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Viper Tetsu

Knox, Richie Sambora is a HACK. That's pretty much all the qualification you need. Oh, and that he's retarded/deluded enough to flash his man-maries in public.

Please make fun of the hack more, Fourteen. Please oh please oh please oh please.


First of all Richie, just like everyone else should be allowed to go to the beach and make his own decisions on what to wear there. He chooses to expose himself and the photo of the tragic event makes it to the public domain...

Those who disagree with 14's opinion and her art should remember: (1) 14 didn't grow Richie's moobs (2) she didn't peep into his hidden chambers to snap this, the man willingly and proudly exposed himself to the ridicule (3) 14 just like anybody else has the right to express her own opinions on her own blog (4) you can start your own blog if you disagree with this one... freedom my friends

And my personal 2 bits about Richie... the man definitely has a serious problem... from falling for one dumb blond after another to being unable to understand once you're over certain age you're not attractive shirtless... those are just very basic facts of life anybody with an IQ of slug should understand.

All the best to Richie on his recovery and to 14 for keeping us amused for few years already. This is my fav blog.

Jenn F.

I second Karin's post. Jenna, there are far more important things on which to focus your anger and lack of humour. If it upsets you that much to see someone have a laugh at a celebrity's expense, then I think you're spending time at the wrong site.


He is so ugly!But sound he joined a hot club "Rich" He is so popular there!


Uh... Jen... Please do us all favor! PLEASE shut the fuck up and stop taking it so personally! I wish these weirdos quit acting as if they personally know these people! They're famous and this one fucks his ex wife's so called best friend! The difference between him and the average joe who does that despicable act is that he's a celebrity! People are going to have opinions, mainly negative and some positive. Oh well... Not to mention not one of these news and entertainment show hardly ever comments on Richie's saggy middle age flab; yet compelled to mention Jennifer Love Hewitt's or any other woman's weight & age.
If it upsets you that much, then don't visit the site.

Demon Kitty

Fuck man, I really don't know what to say. This went to a whole other level.


Wow! Hasn't that guy heard of the fabulous invention from Seinfeld called, the bro?


Jenna, I've been through a couple of EXTREMELY bad patches in my life. Is it okay for me to make fun of a bad picture of Richie Sambora? I haven't, but I could, since I apparently have the credentials...


First of all ...... RELAX. 14 isn't the one creating the gossip. 14 merely ILLUSTRATES the gossip. Secondly, I seriously doubt Richie Sambora reads this blog so I am certain he isn't sitting in a corner somewhere crying about 14's illustration. While your sensitivity to Mr. Sambora is oddly touching, your morose attitude is off-putting.
I hope someone buys you a sense of humor this holiday season.


Looks like he's been living on more than a prayer.

Knox Bronson

A guy with man-titties should not take his shirt off in public. Who is Richie Sambora anyway? I can never figure this out. And I haven't cared enough to google him. Maybe I will.


Oh for fuck sake back off and leave Richie alone. He was watching his father die of cancer and struggling to deal with his divorce from that nasty blonde psycho-bitch, he was given anti-depressants to cope which made him bloat up, the anti-depressants didn't work and his drinking escalated; his father then sadly died at the age of only 70 and his world completely crashed around him.

Unless you've never been through a really really bad patch in your life then seriously lay off. That picture was taken a year ago anyway. If richie was someone who went out there looking for this kind of shit it would be okay but something about it feels really wrong, mainly because it IS wrong.


Mr. Sambora,

This is an illustration of your gossip from the past year, not of you. I happen to think you are a decent looking fellow. And no, I do not plan on growing up...which will be evident in my next highly immature post.



Gee 14,
When did Ritchie start reading your site?


oh go grow a sense of humor Richie.


Grow up and leave Richie alone. He was only bloate with "man boobs" due to all the drinking. If you have seen him recently (which I doubt) he looks nothn like that.

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