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Debbies Dog Toys

I never noticed that but it is a great point.

Green Is Good

Hee hee hee! Hilarious!

Paul (Love My Dog) Smith

Maybe some of the dog food might be healthier, but from what I've heard about some of it... yuck!!


On my bad days, I've considered serving a can of the moist stew for dogs to hubby. Some fresh onions and garlic and betcha most people couldn't tell the difference between it and Dinty Moore.

Viper Tetsu

Never had the guts to eat actual soft pet food, although I've noted with disconcertedness (is that a word?) that some of the few canned people foods I indulge in (Stagg's Turkey Ranchero Chili and some Progresso Soups) smell mighty, um, Mighty Dog when you open 'em cold.

This isn't just funny as hell--it's a provocative and genius-like topic. Natch. And you have two of the most adorable models around.

Demon Kitty

Chief Ten Bears, you are fucking hilarious. I screamed when I read your post.

Midevil, you can take pictures of my vomit or me vomiting any time you like. Maybe I should eat something pretty? Something with pretty colors, like Jello or Koolaid or red velvet cake and maybe those sparkle like sugar coated decor. And maybe if I took a shit instead of vomiting, it would look just like the bowel movements my beloved German Shepherd, Wolfie (may he rest in peace) used to have after he ate my crayons.


A lot of the dog food is probably healthier than the people food. =(


I live in Whistler BC and alot of dog owners let their pets crap in the snow to get conveniently covered up by the next snowfall. April turns the snowbanks into a biohazard of melting frozen dog dung, and after seeing this post I realize why it also smells and looks just like people poo.


I love the way you think. As a sign writer, I study ads all the time. But I look at text not pictorials and therefore missed the similarity!


Don't knock it 'til you've tried PEDIGREE slathered on MILKBONEs...mmm...heh-heh!

But he is the star of his own movie

Boris von Wankenstein understands he is not Top Model material and he is not hurt at all that he does not appear on your dog food boxes. Not hurt at all. Nope.

Glorious Karl

On another note, here is an exquisite Tom Cruise video on Scientology. I challenge you not to wince.


Demon Kitty,

Can I take pics? I love looking at pics of vomit.

Demon Kitty

All you people who have eaten dog food before .....!!!!!!!! I am going to fucking barf!!!!!


That's kinda weird, given that somebody I know was talking a few days ago about how she used to eat dry dog food as a kid.


My being good doesn't usually last this long, I tried to resist, but-
I love how Abigail is named after sex toys!


Abigail Bunny Rocket and General Otis are the best dog names ever!!!!!


Wow, that's creepy. I've always wondered why cat/dog treats tend to be made into funny little shapes, fish and t-bones and the like. The pets probably don't care what it's shaped like so all of this must be for the benefit of us humans. Or our food is on par with dog food, but theirs is shaped like a bone so we don't accidentally eat it. Probably both. I ate an entire baggie of "dog cookies" once and besides being cheaper than people ones I couldn't tell the difference.


Hahaha! That's why I eat raw food baby!


the other day I felt somewhat disturbed when my choice of dinner food was inspired by a dog food commercial.

but it seems like with the focus on people-food for animals eventually it will come full circle and the pets will just get fed dinner scraps.


I tried canned dog food once out of curiosity. Tasted alot like Chef Boyadee meat without salt. Probably both made from horsemeat.


aw, that boston is so cute! she looks just like mine! :D


Thank you for making me stop eating altogether.:P


WOW ! So gross and so True !

Glorious Karl

You want a taquito, mang?

Demon Kitty

You know, sometimes, when I look at the cans of cat food I buy, I begin to wonder if all the shit tastes the same and they just put different food coloring in the shit and give it different labels to fool humans. The way my cats react to their dinner gave me this idea.

You know Beneful soft food for doggies reminds me a lot of the hungarian gulash german students would eat from the can. Ew!! Oh god and fucking corned beef! That could be doggie food!

I love how you put "Chunky Fully Loaded" n the campbell's soup can.


"Campbell's Chunky Fully Loaded"?!? Mmmmmm DeLICious! Wow. Grossness. I never noticed how true this was until you pointed it out and illustrated it oh so well. General Otis wants some Fully Loaded Chunks! Me too! Blarf.


Your observation is spot on! I am laughing my @ss off right now.

Charlie Bronson

bahahah. i've always called my dogs little rolled up rawhides, taquitos


when menu foods pet food was tainted and had to be recalled last year, I seem to remember that some type of Irish Stew (for people) was also banned...? like, what's the difference, scoob?


Very true 14 I noticed at Target in the pet section they have gourmet dog cookies that look like what people would eat. Well, I'm sure it saves the food industry tons of money just to mix it all up in one vat and than package it different too fool us mammals.


This cracks me up-
back when I had doggies they used to raid the kitty box!
Dogs really don't care what food looks like or want birthday parties, or dresses, or jackets but I'm pretty sure they like hats!

Knox Bronson

Chicken-basted beef-hide? I could chew on that all day long. And the doggie on the Jose Ole package looks very familiar ... is he a star on dogster? i think so.
But I'll be dreaming about chicken-basted beef-hide tonight.

Jenn F.

Abigail always cracks me up. And putting her with the Taquitos is even funnier!

And what is with that shit that looks like something semi-resembling food? Whatever happened to real food? Vegetables and stuff like that? *sigh* It seems to be all about convenience and appeasing the inner glutton.


It's quite intentional. I performed some design work for a major pet food company and reviewed marketing materials which went into great depth of the 'real food trend'. They want to make our mouths water for what we are feeding our pets. They're ditching the cartoons and using thanksgiving dinner imagery instead.


ha! very true!
taquitos for the french bulldog ;) (whose name is josé olé ? lol)

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