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Knox Bronson

Good news! my cat Henry has finally learned how to open the screen door by himself. he still meows a lot, because what he really wants is to know he has the power to make me get up and demonstrate my love by opening the door for him. in fact, he is under my chair right now, demanding that i pet him.

love your art, 14. i think i told you that once, already! -kb

evil toner

I see Abigail got an Easter egg to chew on. Beautiful, baby.

Demon Kitty

One day I am going to buy some of your art 14. I really am.

Lazlo Toth

Wow. That is, mathematically and objectively, the most interesting image my optic nerves are capable of processing. Good work. @.@

raquel gratis total

I have just discover your work thanks to El MUNDO, it great and unique!!

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