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sara fisher

we're going to need to make this happen. think about it... next to parenting magazine, sunset, maybe nickelodeon...

Demon Kitty

Jesus Penis, fucking hell, for the love of shit!!!!!!

Dear fucking Gawd!!!!!

Day-um!!!!! What the fuck?!!!!

I believed it when they said Courtney was Bipolar.


Did you go off your meds Court? When was the last time you slept? Last week????

Give the woman some Depakote or Lithium or Tegretol or Valproate for the love of fuck.

Courtney, you can have some of my Wellbutrin XL too. It keeps me from blowing my brains out and I read on it is good for Bipolar people as well. It will also help you to quit smoking.

I fucking need it after attempting to read that stream of consciousness rambling, lack of continuity, disjointed, whatever the hell that was. I could only get through half of it before I was losing my shit.


Pete scares me. That face could give someone nightmares, and should be used in drug awareness campaigns.

Knox Bronson

i think courtney and yoko and vanilla ice and the the guy from milli vanilli that is still alive should form a supergroup ... fuck it ... maybe get kato kaelin instead the milli guy ... bring in scott storch to produce ... cameos from the three disgraces ...

now some label is going to steal this idea. will i get any money? no, 'cuz like courtney says, it's a dirty biz.



I have no idea, but I'm copying and pasting Courtney Love's actual blog entry here so you ( and I) can sort through it to get to the bottom of what the hell Young Living oils might be:
Monday, August 06, 2007

i am NOT

getting any plastic surgery, iwas musing aloud with some private thoughts, there is no need for me to have any surgeries other than an medical emergency, i think i lost so much weight so fast that it affected my face , ive put on 10 pounds ( thank you Sprinkles cupcakes wic h i must admit are overrated) bad carbs and every ensure is 250 cALories, drinking 8 a day, tons of antioxidents and good stuff plus carbs GOOD casrbs and its made my cheeks and mouth not so sunken, maybe my goal weight was too much, at 510, i dunno it seemed a very healthy weight according to my dr ande me, drsssssss, ihave about 5 doctors, eveythingf rom my opb gyn to my addiction dr to the best longevity dr in probably the world, etc. this is in now way a response to alleged reports on blogs an dibn tabloids that im "too thin: National Enquirer put me on the cover i was told put me on the cover saying i was 115-! id be in the hsopital at 115! i do what is best for ME- not what people talk about no matter what i do im going to bw wrong fat ugly too much surgery ( when ive actually had hardly any) thesse accusations of things beyond my nose and mouth are simple bullshit, at least i own it, wich noone else does , so maybe i make a bad celebrity- this is not a "blog" that silly passing word, this is a post.
Thanks to Lily Allen for her lovely letter apologising fo rhaving had her My SPace broken into, i wouldnt pick on me if i was Miss Lily, as it wouldnt take TOO much to swat, but weve known each other far too long , like each other far toomuch and if she was gonna say something nasty she ha sthe acerbic wit and intelligence to say something cutting, that would actually really hurt, not some cliched hoary old chestnut some obsessed blogger would say She tells me her My Space was broken into- even if i REALLY think she did blog it mindlessly some 8am after being upfar topo long for a young healthy woman i dont care and oi appreciate and accept her thougfulness for apologising for what was printed, if she is tellingthe truth and it really doesnt much matter- everyone slams everyone early inthier careers, Kim Gordan stillslams me, i mean how much more boring can you get>? () than Kim Gordan - slam!) does anyone care?.
Im friednly wih someone who has a popular gossip site- i thnk hes a very nice guy and hes been nothing but good to me even when he points out spooky shit in pictures- he told me that one of his postys aboput me some crtaqzed blogger spent ALL NIGHT changing names and faking different emmails just to say the same nonsense over and over and over again for hiundreds of posts- he does point out when i make a bad choice( a terriblle shade of lipstick i thought id try, not getting a blowout before going out cos i hate blowouts an dfacials and mani pedis and a,l that grooming shit - ireally despise it,wiuch is not what one daoes when going shopping one should at l;east be aware there will possibly be papparazzi. but o forget or dont care or somewher en between.
ilike it for a shoot ot a red carpet event cos its fun to play dress up and i love my wardrobe right now, im getting some wonderful gifts that FIT an dam totally utterly obsessed with the last Valentino Designed Valentino collection- it wont be cheap but this is by far th ebest Valentino collection for about a million years, and itsthe last,
it wont be cheap but some of the gowns are investments wich will last forever and not season dependent thia is a very important collection. And something id like or leave ot my daughter.and her children.
and gowns are not whats coming up for red carpet people willstart doing cocktail length, promise, monochromatioc gowns are so emmy . so safe so boring. there are opther avenues for chic and classic beauty, also obsessed with the Ninna Ricci line first one desinged by Olivier Theyskiens whom i love. i have six pieces from his first collection.sadly i had to sell on ebay most of my ROCHAS, because it was massive, wich is where me and my partner come in and are starting to get our line produced and into stores, they are each one of a kind made from victorian, teens twenties and thirties fantastical pieces an dnotions, each dress costs at least 2000 to make, it will be a few months before were done with these samples, and the woman who will buy them tend to in la be big breated and no fat and in NY a klittle bigger and not much bust and in europe hips ass and bust are all good, so Im excited since ive been designing since iwas a child as anyone who has my book knows, an dhave an extensive background in wardrobe those jobs at the wardrobe houses and on Mommy Dearest et al as asst wardrobe taught me alot about not only pattern cutting but about originality and not all pieces will be from antiques an d super serious vintage we have a source in Milan that gets us the best fabric s and notions- the fashion industry is way up.

Whilst the CD industry is bottoming out- a true deprerssion has hit the CD bsuiness, touring willalways make money, but even if you sell a jillionrecords ion the old paradogm you make nothing diue to allthe "deductions" iots afilthy business busienss wise so i have fopund a wonder4frul"sponsor" due to my exposure froma friend to a bunchof captains of industry and my "sponsor" will make sur ethis record is lavishly funded. and theres no strings he wants t osee his investment back but ill stillbe on a major i just willbe making farfar more thaqn if signed diredtly to a major think about what Maddonna did on M
hellwhere is it?
i need to get off my ass chant and play guitar til the sun goes down and my cutic les are disgusting and bleedy. yes very glmaourous i jknow but as isiad i never knew my JOB was rto glAMOUROURS exceot inthe suituatiobns where im being supported to beglamnouorus . of course i enjoy being FABULOUS and as far as these dressews and other pieces ( lingerie and some other things) will, be beautiful beyiobnd breathtaking,
I certtianly know what ios beautiful and how to sketch it and have agenius partner.
Obne of the great designers, she needs to do this with me an dthen go save Chloe,
( meow- not loving it gotta say)
Im not talking about putting a font on a plastic bag, sticking it at Urban Outfitters and thats that.
Horses for Courses i blieve in starting in the high end.
were even thinking of sewing lapis lazuli, rubies, aquamarine and doing with our line four differnt oil blends made with oil much like Young Living oil- small organic made grown in egypt and france- oils- rose and helichrysum oils take the human elcrto magentic field from 60 hz and takes it up to 600-900 hz creating an almost impentrable aura- its amtter of getting the scents just right with the power of oils- some stinky thing i diffuse around my house, oregano and clove are 17,000 to off the charts on the OCH charts the antioxident chart- the diffusers put you in fanstatic moods and keepyou healthy and i also use geranium alot and some blends- like SARA wich is for abuse hardcore abuse and works best on the kidneys and pancreas- you have to unbderstand the young living thing to understand what im going for- i just want to create my own and also find the enigmatic extremel;y potent rarer than rare white lotus oil, its pretty much impossible to find, you have to literally go to India yourself, and for the truly sacred Sandlewood the govt of India has alot of it protected and its getting scarcer and scarcer= teh Young Living Sandle wood is amazing and ive turned alot of people onto the Young Living suitcase who wont go onstage without theior blends, the oreganao and the clove kills germs dead and informs cells to behave properly-
its all edible and all digestibel an dthere is no carrier oil in them, its crucial shitto health, my adrenal health is what im most concerne dwith, the one toll from playing rock n roll is that my adrenal glands do get tired and i always have acupuncture before and especially after i play and record ussually- the only surgey i may have to get quit or no is larynx surgey wich isnt neccessaruly a bad thing- Timberlake got it and others who would killme for naming them -= rock singers- theyhave all told me it only imporve dthier voices, but like an alchoholic getting a new liver to a small extent theres not much point doing it til im smoke free- im certainly down 2/3rds to what i was, theres a new drug wich works on the nicotine receptors for REAL not some nonsese patch wich you might as well just cold turkey…….im chantingalot for this to just hit me - co sthe most succesful ex smokers simply quit one day, end of, wentthrough thier nightmare and came out the toher side, apprently the cravings are the worst and dont go away for up to 2 years- good times. thisll be fun, but I dont like making cigarettes look cool and sometime si see pics where i do- my generation were parctically nurse fed cigarettes and i was smoking in 4th form in NZ,and it was just de riguer)
ive done my hair darker a new way ive seen the fall campaigns yes theres lotsa gloves, wich im happy i stuck to mny guns as i think a long glove is essntial an dlooks cool as fuck with a little rick owens biker jacket, and my favourite new find rick owens mens t shirts, two in every colour, they ar ebeyond sexy and useful, and Giles Deacon has som elovely pieces and Todd Lynn may look svaille row a little blah but when your wearinghim its like alaia in the 80s, the ciuts are sick, brilliant,
b ut as to the hair, ive seen bob after bob after bob white long and exactly like mine- except for Chris Mqacmillans colorists massive breakage onthe top that when notbeing held down with thge bumble an bumble talkc and the nicky clark shine spray ( makes a sort of goop) and blown out by only ther best guys= at fist pre breakage my hosuekeeper could blow it out it was so easy= now owtgh allthis breakage im FURIOUS about it for one thing and the only way to fix it is to fill the pores witha darker colour so that it lays down more or less, i saw Madge biting my celeb skin hair at Live earth and even a vintage dress and a guitar, no offense but due to the finger configurations was that a new chord? i didnt notice a lead, perhaps i missed it wasnt on?was plugged into a stack of marshalls, i dunno yeah its show busienss but if you cant at least look like a chiord configuration? i dunno. m,aybe its just a big necklace after all.
where im at wich is not my best playing but im NEEDED for my drummer and im needed becaus ethese songs come from me and because stu keeps me on a short leash when i try to hurry things wich is great but i do love my improvs as anyone witha boot will know, an dthis band is so much more enthisiastic and theyev allhad exprieience in little indie bands of all varietys, so they all love to improv wherea s before only Patty and me liked doing iot and we had to drag the other two into it even on big stages,
anyway im not sure as to the actual STYLE o fthis hair, ilove a bang, but i also love a curl an di also love a wave, so im lost as to exactly what to do so imn the in between ophase im just conditioning hardcore with my brilliant hair ladies magical elixer she makes.
oh yeah why would we put citrine and rubies and freshwater pearls and aquamarine and maybe a few diamonds on our dresses ? because i learned alot from energy muse about what each crytsal means, diamonds have the most power- thats why we tend to wear them to power meetings- they have a vast amnount of energy due to how long they take to be "born" and the vast pressur eupon them,
but lets get the dresses made first and finish screen plays and finish the dammed deal and finish this new song - ot just so happens that its reallye xcellent perhaps- lyric driven but im really lookingf or my visions of johanna/shelter fropm teh storm type songa nd noone can help you with these Dylan type siongs it all has to come from your own sense of melody, and like Northern Star and Nevr gi Hungry and even parts of Malibu not everythingis matchy matchy, you dont know if its gonnas be four four four- i like 3s 5s aqnd 7s in my songs wich people find really odd to learn, and it might be wierder onthe safe top 40 asmerican ear to some extrent but its not compromising what i have to say- and what i have to sing. not saying this song is going tohold up the record butr we must go into the studio and get the rock song done, despite the long thread on carcrash, and the time and energy yall put into it i will print it out and hsow it to bosslady, whose none too amused that my mgr wanted tp put it up anyway,im not sold . yes great chorus noone willargue that and often its the siong you feel the least taht does the best, ive played it for my friend at KROQ and he genuinly loves it, he has a mnajor input there, so im not going to take his opinion lightly,
but im watching certain people and the way they are handling thier current careers and what they are doing im ,without being reactive ,or going against instinct , finding myself doing the exact opposite thing. inaccesible? fine im coming toyour house. Costumes? who does that?
Alot of failure in fact i would say all failure stems from delusion, and in Buddhism theres two states, Delusion and Humanity, it takes focus to stay in humanity, to forgive, to really let go of ones baggage, because then and only then can you make room for more and better monies and more an dbetter friends ans more and better creativity
ye si did mention a screenplay, but its been so part time - whilst waiting for whatever it is Lindas doing i need to maybe get to work with my partner ( a director ) on this thing wich is really heartfelt and comes from a real place cos you can only wiret what you know.
okay just wanted to clarify, i am in no way gettingany plastic surgery - my mouth looks fine after having put ona few lbs. it was the gaunt thing - Catherine Denueve famously said "after a certain age one must decide on ones ass or ones face" perhaps she has a point, i do like a nice healthy face, but allthese shows were to see what worked and what didnt msuicallya nd aesthetically,
and obviously it was a bit too thin, however i must point out the hypocrisy of this crazy hysteria about my weight- i saw a photgraoph of Kiera Knightly recently a series, in one she is wearing a white top has about a 5 foot lomng midriff and a pair of size 0 jeans,that are too big, and IM too thin? i know exactly what a certaibn "perfect" movie star has to caloric intake per day-no more than 700 cals- shes far thinner than me- were the sam eheighth as well- wtf? even Oscar Nominees here and there weigh 20 lbs les sthan me, and i never ever sia di was some pop tart singing griunning dancing "enjtertainer" did i?, when is it my job to be Heidi Klum? of cours ei love a good shoot or cover, who doesnt? but in the context of playing live, it aint purdy it aint ever gonna be it aintt he cover of OK ! magazine , third song sweat with mascara running down cheeks! its what it is, iwa snever puttingasses in seats due to my great and epochal beauty. Read "Addicted to Perfection" by Marion Woodward, its aloifesave and helps so miuch on how to reach your own self esteem and how not to respond to external foprces but to keep yourself to yourself and to take your self esteem unlimimted unshakebale and from within. Noones going to mistake me for Eva Longoria, and my god i am truly hAppy to be who and what i am with my life an dmy expirience i can do so many things help so many people and make such a beautiful clothing line too! and maybe finish this dammed sript one day……just gott a finsih this song firts an dget in th estudip and thats it BAM done,. and this record is extremel.y well supported and
believed in and poeple have put thie rmnomney where their mouth is. i always like that!
as far as being a beauty queen…..
thats n ot what i do, i play rock and when i do film acting i will look apporpiate an dhave the approiate behaviour fo rthat job - they are not actually dissimiliar= gopd manners are free no matter what you do. spirutal practice is free no matter what you do and there is no excuse for being reactive wich is why i apologise for "blogging" and persuing milliseconds of thoughts that randomly hit my head. They were coming out in terrible spelling and no grammar and it was just brain gunk. its important to post to yall onc ein a while an dlet you know whats up, what i love like and when this recordfs out and whose putting it out and all that stuff.
but i have friends i can write nutbag emails to who actuallty enjoy them.
blessings on you all
nam myoho renge kyo
my eyes hurt! XOXO 14


Awww, Dinger is so cute, and such an inspiration!!! The resemblance to his Daddy is uncanny. If anyone knows how to make lemonade from lemons, I imagine Dinger would be the one. Also, part of me wants to know what "magical young living oils" are, but the rest of me is b-word slapping that part down hard. :)

Demon Kitty

I live to share smut with the UK.

Knox Bronson

A MASTERPIECE! So glad you and Candy did this collaboration! Laughing out loud funny.

"I go to my Happy Place." Unbelievable!

thank you for making the whole day better, both of you! xox knox

14 Fan

Painful to look at, and thus, important.

14, you have done it again.

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