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Thanks for uncovering Xenu's secret Santa! Tom probably have that Santa stashed at his mothership in Beverly Hills! Image the horror if that Santa is unleashed into the wild!? MIB! MIB! Where are Tommy Lee and Will when we needed them!?


I am so sorry, but I just have to get this thought off my chest:

I don't buy it. I just don't see how Tommy is enough for those tentacles to suck on--if you get my squirmy drift.


Giddyup!!! The look on Tom's face... AND THOSE SHOES!!!!!! Just toooooo funny!!

Viper, Demon Kitty and Javelin... i love your work, too!! Naughty, naughty, naughty...


ahaha I love how Tom's facial expression and body language screams "bashful schoolgirl"... that hand resting on the knee is priceless.

Demon Kitty

Viper, you are like a rainy day in fucking Texass!

How did you do this 14? This is brilliant! Wait a minute! What's that? What's that noise? OMG, that is the sound of Will Smith and Tom Cruise rolling out the plastic paper and greasing it down with Crisco, while a manservant in leather chaps and a dog collar phones up David Beckham!


LOVE the shiny vest and weird hair.


Does this mean there is no Cthulhu Claws?


Oh Viper!
I have the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!
Dorothy, rubbing her eyes.


OK so this won't earn me a whole lotta points, but I had shoes JUST LIKE THOSE @that time; but I didn't have his $$$ or his *** not to mention god forbid his ???

Viper Tetsu

I get the vibe that Cthulhu Claus has a third tentacle, and that it's, um, helping keep Laughing Boy's ass in place if you know what I mean and I think you do.




No Fair! He gets Becks and now Santy? How greedy can one little guy be?

Ummm, What exactly is holding up Santy's suspenders?


Did I already tell you it looks great? Well it looks great. The little details like the platform shoes make all the difference, but I really love the tentacle arms.


Brilliant. Can you print those off as post cards and sell them?

deemacgee Scientologists worship Cthulhu now?
God, it just gets weirder and weirder...


,.....And I want an up N' down Hollywood film career,.... and a wife that's an even bigger beard than your's,..... and a book I can understand,.... Oh yeah,... and a rich Black woman's couch to jump on in public like a damn fool!"


I love the shoes! How great can you get? Too awesome. Hey can your source get John Travolta's too?

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