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It's an absolute guarantee that I will laugh every time I see something Jeff has done for your site. Please, don't ever stop.


Ohhh Jeff, what is it with you and women's clothes? ;)


That girl is so boring! She and her blond freaky bf are so gross!

Jeff looks adorable in these pictures. You must have had a lot of fun doing these! It looks like he really cares about you to do whatever you want him to. Sorry, I sound like someone's mother and I just annoyed myself with that last comment.


It's like he BECOMES Heidi.
He captures her essence (stank?) so well I find myself wanting to run him over with my car.



hmmm... jeff's antics do nothing for me..


Laughed so hard, almost gave birth.

Demon Kitty

I forgot to add that I like the way his nipples are sticking out above the cantalopes. Ramming your ass in and out is the default hollywood pose these days.

Ramming it out when you are on all fours adds a touch of originality.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Jeff and 14 that is utterlly FANTASTIC. U made my day and I keep coming back to look at it whenever I need a laugh. You're the best. Keep doing what you're doing :)


pure gold.


Why is she famous? LOL!

Nice touch with Jeff's boobies. Just like Heidi's, cut two melons in half and put them on the chest, viola! Instant boob job.

Patchouli Julie


& how much fun was this photo shoot??!!!!


PJ ; )


You should have glued a fake longer chin on Jeff. Then it'd be PERFECT. Heidi has a huge assed chin. She could poke someones eyes out with it.

Big D

OMFG!! I laughed so hard my throat & stomach hurt!!! Jeff should do a pin up calendar!!!!


He captured her Black Hole of a Gaping Mouth perfectly!


It just shows how STOOPID thos CAA agents are. ONE of them, in a magically unoriginal but shrewd moment, should have had the foresight to scoop up the lovely Jeff in a wild Borat-copying fantasy, and put Jeff in a movie!!!!

I'm thinking:
"Mean girls go Hawaiian"
"Bikini Star Wars"
"The MANtrix"
"The Devil wears a Bannana"
and of course
"Prince Ass Diaries"

Demon Kitty

Jeff, you deserve and oscar.

the future Mrs Polage

marry me now.

Knox Bronson

why is it every picture of her, her mouth is WIDE open? as in: open for business. show biz is cruel.

Jeff Polage

It's about time I thanked you all for your words of pee and snot blowing out from both ends. That's why I was put here on this planet. One day I'll find a way to cash in on this ability?
And a big hello to my fine friend "14".
Love ya all


It's not that difficult to tell them apart... Jeff is the attractive one.


I don't even know who this boring bimbo is or why she's "presenting" her unattractive backside in the air for all to examine, but that dude is priceless!!


silly.. hot... mess!


Comedic gold! As always, your grade: A+++


OMG, this is really funny shit. I cannot stand Heidi, Jeff almost makes her tolerable to look at!

Jeff has so much potential, much much more than that chick he's impersonating.




I'm speachless..
My eyes have never beheld such beauty and personal grace as Jeff.
I ask myself "Shelly, Name one perfect man."
I answer "Jeff."
I shall float on a cloud of pink thong memories today, as 14 has given me the gift of Polage.
God bless you dear.


Can I volunteer to give Jeff a back, crack n' sac? I'm strangely attracted to him...


The very best thing I have seen all day. Thank you.

Dr. L.

Great stuff.


lol! I'm crying! This makes Heidi look even more staged and idiotic


Holy sh*t!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Video! Video!
Jeff won't be unemployed for long! :-D


This stuff is gold, solid gold! I want more!

Demon Kitty

This is by far the funniest shit you 2 have ever done. You did this shit in public? I would pay, fucking pay to see the look on people's faces. I love it when people start laughing at their own Monkey Business! The 2nd picture is classic. The 3rd picture is fucking hilarious. What the hell is wrong with her damn mouth? Has she had a frontal lobotomy? I love the cantaloups in his bikini. They really do look like Hollywood tits.

Jenn F.

Oh it feels like I've been away for so long! But now I get to have fun catching up... THIS was the perfect thing to return to ~ nicely done. Jeff actually looks more natural than Heidi does. I mean... they've both got fake hair, fake boobs, and hideously loud bikinis... but Jeff's got the ability to make people smile and want more; unlike Heidi, who makes us wish she'd just go away.

Knox Bronson

i humbly request that you start making "the making of" videos ... oh my god ... i wish i could have watched this particular shoot ... thank you 14 & Jeff!


Jeff for the President! :) 14 - You're both geniuses! :)


Oh GOD I peed myself laughing!

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