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14 what can I say? This is creative genius. And good laughs! ;D


I have fond memories of The Land of the Lost and those cool sleestaks especially Enik the gold vested head sleestak who was from the past who was stuck there like The Marshall family. Wish they would come out with a LOTL movie. Chaka, Dopey, pylons, crossbows...ah the memories...


LOL...couch jumping. I LOVE those things from Land of the Lost!!!!!


Seriously, I think this is really what they hand you when you become a member. Complimentary barley water upon signing on the dotted line.



OT: a comment made by someone in an LJ community inspired me to create this. I used the Tom image from one of your wonderful creations. Hope you don't mind.


the top picture of the aliens reminds me of the sleestacks from the tv show land of the lost(from the 70's).

Thorne Smith

BWA HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Forgive my caps, but I did laugh out loud when I saw the Scientology Boot Camp Handbook. And those Sleestacks were the icing on the cake.


Ugh, est. There's $400 and two weekends of my life I'll never get back. But I'm ok with that. And you're an asshole. And we're all machines. And you are responsible for your life. Be where you are. Boo!


Genius as usual 14, good to see you back here on GotA. I also noticed the Sleestaks, now if only there was a celebrity that would inspire an H.R. Pufnstuf painting, I'd probably skip paying my tuition so I could have it.


This is like finding a Xenu in a Sleestak!

And no, I didn't know what one was, I had to look it up. Perhaps I would have been wittier had I known!


Oh 14, you are awesome.

Did Tom Cruise sign in blood?

Also, I just spelled it "bloord" by accident and almost left it as such. I think it's what alien blood is called.



Thank you SO MUCH for noticing the Sleestak!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The Sleestak are secretly what this post is all about.


Centurian 10

Please marry me Candy!!!!


Holy CRAP you did sleestacks on the handbook cover!!!!! Yet another reason why I love you so.


Vern, you rock.

14, as always, flawless.


And one more thing, if this thing called, $cientology is supposed to work, why is Kirstie Ally still battling her weight? Don't these super humans have the strength to over come? Isn't Tom suppose to be psychic by now? LOL! Thought so.


Just when I thought it was safe, I noticed that Oprah has been reqruited to shill for this, on his way to hasbeenville, loser. Ugh!

Tom, tick tock, tick tock. Please retire and work/shill for the cult full time and leave us alone.

Funny stuff, 14!


I bet Katie failed the couch session the first time. *wink wink*

Jenn F.

I'm not sure which made me laugh more... intergalactic walruses piloting the flight or the extra benefit of the Couch Jumping Competition... "making new friends". Holy shit that was funny. You need to put a book out. Seriously.


um...where's Jim Jones when you need him?

Demon Kitty

My mind is completely fried from studying. These Xenus are really sexy 14 - a lot sexier then the Star Jones praying mantis ones!
Knox, your comment is too fucking funny. It makes me want to go get fucked up right now! Get really good and fucked up and hang out in the fucking "Ed Wood" flying saucer dormitory.

Knox Bronson

I know a guy, a writer-director-producer-type, who did the Scientology Alcohol/Drug Detox Sauna program TWICE at ten grand a pop. The second time, he left in the middle of the treatment to go get drunk and came back later, to finish.
When I asked him why he was screwing around with that [Scientology] crap, he said,"There are a lot of HEAVY hitters in Scientology."
The Katie Holmes couch-jumping pic nearly made me fall off my chair! And Tom's text reminds me a lot of, the most important site on the internets, i mean, after GOTA. Excellent, Darling, as always!


The Mothership Dormitory looks DIVINE!

Good one, 14 and Candy!

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