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Viper Tetsu

Good to be back, DK. Good to be back.

Finicky Holli

That is the scariest F***ing thing I have ever seen. Except, of course... for the real thing. awesome. You're an amazing talent.

Demon Kitty

So good to see you Viper!


Send them Sara, send themmmmmmmm! I need a fix. You have the BEST photos ever.





it's ridiculous, and amazing.

i've got a new crop of creepies to send you soon... so look for them!


Viper Tetsu

Gary Busey, my ass. He's Frankenstein's Hippie Monster. "Friend goooood... Cocaine gooood...Nimble vagrancy of foresight baaaad..."

This be exquisitely, excruciatingly brilliant.


Great work, especially in the eye area and with the skin tones.


One night at the House of Blues (circa 1994) that man showed up and proceeded to creep the holy Hell out of me and a bunch of other people. I will never, ever forget it. Let's just say this: Gary Busey + large quantities of cocaine* + a harmonica = UNSPEAKABLY TERRIFYING (as-in "OH-DEAR-GOD-DON'T-LET-THE-SCARY-MAN-HURT-ME!!!!") HORROR

Just trust me on this.

*(Allegedly -- but it's a safe bet, as he ODed on smack two days later)

I find more warmth and humanity in Gary's ravings than I do in La Cruise's gibberish.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I think we've finally figured out who writes all that wacky spam "poetry" we've been puzzling over for years. It must pay ok, cuz he's not acting anymore, is he?

Fuck, this is one scary piece of art. GAH!


He reminds me of Nick Nolte, but with more random loveable wackiness.

Demon Kitty

The most memorable things take place in a moving vehicle ... I always happened to be in the passenger's seat while the car was merging into traffic .....

This is going to give me nightmares. His fucking teeth have that skeletal - "near death" look.

It makes me want to go get a metal plate put in my fucking head so maybe I will forget the image. Good God. I agree with scungilli.

That image of Jennifer Garner seeing Gary Busey and immediately turning her back. I never like her anyway, I don't know why. I'm glad he slobbered all over her, even though I was mortified. This is incredible 14. It scares the shit out of me.


poor man was assimilated long ago by the aliens he hosts ... take a close look at those "teeth" ...


Brilliant, 14.

Dr. L.

Head injury + metal plate in head + drugs, (lots o' drugs) = Gary Busey.



Just a suggestion... but maybe you could set it up so we can register for your site and then just sign in for comment use. So you don't have to approve every single one. Just a thought :-)


You have to say the whole thing in the damn question or it doesn't make sense. It's dyslexic.

:-) Your whole text is's dyslexic!

I love me some Gary!


You drew that in a moving car???? It's that one terrifying eye socket that gets me the most.


Was he this nuts BEFORE the motorcycle accident in 1988?
Who cares ...... your interpretation is spot on! I love it even though his teeth scare me.


I've long enjoyed Gary Busey and his huggable looniness (just so long as he's hugging someone else as he strikes me as the kind of person that hugs hard and shakes hands hard enough to leave impressions). Nicely captured, especially the consternation of not being able to relay his point at maximum volume!

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