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When u make a pact w/ devil he give you it all, wealth, women/men.all the good stuff in return for your soul I def believe it because my family knew someone who live like that and everyone knew he made a pact w// the devil, worship him like your god and him and only he gives u all that material shit that we all wish for. To god that's not all so it works different god doesn't promise ur life will be easy but eternal life. I rather shine in heaven then shine in this world to then burn in hell.


devil looks like LBJ to me


"you people are so ignorant it's just tragic.

half the entertainment industry is affiliated with secret societies.

and that's a very VERY conservative number.

go figure fools ;"

-thank you! somebody on dis comment board dat knows what da fuck they're talking about, n forgive me if im wrong but dats prolly supposed to be lebron james, u never see jigga n jamie foxx together. i refuse to fall in line with stubborn fools


you people are so ignorant it's just tragic.

half the entertainment industry is affiliated with secret societies.

and that's a very VERY conservative number.

go figure fools ;)

making the Lord come back

This picture is not the point, most comments say he looks good I guess most of the comments are from peps that don't FEAR the TRUE AND RIGHTOUS LORD. The illumniati is real and they worship saint daily and they will all burn in hell forever, including JAY-Z and Beyounce and all other who SIN period. Jay-z IS HELPING BY BRINGING IN THE ANTI-CHRIST, he knows exactly what he is doing he's showing the other members that he hates Christ and serves the Devil, he's FUCKED FOR MONEY OF COURSE, which is only paper. Soon chips will be embedded into peps of the world skins to buy or sell maybe thats what his next evil song will be about, fuck that evil, lying, money worshiping, fagit respecting, devil handshaking, pyramid worshiping demon.


I believe JayZ is affiliated with freemasonry because of his sudden ACCEPTANCE BY PEOPLE IN HIGH PLACES in the business. Talent can only go so far, but to become CEO after CEO after CEO. This is definite proof that something is going on because alla sudden JayZ is the GOTO man in the corporate world. He's not high ranking, but he is definitely making a name for himself.

Doctor Boaz Aabba-Aal-Anibia

Bring It On The New World Order & Globalization, humanities only hope...
Let's Save Mother Earth!

Nubian Embassy World Spa -- The Philippines

A. Magnus

Kimmi, if you read my post you would have noticed the part about the values of Wall Street used for oppressing people. Perhaps I should have qualified that as people who belong to the insider's elite club generally look down upon and exploit everyone else who isn't a club member. Either way, Jay Z promotes the values of the ruling elites despite the fact that he wasn't raised as one of them. Same Uncle Tom, only he's selling out working class people of all colors.

Mindymoo, why does being 'edgy' always have to dovetail with the ideologies of the ruling criminal class? Couldn't being edgy be considered like when Xzibit asked why Bush took down the WTC towers?


The words played in the GODTUBE.COM website are are from 2 different songs. you can hear the difference.

ROFL @ what people believe these days


HAHAHA. DUH. you are an IDIOT. I never claimed Jay-Z had anything to do with the Illuminati. If you read the post properly, you'll see my illustration was inspired by OTHERS who claim Jay-Z might be involved in the Illuminati. My only opinion here is that Jay-Z could care less about what people say about him.

Perhaps you shouldn't take light-hearted satire so seriously. Getting all worked up over such triviality is bad for the heart.


HAHAHAH. Duh. You are an idiot. The rumour came about because of the backing vocals on D'Evils (Illuminati rule my mind soul heart and body), try actually listen to something first before you swap your rectum with your mouth. Ridicule is so often the province of those without brains.


The devil does look like Jamie Fox. Ah, they are both so ugly.


Oh sorry, that's Mindymoo, not A.Magnus


A. Magnus, I'm not sure where you or your mom got your information from, but I think it's more about money and influence now than about race. I don't know that Jay_Z is or will ever be in any of those secret societies, but I know of plenty of black men who are not only in "elitist" Freemason societies, but are also quite high up on the pecking order. Contrary to popular belief, there are black men who are wealthy and powerful not because they rap or have "bling" but because they are business men, academicians, and diplomats.


A. Magnus,

Don't you think that there is a possibility that they are just doing this stuff to be edgy, out there, and seem cooler and more mysterious than they already are? People have done this sort of shock behavior before. For people to waste their time trying to get to the truth of it is a waste of time. It's all talk.

listen to some of his songs on the reasonable doubt album. Listen to the whole album and then come back here and think if its all just coincidence. I don't know it could be true or just perfect coincidence.

A. Magnus

Putting Jay Z with the Illuminati is a bit of stretch, but calling him an Uncle Tom would be closer to the truth; all the values he promotes are the exact same values 'The Man' has used to oppress his people since day one. The worship of money and power is as old as Wall Street in this country, and the feds are the most successful gangsters in human history.


While I was watching this video, I heard some cracking at my window. I thought it was Satan- who is bling blingin'- but it was just my cat.

What gullible, naive, incoherent people they have responding to these things on youtube. And the link that "some folks" takes you to is so wacky. I loved how that video showed all of these pictures of doing the pyramid, but they are held around the chest. Then they show a graphic that says that the eye needs to be at the top of the pyramid, and conveniently they show pictures of the hand pyramid thing with one of their eyes at the top. Why air the original pyramid pictures at all? Kiddos, don't believe everything your youth pastor tells you.

I showed my mum some of this wackiness, and the first thing she said was "Yeah, right. Like they would ever allow black men to be a member of one of the elitist chapters of the Freemasons."


Are you working on that naked Paris perfume gig yet? Will she be crawling around on ground covered in snakes?


At first I thought the Devil was Jamie Foxx too, but then I looked at his face a lil better, and he looks like LeBron James. Funny.


I never see or hear the word "Champagne" without thinking of Christopher Walken's "Continental" charactor saying:
Spelling correctly is a virtue promoted by people who's synapsis are busy doing boring stuff!
I also transpose numbers. Age is a bitch!
love it 14!



No, I'm the first to admit I'm a horrible speller. If something is spelled wrong here on GOTA, it's not a joke. Well, it is, but perhaps I'm the only one laughing. I changed the spelling of "champange" even though it looked just fine to me - thanks for pointing it out.**blush**

yours in dyslexia,



Egh, that youtube thing was too weird too watch all the way through. And did I miss a joke somewhere about "champange?" What's with de spelling there? Also, what's the symbol on Jay-Z's champange bottle? I need much help with this one, I'm afraid. Funny though. Jay-Z in the Illuminati?!?!? This is the second paranoid-delusional thing I've heard on the internets in the past half hour (I won't bother directing you to the other one because trust me, you don't want to read it) so I think I'm going to go through the archives here to cheer meself up. I need a look at some Japanese Hilton crabs and dragonflowers, stat!!!


wow, the devil does have a really sexy smile... and JayZ has his trademark annoyed / unimpressed air about him.

nonetheless, I kinda suspect that if a secret society was big enough to span the globe, it would probably be just as boring as normal rich person society.

Kevin The Crazy Blogger

HaHa! Great picture. I like the conspiracy theory and things of that nature. Great read and gives you something to read about, even if it isn't true.



you don't have to be rich, or a member of the "Illuminati" to serve Satan. Most people in the entertainment world, and for that measure, even many Christians already do.


That devil looks an awful lot like Jamie Foxx to me. And how much does it piss P Diddy off that Jay-Z's got him beat (and can close his mouth)?


Oh come on, everybody already knows that the Devil made only one pact with a music group and that was Led Zeppelin--sheeesh.

Nice Devil--can I take him home now?


In all seriousness, whoever made that video is misinterpreting "D'Evils" (the song in the YouTube video from Jay-Z's first album, Reasonable Doubt). Like that crazy YouTube preacher that thought that a Danger Mouse remix of one of Jay-Z's songs was "Satanic"...only because it had a sample of an old Beatles song in it. And the Beatles are no strangers to backmasking either.


I should have used your gorgeous BF as my model for the Devil!! Darn it. Oh well, next time.


People who are bored of life can have SUCH imagination, it's really unbelievable! I mean, seriously. If Jay-Z was part of the Illuminati and dealing with Satan, he would probably be with someone else than Beyoncé now!



Is it wrong that the Devil in your beautiful painting is turning me on? He looks a lot like my boyfriend. Seriously.
Love it 14! Amazing work as always.


It's all probably true! How else was he able to pull that Beyounce woman! Plus he walked away from an R. Kelly double-bill concert tour early on without a scratch! Somebody HAD to have made a deal!!!

Demon Kitty

I love this picture! It is brilliant! The devil kind of looks like Michael Vick.

I like the idea of secret societies. The idea of trying to isolate yourself and block out the noise from the rest of the world, just to see what kind of ideas develop without any interference.

I have to do it again, my apologies to everyone- ADAM SMITH, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? COME BACK! COMEBACK!


Is that the gates of hell or Beyonce's ego behind them?

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