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Josh Maday

This is a masterpiece, 14. Seriously, this will be in the MoMA.


This isn't even an exaggeration, that is EXACTLY what she looks like.


Haha fking hilarious!!! I KNOW paris goes to your site..

OMG. I'm going to barf. She's not only a whore now but a deformed whore. Way to go 14!

Jenn F.

Ahahaha ~ she's such a loser! Too funny!


Ewww this makes me skip lunch too accurate. ;D


Wow... wow... wow.... true beauty. It's so her. Paris as Little Otik; truly horrific!

Thorne Smith

Wow...No way! Napoleon Solo is right. Her lips looks just like the goatse guy's stretched orifice! And it y'all don't know what goatse is(it's DEFINITELY NSFW), look it up. You'll be amazed at the similarities. And how true to form.

Wow, Goatse Guy; who'd have thought you'd be such a trend setter?


This is easily, hands down, no questions asked- the best and I mean best she has ever looked. That one is suitable for framing 14. Beautiful work.

Knox Bronson

i think you have finally captured the true ugliness of the paris hilton creature ... i am not enjoying looking at it.

maybe you can be free of ever drawing her again now.


I like how you captured the awkward, antique look of her face in that photograph-- she looks about 90

Fairlady Z

lol, I was praying you'd do something on this as soon as I saw that hilarious picture of her bloated carcass lips. Awesome.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

She's turning into Joan Van Ark.


She has oral Hemorrhoids. The funniest part is the lack of exxageration. The brain does atrophy, doesn't it?





Holy shit!!! xD But her titts and everything are sure real ;)
My God,she have a god Doctor,you can't see it at the first look (sorry my bad english)

Go ahead,lovely 14 *smile*

Shelly-mother earth

I saw that picture of her and thought "what the hell?" At least she had her upper lip waxed... unlike Moostachio Spears. Her nose looks askew as well in the orig...
Where is Polage?

Napoleon Solo

Actually her lips looked more like an anus.


I am pray it is photo shopped on d-listed. Good Lord, they DO look like worms.
Is her original features. LOL.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

What I want to know is, how'd Diane Sawyer get worm lips?! I've been freaking out about her white worm lips for years.

Paris. Worms. Root vegetable nose and fish eyes. Arcimboldo. Just sayin'.

Demon Kitty

This cheered me up since my goldfish is in its death throes and my cat has heart disease .. and all during exam time.


That is just gross........fabulous!


You never cease to amaze - I am not sure why some see the 'Heiress' as beautiful... never get tired of your relentless pursuit of the self-important celeb - especially one who has no talent and no intelligence....AWESOME!!


Couldn't have put it better myself. although writing "Paris Hilton has worm lips," is not nearly as amusing/interesting/graphic/original.
ps: when are you going to have a big fat gallery show?


Thank you for clearing this up for me. I thought some evil cheetos got stuck in her lip goo, now I understand that she is just, I mean, she just HAS a disease!


Very scary, and always on target. Another great work, 14!


I see Titney has rubbed off on her. Gross.

Stuck in AL

Eeewwww...but so true! Well, that pretty much completes all her facial features being funky in one way or another! Wonky eye, I don't even know what word to use for her nose,and now worms for lips. Way to go Paris! You hit the nail on the head again, 14! You make my day!


Oh, this made me laugh out loud, especially when I saw the photograph that inspired it. Worm lips, indeed!


Someone mentioned that it could also be a form of herpes. XD I saw the pics, and she looked HIDEOUS!

Viper Tetsu

Time for schlock filmmaker Ted V. Mikels to produce a sequel to THE WORM EATERS, with Paris in the lead. Crap horror's become her thing, y'know?

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