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john ef

I've always been of the minority opinion that Holmes is not even remotely attractive. Your Holmes caricature looks just like her, and it's hideous. You nailed the barely-there nose and the jaw like a trombone slide.


You are the best! Simply great!


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Looking funny to portrait thereselves to an early species.. looking damn good.. ;) - AnyInput


You got Katie's ugly angular jaw and crooked teeth just right. Tom's nose should be bigger, though. He looks better here than in real life.


Okay, if I spew coffee on my monitor again, you must come to visit and clean it up, plus let my kitties head butt and snorgle you, and we'll stay up late and chat!

Too frigging funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demon Kitty


Your comment is uglier and nastier then anything on this blog. I take it you are not on the rag. You are just naturally ugly.


I absolutely freakin love how you always portray him with tiny little platforms. Brilliant.


really bitchy.
he's worth more than 3 million monkey that.
i'm part of the family & i'm getting so fed up with the f.i.b. (fARSES international bureau.)soon i'll be forced to name names if the attack keeps up.
as an artist i consider your creative actions & heart too black,to master the pen is to master your own heart not use to cruely mock.i'm sorry that tom isn't gay & he's very lovable i'm sorry masons,catholic church,f.i.b. reps on the run.i'm sorry that he didn't take your side.furthermore i'm sorry to any reader that has to laugh at a mans height,hair or religion.
got your peroid honey?


welcome back to the hood 14.
you did right by us.
damn i thought i was the only one to question the dorothy hamil inspired salad bowl haircut family up do. i admit i remember those days suri, when my momma used to put a salad bowl on my head and use a pair of fiskar scissors and cut around the bowl. and damn if that bowl tilted just a bit. i feel you suri and i am sorry for your misfortune. i think if you just find a branch to play on a little further up in that tree so as shiloh and her gang cant call you out on that payless haircut you might just be alright. somebody better hide that damn bowl.


TOO FUNNY! I love how you even got katie's jutting lower jaw right!! Amazing work...welcome back!!!

Miss Mezza

Back to your best work i see, 14.


Shit! Where were these monkeys when my SUV got a flat???! Jumping on couches???

Awesome post, 14!

Viper Tetsu

Something must be said about your subtle and brilliant use of muted colors and tones: Your replication of the tint and tone of an antiquated scientific journal is, well, really incredible. All of your mock-Science-Journal pages showcase this, and it adds this whole layer of texture (physical and aesthetic)that'll surely make the artwork endure long after its subjects evaporate into the pop culture ether (which in Cruise's case ain't near soon enough).

In the meantime, I'll just pee my pants laughing again, thanks.


I love this! You got their crazed, donkey-braying grins down perfectly!

Tom's mother also has a manic, crazed-grin expression, would it be hitting below the belt to include her as well?

It's British Bitch

I only just noticed the shadows. The one cast by Tom's platform feet is particularly hilarious. Your work is so amazing, the details like that just blow me away.


I've been up to my eyeballs in work,about ready to toss it all and set fire to my school when I decided to visit GOTA. Man, am I glad I did! XD Thanks, 14! I really needed a pick-me-up!


The SHOES!!! OMG!! Those shoes!!! LMAO!!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

There's something about Tom and Katie's chins/jawlines that is just...genius.
Anyway, zooming out the whole thing is brilliant - and I love Tom's wee platform monkey feet :)

It's British Bitch

"Scientologenesis Troglodytae" - that is just too funny. The facial expression on each chimp is just perfect! Love it and thank you for a fab pick-me-up - I just finished a 65-hour crappy work week :-)

Demon Kitty

You have to wonder about a couple when their hairstyles match,don't you? I bet they swap shoes and underwear when they are not in the public eye.

Funny as fuck 14!


You're simply amazing, and I do prefer you here rather than anywhere else.

Roy N

Nice that you are back home. Plus, you are a dandy sketcher!


Oh god perfect thank you. :D


14!!! Cannot tell you how glad I am to have you back in this venue. I totally get the collaborate-with-a-friend gig but to be honest, I so enjoy your work as a stand alone entity and the duo thing just stole some of the excitement and thunder (not to mention the laughs!!) from you. Such a HUGE fan here and glad you're back. !!


Aw! You were too kind to his man-boobies.

Dr. L.

14-I followed the link to the original sketch-wow. Just wow. Then I clicked on the link to the unfinished commissioned piece, which answered my question about if you take commissions.
Dr. L

The Chief

I love it!

Ang :o)

I've missed you....Welcome home.

Jenn F.

That is nothing short of genius.

You are a modern goddess.


Oh my 14! This is absolutely flippin' hilarious. I am having a hard time because I can't stop laughing. You couldn't have nailed this one any better! The platform feet on Tommy Chimp are fantastic.


When I look at your ingredients list it looks like "Squid Pencil". That is what I choose to believe you used to create this magic!


OMG, that is so brilliant and funny! But, is this actually your first Tom Cruise portrait without Xenu's volcano (and saucer) in the background? Finding Xenu's volcano in your portraits is way more fun than finding 'Waldo.'


What Knox Bronson said. :)

Knox Bronson

14 back in the HOUSE

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