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Mrs Gail j Gray

I love all but the one that sticks out the most that really deserves an extra applause is the Jack Nicolson one, its fantastic i wouldnt a copy of that for my lounge, its outrageous, and awesome, whoever done it, has done a marvellos job,well done to the artist.that gets my thumbs up for approval,it ought to be shown in "The Tate gallery" for all to see.thats what i call art, forget about the page 3 girls thoses photos havent got class.


Holy SHIT these are great! Especially the top one. Wow. You made this on a damn computer? You are toooo, too good. Damn you!


Absolutely fantastic! I love eyes!


I haven't used a mouse in years! Love my tablet, baby, love it!

Oh, and your art, yes, um, BEAUTIFUL, as always.

Pet Portraits and Jan

Beautiful work. You have master the tablet and photoshop!


I almost called the last one Mr. Bean, because it reminded me of Rowan Atkinson.


Jenn F.

Nice work! The last eye does have a Daliesque feel to it.

*laughing @ Lynnster*


Gorgeous! More eyeballs!!!!!! I LOVE EYEBALLS!!!!


You are incredible...


It's like an opening scene for Lost.

You'll get the hang of the wacom soon and then you'll never want to touch a mouse again. I mean a computer mouse. And by touch I don't mean in a sexual way. Ummm. I mean, umm. I wasn't saying you are one of those people who molests rodents or anything. I'm sure you know that. I mean. That would be really weird. But. Ummm. Okay, I'll stop talking now. Good luck with the wacom tablet.


Poor Bill, he DOES look like an elderly man these days. Nope, these images are all from random photos I found on google. "Bill" is actually an elderly man in a nursing home. Next time I do this exercise, I'm going to use Flickr images and then link to the person I used as a model.

Each eye took a little over an hour to create. I used my typical messy and energetic line work that I normally use in my sketchbooks so it would seem more natural. Messy art is freeing.

Thanks everyone! Have a go at creating an eye on a digital tablet. It's fun and easy once you get the hang of it.



that's just fucking great.


I thought the first was Bill too.


These are incredible.

Just wondering how long, roughly, each eye took you?

Nope; Bill Clinton's eyes have white, fuller brows. But whose eye is that?

sara fisher


i love these.


Great stuff...looks like you don't need any Cintiq ;-)
OK...I say the eys are
Bill Clinton
Denise Richards
Salvador Dali

Demon Kitty

Digital tablet? Wow!

I dig your eyes. I always thought there was something portentous about a single staring eye.


Gorgeous! Just gorgeous.

Miss you.


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