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Truth About Abs

HAHAHA!!! That was damn funny. He looks almost identical to her!!

thanks for my laugh o' the day!


Love the buggy Bostons!! Yours IS cuter, but mine's the cutest (sorry). :D


Jeff !! glad glad glad to see this!
thanks 14! hahahahahahahahahaaaa!!

Viper Tetsu

Rose could, believe it or not, be photographed in an even worse position.

Several years ago my beloved poochie was having some major digestive problems. As directed by our veteranarian, I had to follow her for several minutes to retrieve fresh, um, by-product to be tested. My impliments: A plastic fork and a Gladware food storage container.

I'm sure I looked great standing in the cul-de-sac with a forkful of dogshit almost at eye level, as at least eight of my neighbors drove past me staring. It was right when the entire neighborhood was getting home from work, natch.

Viper Tetsu

Having Polage's rubbery mug (among other parts, hahaha!) back for the attack makes me happier than a bell-bottomed seventies kid with an Ideal Evel Knievel Stunt Van playset. Just saying.


Hmmm I thought it was going to be the "blonde wig + bikini" shoot :/ Crap...
I think Rose does a better squat in the photo than Jeff.

Demon Kitty

I think fucking men may have allowed Rose to squat and thrust her ass out like that. But what the hell do I know? Someone correct me if I am wrong.


you guys are awesome. more more more


Usually Jeff is spot on, but he needs to WORK that butt more! Rose has her butt thrust so far out behind her I don't think an ordinary man can emulate her. Ah well, more Jeff please though?


i'm honored to have garnered the demon's notice!

Demon Kitty

To Scungilli:

I have seen some brief snippets and interviews with Marilyn Manson and there is something quite likable about him. I could imagine he would be very interesting to talk to over coffee or cannibus or cocaine or a cup of wormwood .....

Fucking him??????????????????? That is beyond my comprehension. I will attribute it to wormwood.

Demon Kitty

Thank God you're back Adam!!!!!!! Please. Don't. Go. Away. Anymore!!!!!!!!!

The image of you, (or what I may imagine you to look like) riding Jeff Polage like Roy Rogers is hysterical. One can only IMAGINE the faces Jeff would make ... and that in and of itself is fucking hysterical.

This has cheered me up in one of my darkest moments. Sorta jolted me out of my ennui and malaise. Thank you so much!!!


i'm glad you're so kind to rose. i think she's yummy. how in the world does marilyn manson line up these glorious, creamy-skinned women? maybe he lines up well with their inner freaks? ...


His squat is all wrong. Close, but no cigar.


...and that last comment (from Adam Smith) made me choke on my water.


What is she doing with her ass? Maybe she's trying to teach the dog how to crap? I like Jeff's shoes better.

Adam Smith.

Very impressive Photoshop skils.

The way you were able to eradicate the bench that Rose was sitting on shows considerable skill.
Taking that copy of the Koran out of her hands and substituting the dog is your masterstroke though.


It may seem a little forward on my part,but I must ask.Who is your delightful playmate on the right? She is enchanting.If she ever comes to London,tell her to give me a call.
I'll flip her over and ride her like Roy Rogers.


jeff is just a mess.
yall are just wrong.

Demon Kitty

I laughed my fucking ass off when I saw this.


The new multi-tasking involves crapping your pants while picking up your dog? I think Jeff needed to squeeze Abigail a little more to get the full-on bug eyed effect (but I can understand why he didn't squeeze her!). A possible suggestion to make these more fun, post the original celeb image and then have Jeff's interpretation load up as a mouse over (roll over the original to see Jeff). Not that the current set up is bad, I'm just a tinkerer by nature! Thanks for the grins, Jeff and 14!


Jeff makes the doggies feel a little more secure, whereas Rose's dog is giving us the white walls.


Rose's dog is saying "Help Me!" with her eyes!
While it looks like adorable Abigail is thinking:
"I'm sooo ooover these Paps!"


Sadly by comparision it appears Jeff is sexier and more elegant than Rose.


I agree with Claire B, you dog is adorable!

Jeff needs to work the glutes.


More Jeff Polage please. I cant get enough!

Claire Bear

maybe dogs are the new hand weights. Your dog is way cuter!


Well being a man, he can't multi-task as effectively. Rose can get in her workout, her dog excercise and her shopping all at the same time.

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