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Elisa Logan

I'm glad you left Circus Hour, it just wan't the same. I love Holy Candy, but I missed you and Gallery of the Absurd.
Glad your'e back!!


Very funny.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Thank you so much for alerting me to this! Would never have found it otherwise...Have loved trawling through her whimsical interpretations of spam. As the reception computer at the office I work at gets plagued by the stuff, it's fun to see it turned on its head in such a gorgeous way...


He looks like Adam Sander, or is that just me?

Demon Kitty

PS, whatever happened to the portrait that you did of Vincent Gallo selling his sperm? I don't know why I thought about that the other day but I did!

Demon Kitty

Thanks for posting this 14! This is too fucking funny. I love how you and Kipling make art out of the fucking nonsensical, insane, and intellectually depraved media.

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