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Heather Mules

Heather Mills earned every penny of that divorce settlement. Not bad for four years work.


Heather Mills' cunt looks like a piece of road-kill, which is certainly much better to view than her face. Her smelly twat is probably filled with rats and possesses enough yeast for a large bread factory. Her cunt is a new cause of atmospheric pollution. No wonder I smell rotten cunt every morning on the way to work.

Jack Twott

Heather Mills is one of the most disgusting pigs who has ever "roped" someone. Mac's daughter isn't making fun of all handicapped people. She's directing her anger at the fucking smelly cunt who robbed her father.
In fact, I can smell Heather Mills' filthy swamp cunt right through my computer.


Quit picking on Stella! Jeez! I don't blame her if she's being a bitch towards Mills! That money-grubbing whore did everything she could to ruin that family! She insulted the memory of Stella's mother Linda, (may she rest in peace), and I find it strange that if Paul was some horrible wife beater I think it would have come out by now. Stella is a talented and creative young woman. If she's takin a stab at Mills, then she has every right too! Stella, you go girl!


Even handicapped people have a sense of humour. Political correctness is boring as hell. (How do you make a necklace shaped like greed and lies)? Everyone knows this is a symbol of hate toward Heather Mills, that's all. I like it and want one.

trevor o

i think stella is one of the nicest women i have seen, i wish that one day i may meet her,i would tell her how brave she was to stand up to a person who cant sing unless the music is electricly enhanced

Stush Blansten



Not doped up

Isn't it sad that of Linda MacCartney's many abortions, the one that didn't take was the one that produced the gruesome, fat-headed Stella?

Veruca Salt

Gooses! Geeses! I want my geese to lay gold eggs for Easter! And I want a bean feast!


When Heather said Paul was a nobody, he is just a man (4 yrs ago to Barbara Walters)I knew she was a piece of crap. She deserves no money, the slut should leave the way she came in. We do not feel sorry for her and we do not like her. I do not want her in the U.S.A. and England should throw her out. I would throw stones at her if I saw her.
Linda Ann
(a true fan of Paul)

Posted by: Linda Ann | November

Paul screwed around with underage groupies and once made a pass at his 13 year old stepsister.
Another deluded fan who gets off on violent, creepy men?


Anybody else seet the resemblance between ugly, bitchy Stella and the spoiled cow in the original Willy Wonka movie?

Plus, Stella, your own mother was no prize. I think you honestly need professional help, you jealous, crazed brat.


It's easy to see the ignorant bias of the blogger.
I guess Stella gets a pass because she's the half-Jewish vegetarian spoiled brat of a misogynistic drug addict?

Yeah, all women are gold-diggers. Gee, somebody's female parent was a real idiot?


That is one ugly ass foot. I'm sure Stella has been crowned Queen by those with foot fetishes.

Good for her -- if this is even true. She has kept her lips sealed against Heather all these years. It's about time she retaliates. Heather is a pyscho and needs to be stopped.


Mr. All you need is love obviously needed a face lift for himself-he's not the only shallow grubber. Stella is an obnoxious brat and I hope low vindictive ploy reveals what a foot stomping pouting sniveling toad she really is.

Linda Ann

When Heather said Paul was a nobody, he is just a man (4 yrs ago to Barbara Walters)I knew she was a piece of crap. She deserves no money, the slut should leave the way she came in. We do not feel sorry for her and we do not like her. I do not want her in the U.S.A. and England should throw her out. I would throw stones at her if I saw her.
Linda Ann
(a true fan of Paul)

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Stepmonsters everywhere thank you, Kara!

Heather is no saint, but come on...the woman married a Beatle, whose first wife died of cancer, and the man didn't insist on a pre-nup for whatever basically she's painted in the eyes of the world as Taking Advantage of the Poor Man. Having at least one stepkid who hates you (child of the Holy Beatle and Cancer Woman and therefore untouchable herself) making your life a holy living hell in public and private is just icing on the cake. I don't think Heather is a stellar (ha) human being, but she did face impossible odds on that one, and no wonder she's been acting pretty screwy lately.

Meanwhile, Stella just snipes and breeds and looks strangely like Ricky Gervais.

Viper Tetsu

Deliciously, hilariously below the belt. And just above the knee.


I also am not impressed with Stella's clothes. Yuck.


Stella's Daddy is dating a new woman now, how is she going to deal with that? Throw another tantrum?

I have never been a stepmother, but can sympathize with anyone who has. It does suck to be married to a man who had kids with someone else.


I'm sure I'm gonna burn in hell in the seat directly next to Stella, but I can't help it...............this is hilarious!!!!


well i for one refuse to by the pendant without the burn mark left by stella after she put her cigarette out on it.

at least stella doesn't get mad at the world and go off and duggar her anger into 17 kids or pass out valtrex and hepatitis. that's all i'm saying

Vimal Samuel

The Dalai Lama pic is just too much :-)


(Sorry, could'nt resist!).


Yes Javelin, your idea of giving Stella's one-legged pendant proceeds to one of Heather's charities is a more refined form of revenge.


Ummm. Has anyone else noticed that Javelin is an EVIL GENIUS? With a serious gift for nailing the perfect torture! Any chance you work in the white house there sweetypie?

Demon Kitty

I am totally sorry I missed the story about Stella putting out her cigarette on Mill's prosthetic leg. That is funny as fuck.

Javelin, you are brilliant! Kisses ...


She doesn't have to make the pendant now--the talk the idea alone has generated is sufficient.

Nice work, eh.


That's mean, i know it's directed at Heather... but what about other disabled people, what was she thinking???


This is funny, but the story about Stella putting out her cigarette on Heather's prosthetic leg is funnier.


hahaha one legged pendant... it would be awesome if Stella sold these and gave the profits to one of Mills' charities, so Heather would just have to sit there and take it.

katie scarlett

well 14 you have certainly dug a foot in your grave now woman ! :)


Family members say horrible things about each other over a divorce?
Well color me surprised!

FTR Stella McCartney is not going to produce a one legged pendant, or so her publicists say. Which is a pity because it would be the most interesting thing she's ever done. Her clothes are terrible.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I'm no fan of Heather Mills OR Stella McC, but as a "stepmonster" I'm a bit fed up with the "stepchildren are innocent victims and the bitch who married daddy is 100% evil" cliche. Stepparenting can reach levels of suck you can't even begin to imagine if you're not deep in it. Stepmothers are not always bad, biomothers are not always good, and children are not always innocent victims.

That said, this is pretty fuckin' funny.


From what I've seen in the past,.. Stella is seriously hard-core tough when it comes to dealing with any adversaries,... especially ones that would threaten her family in any way. That being said,... I really don't think she's joking about the pendant,.. but, as you said 14, "we'll see"!

Demon Kitty

It's funny as fuck. Heather Mills is a cunt.


on my little webby page there is a headline proclaiming: "scientists claim to find a new species of pig" directly above your title about Stella Mc Cartney and Heather Mills. It can't just be a coincidence!


Take some 14, mix in some HolyCandy and you've got a delicious posting.
I'd like some more please.


Oh, please? Why would we be condescending towards H. Mills? 'cause she's handicapped? She's a greedy bitch, she had it coming.


I wondered about that too. Is she just joking around...or is she REALLY going to sell a one-legged pendant? I guess we'll have to wait and see.



I never liked Stella and now I despise her. I hope she gets one of those legs caught in her throat.


I'm sure millions of handicapped people around the world, and their friends and family do not get this jewelry jab display to be as cute and quaint a profitable civil put-down as the lovely Miss Stella and her cruel dad desired it to be. Shame on them.

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