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What's really eerie about this is that Pam Anderson looks EXACTLY like this in person.

Jenn F.

*laughing at midevil's comment*

This is a fantastic piece. Everything you had to say is bang on. When will this change? How can we change it? We're damaging ourselves by buying into it. KZK was exactly right in her comment. Doesn't anyone appreciate natural beauty, in whatever shape or size it comes in? 14, thank you for drawing attention (no pun intended) to such a hugely important issue.


Spot-on, as always, 14. But I had no idea you and Shauna Sand were buddies! How nice of her to model for this post.


I think your update is too fat.


This is just great!!!!!!!! Love your stuff, have been lurking for a few years now, but this is the 1st time I'm compelled to post. What are we doing to our girls in this country?!?! Has anyone else seen the new "Supermodel Barbie?" I don't get it. They redid Barbie a few years back to make her proportions more realistic. But now they are propelling us back yet again w/the new anorexic version. And the teeth!!!! Thank you for mentioning the new necessity of BLINDINGLY UN-NATURAL WHITE teeth. Yes clean teeth are beautiful, but they are BONE. BONES are not WHITE. Another unattainable standard unless you spend alot of time & money. Plus we all know it's against the laws of physics for anyone that skinny to have real boobs. BTW, your pic looks just like Pam Anderson Lee Rock whatever the hell her name is. Coincidence?!?!

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