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Green Is Good

The Stepford Wife poster is hands down my favorite!!!!

Purple ducky.

it is as if the movie is a spoof of himself. In other words it looks like a movie any youtuber would make pretending to be tom cruise and having zero knowledge of Scientology. Because if u really listen to what he's saying, it sounds like any generic self help bs.

I'm confused though, Tom Cruise used to be normal, no?


I would love to hear your take on Katie Holmes possibly having faked her run in the New York Marathon. Even more nuttiness from these fruitcakes.


Too funny! And great work, 14. I agree with the above poster, Thorne Smith. Katie will be cracking up sooner, rather than later. I suppose her teenage dream of marrying Tom Cruise did come to pass. Careful what you wish for.

As for Tom and his best friend, David Miscabbage; those two have no grasp of carrying on a conversation. I recall a Nightline interview ol' Dave gave to Ted, and what an ebarrassment that was. The guy had no skills whatsoever. Of course, Tom doesn't either. I suppose if it weren't for script writers, they couldn't answer the phone.


I must get my hands on the Morton Book!!

Britts running to the end of her entertainment value...
In the movie, can Polage play tom?
K, bye.

Thorne Smith

I am so glad to see that some of the delicate white underbelly of Scientology has been exposed. And I can't express how happy I am that Messiah Tom's mindless blathering is responsible. Here for all is a free pass to the upper OT levels of Uncle Ron's moonshine "religion" for all to see.

I would truly have liked to have seen Lil' David Miscaviage's initial reaction when he became aware this was spreading across the net like a California wildfire in August. I assume that might have been one of those "priceless" moments.

But as you've posted, 14, poor Katie Holmes is but a Teegeeak-ian incubator, whose bearding ability has been as effective as a high school freshman's wispy goatee. Sadly, she may crack before her seven year contract is up...


I'm trying this again. I'm not sure if I was quarenteed on purpose or there really was an error in transmission like the puter said.
I love the FUNKADELIC boots!


Things are bad when it's toss up between Cruise and Britney as to which one is more sane.


But he's supposed to be their Jesus, so maybe you could make a Bible with him on it. Oh that would make my day!

Love this!


I'm feeling scared for Katie/Kate. Isn't her parents?...gonna jump out and grap her away from that insane man/alien? Good thing Nicole Kidman got away before it was too late.


Your talent and creativity wow me every time I visit your site. I wish I were half as creative! I hope you are reaping the benefits!


Bwahahaha!! So awesome. I LOVE the credits on the poster--priceless! His creep factor has certainly risen exponentially in the last few days, and Xenu only knows what he'll do next. *shiver*

Demon Kitty



The Science Fiction cover made me howl!
The Funkadelic platform boots are insanely perfect!

Jenn F.

Fantastic images, 14. Especially love the Science Fiction Quarterly with the huge lifts on the bottom of the space boots. Brilliant!


He's such an annoying little man. I love the red carpet photos of him with Katie where she looks like an Amazon next to him. Its a shame because I used to enjoy his movies, now he just makes my skin crawl and I will never willingly watch any production he is involved in as I cannot, in good conscience, support an outright freakin' moron and his bizarre beliefs.

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