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I'm with you on this. I can't decide one way or the other myself. It's a bit creepy how she looks like a child and a strungout sex object at the same time. One thing however is certain, your art is amazing. I'm glad that you're back!

i liked your choice! like the portrayal as well! im glad you are back! :)


i think annie just snapped it like she saw it. another kid being pimped out by disney.
i guess one day i'll be blocking the disney channel the way things are going.


I definitely think it looks weird and like some kind of kiddie porn. I've only seen that one picture but to me she looks like she was just "abused." Blech!


In all honesty, I think everyone is overreacting. If she was wearing a backless dress, no one would have blinked. If she was a few years older, it would have been a celebrated shot. Her breasts are completely covered by the sheet. The most suggestive thing about the photo is the look she's giving the camera and that is not something that was created or manipulated. It's actually downright tame compared to the shots her peers were doing at the same age. I find two things far more disturbing than this photo: 1) that she apologized for it, which means she is either already a master at manipulatng the media at her young age, or she is completely under the control of the Disney machine and 2) the Calvin Klein perfume-esque photos she took with her father.


I've never heard of liquid pencil before, I am intrigued.


Is calling it "artistic" a nice way of saying:


I think they are attractive, and any smuttiness is in the eye of the beholder.

On the other hand, she seems to be preparing herself for marketability as an adult, and wanted to stir up some controversy. Sad she couldn't wait a little longer.


I think that everyone is making a bigger deal out of this than they see 12 year olds in bikinis at the beach, so whats really the difference? She's just overeager for spotlight and made a mistake. If she was a talented actress or did something that takes skill, then this would probably be more "artistic" to more people than it is right now. But all she does is a disney show, so this looks really trampy.


I'm from Malaysia where we are nonetheless heavily flooded by Hollyweird news and I believe everyone is familiar with the latest on PH, Brit Brit, flashing coochies etc.

I... think the Miley Cyrus shot was artistic and tasteful. It was not oversexed like Hannah Montana but um, I said this before at dlisted, it has a "girl with the pearl earring" ring to it. Unintentional allure of innocence? I like.


How bout 'a candy coated cry for attention'? Eh. There's nothing even remotely sexual about about the entire pictorial, or the picture in question. This would be of no interest to anyone, with the exception (perhaps) of Lewis Carol.

I think she looks like the 'Gollum'.


LMAO. Love the heading and the expressions on the toons!


I hated her vanity fair shoot..this is just a girl, a CHILD, and her parents have her posing naked ALREADY, probably thinking it looked like "art" and not instead like a dead girl with just a touch of trash..she did kinda look like that girl from the ring though..the dead one..


I'm totally ambivalent about the photo. I think its neither art nor porn. Just another overly contrived pic of a talentless little tart. Your art is much more interesting.

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