repulse me. Even in cartoon form, which is at least palatable. Blech.

Nice work. LOL. Agreed....about ole Jack.


The subtle addition of the duck was sheer brilliance.




hahaha... I live in a pretty unglamourous part of town, but I've STILL never seen ANYONE as greasy as that guy. Is it a genetic weakness, possible caused by inbreeding?? Perhaps one easily remedied by showering...


Brilliant, as always, especially Lisa Rinna. Let's see more celebs with bloated lips!


i thought for a second when i glanced at the photo it was angelina not lisa. love your site!


oh! how the chubby have fallen!




Stunningly brilliant as always!!!

Jenn F.

Look at him going down on that sub. And those man-boobs! Gach! That is way too funny. Reminiscent of George working the hot dog. (loved that one.) You made Lisa Rinna look as funny as she looks in real life. Ha! Her lips look ridiculous. And Brandon Davis? As usual, you nailed that one perfectly. He's so gross! So greasy! And he appears to have an ego the size of the planet for some reason. He's just a greasy fat fuck.

Viper Tetsu

I can almost hear the late, great Jack Palance hissing out pith like "Brandon Davisss, too oily to be touched-ah...Believe it-ah, or NOT-ah..." just like on the old late-seventies BELIEVE IT OR NOT! TV show. Ah, memories...

You really clinched it with Lisa Rinna. Slap a blonde forties-girl wig on her, and she'd look EXACTLY like the femme fatale lady duck who sweeps Daffy Duck off his feet in that old Looney Tunes cartoon. Glorious.


This one is AMAZING! The Jack portion made me laugh...Then I saw the real photo, and laughed more.

Keep up the amazing work! I send everyone I know to your site since it rocks <3


Greg Hornak

Haha! I totally love it. I can't wait to see more!

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