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Have never commented before, so I'm not sure what it is about this particular piece of art that motivates me to do so but...I just found it completely hilarious, plus vaaaaguely disturbing - like almost all of your other creations! I agree with Demon Kitty - *who* would spend money on buying these girls' records? How could you justify it? Love the ever so slightly cross-eyed father and the vacuous, "this sort of thing is normal" look in the girls' eyes. Merry Christmas!

Demon Kitty

I will never understand the morons who tuned in and bought the records to make the Simpsons famous. Ever!

You know Big Pappa Joe has stuck his dick between Jessica Airhead's tits more than once!

I am so sick of celebrities making comments about the sex organs of their family members!!!!

I would kill to have a bottle of deceptive sake at a boisterous sushi bar with you and Candy 14!!

Smile Pretty

I love how you shadowed their mom in the background
And what a PERFECT expression on his face

Jenn F.

The way you've cranked those boobies right up under his nose is perfect... especially with that expression on his face! I think it's so funny how Papa Joe has become an even bigger joke than either of his daughters.


Hee, I have to admit, I have no idea why those two are famous. I've heard Jessica sing, and well, so? As for Ashley, I couldn't tell you what she sounds like.

Nice work, and Papa Simpson is just....creepy.


The shadowy mom in the background, hee-hee! Astute as always, 14.


haha good!




Can't... stop ...shuddering... And for some reason I have this weird vision of Pete Wentz becoming the third Simpson daughter. Save yourself, Petey!

Keep an eye out for the Spears' holiday card, 14. hehe. Although it might take a Christmas miracle to put a positive spin on their year.


LOL, when I read the headline in my feedsreader, I thought you meant the Matt Groening's Simpsons :D I am--- lightly disappointed, yet still amused :D

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