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Jim Steichen

Kinda surprised that you don't have more pictures inspired by the foibles of our so-called "Leaders".
I suppose it's just too much like shooting puppies in a barrel though!

from france

well, the first step in any fascist state to develop is to criminalize free expression, to focuse on patriotism so that expressing any contrary opinion to the official beliefs becomes unpatriotic, forbiden.. fascism in a word

Marshall Reese

The artists who made the Bush mug shots are at it again:


Always so unpleasant to fall into a fetid pool of haters. Seethe, haters, seethe.

You all sing the same tune so splendidly.



These totally remind me of the Wanted villains cards in the electronic board game "Stop Thief". Condi especially.


Ever notice how "Condi's" eye pupils don't seem to reflect light in most photos of her? Kinda like a blank dead-eye doll look,........ "or the shark in JAWS!"

Demon Kitty

Dear Tekel,

Bush and Co. have definitely been lubing up, massaging, fondling, stimulating, and doing god knows what else to the orifices and appendages of the House of Saud. You are so right. Your are so right.

dumb republican

cracks me up that people say Bush ruined the world. Not the terrorist fucks who have been attacking us (and the world) for 30 years. Not Sadaam who slaughtered his own poeple with wepons of mass destruction (400,000+). But it was Bush, a twice elected ( i don't care if you think he "stole" the election, he didn't) official in a democracy. Ya BUSH ruined the world.

I'm sorry but this was a necessary war. and If sadaam didn't have WMDs then why wouldn't he let the inspectors in? and what were all those tractor trailers doing leaving the country (to Siria) right before the inspectors did finally go?

Why should we save the people of Sudan and not the poor people of Iraq that Sadaam slaughtered with WMDs? Or the poor women who are beaten and treated like property. They can't even drive?? WTF- have some compassion!!! Not just what you think is cool to be passionate about.

You people need to get your news from more the The Daily Show. You people have been terrorized and propagandized.

Next stop- IRAN

Viper Tetsu

Good thing Fox News is out there eschewing trivialities like, oh, the FUCKING WAR in favor of protecting the widdle feelings of those poor fragile wallflowers in charge of our country.


As a statement of dissent, it's a start. Now if only the rest of the sane people left in America would speak up and find their collective balls.


Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rummy, Rove, and Wolfowitz all deserve a nice room at the Hague.


Yeah. I can think of much more offensive ways to deface GWB's photo. Fox should be happy these aren't pchops of US leaders lining up to fellate the House of Saud... although that might be a more accurate portrayal of the current state of affairs.

AnoniMuse DaniYell

The side view of Bush looks like he's trying to show us how he wiggles his ears...


Shit girl, you need to do an update of the LiLo snake now that she's "single" again.


Should have read under the photo:

"WANTED by the Washington Police Dept.
Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee and 'The Hawk' for crimes against humanity ".
Oh, How I wish it could be so !!!

Knox Bronson

Voice of Reason: What makes you think we like Clinton? He was a Repube in reality, except he was straight, unlike the homosexual and pedophile cabal that has taken control of the modern Republican crime syndicate.


Hey VoiceofReason, I would by a ticket to see that exhibit.


Dear 14,
Thank you for suggesting the minutillo site. The images got my fervid brain all kinds of inspired. The "lord" picture especially, makes Bush look like prom queen or maple queen or something. I'm sticking with the meteor theory because that one makes me happiest.
You are a true Gem, Miss 14!!!
Mucho love & appreciation,


I think the pictures were funny. It would be even better if they also included Bubba "put some ice on that""Rapist" Clinton, Sandy "shove some more documents down my pants and socks, Burglar, Hillary "The Planter" Clinton, and Donald "Kiss my ass" Rumsfield.



Excellent observation. Bush somehow manages to occasionally be photographed with a "coincidental" halo around his head. Want to see some disturbing examples?

The globe of light could either be the Light of God watching over and guiding our beloved president....or it could be the flash from the photographers camera. Tough to say.


ok, I have to ask-is that globe on the side view of Bush an extra light because he is so dim
or is it the meteor of our collective fantasy hurling towards him?


I just saw this on CNN and was surprised that people would get upset over something so REASONABLE. I mean, really? You don't think the artwork has a valid point? Cuz I do. If kids see it, all the better-- never too young to start thinking.


I think the exhibit is a stroke of genius. The truth hurts, doesn't it?


These are so well done!
But let me explain as one who grew up hearing about Vietnam on the news everyday:
A wrong war is way more scary than a picture of our political "leaders"! Trust me, by the time Watergate came around the Tricky Dicky shit was like a walk in the park in comparison.
Have people become so "instantly gratified" that they don't remember anything? Don't they even understand why this work is so important? Let me make it simple:
Our current government gets away with all the shit it does because it controls the media. It just horrifies me that Fox will get away with this "spin".
It saddens me everyday when I remember who is president and why.
Thank you 14 for all your work.


"Very on point!"

Stuck in AL

Thank you 14 for showing me things that I would have missed. Good Grief! Is this still not the US of A? What happened to freedom of speech? As David Letterman has said many times, "It's only a joke." These people need to lighten up. Probably it hit to close to a nerve!


The charges will never stick--oh, it's a parody? Too bad.


Thank you for this.

I do think that George W. Bush should be framed for all that he did and how he fucked the whole world up.

Demon Kitty

I agree withe artist. They should all go to jail, all 3 of these motherfuckers. Condi always looks like she's constipated and psychotic.

How the fuck, can a women who grew up in Jim Crow Alabama join forces with a war loving frat boy and the prince of darkness is beyond me.

I just want to smack rePUBICans when they say,"Clinton lied!!!" Well he lied about getting his dick sucked, but he didn't lie about weapons of mass destruction resulting in whole sale slaughter. Rot in hell bitches! Rot in hell!!!!!


haha. this is so clever. i think its a great interpretation of a popularized concept.

ugh. ewww fox news. what a stupid argument they present. well those "confused little kids" should stop watching fox news and maybe the confusion will stop then (but i hope the damage isnt permanent).

thanks 14 for sharing fellow artists!

much love from the bay,

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