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The ladies just can't resist the man-boobies! Ha...great job, 14!


I love this one! Everything you do makes me laugh! Just the look on his face that you gave him is PERFECT!

Ooohhh yes, Demon Kitty, The Shining is one of my favorite movies especially when it's snowing out. He's sooo creepy!


i spproved about aggrement this program..and i support all commment.


Ahhh, how I wish you would make a Brit Brit series. Endless possibilities!

I want a personalized one with Cheeto stains on it. Possible?

You could come out with a scratch 'n sniff version of each card in such smells as frap, cheeto, cigarettes, fried chicken, and old over worn boots. What do you think?

:-) Great work as always!

Demon Kitty


I have never met you or seen you, but I am quite fucking sure you have got "IT" far more than this overbloated raisin skinned, horny, douche bag named Jack.

That being said, the only things I ever liked him in were "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest" and "The Shining".

I am convinced these big titted bitches just want to get into the acting business and they will blow anything for it. He has also probably hired them.

Double Flush

It was pathetic the way Hollywood was looking for any excuse to give Nicholson an academy award, robbing Robert Duvall the 1997 best actor award for The Apostle, a movie he wrote, financed, and acted.


If he's got it, I don't want it.


Jack's got it. You can't tell by looking at him on the beach, but he's got it. Busty young tramps in bikinis know he's got it.

I don't have it.

I wish I had it.

Great work 14!!!

David Poe

This series is great.
I remember as a kid collecting comic cards... these are far better.

I will admit, his personality is a lot better to play over and over again than other actors/actresses that only play themselves (Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney - all of which played unfortunate Batman rolls...)

Demon Kitty

"Fuck Me As I Am." I died laughing. Vern, that was fucking brilliant.


This has earned a true laugh out loud! I love Jack but I can live without ever seeing him without his shirt on again, the man boobs, the fur, the paunch. Dude! Love this, 14, and I love the babe on the left with her hand just grazing his paunch. Superb!




This is just perfect, as a woman, I've never understood the 'awe' that this man inspires in some. If he inspires straight men...beware, this guy would never get laid without paying first, if he hadn't been in a movie. Yuk.


Hey, I believe Easy Rider was a big enough movie to be considered a career highlight, no?


Great work as always, 14!

Even though Jack is an old fart I still think he's hot as a mummy with a colon bag!


Smirking real and raw.
No apologies for fat.
Fuck me as I am.


Great story Knox. Excellent work 14. I would add however:

Film: About Schmidt 2002
Played: Himself, in the real world.

Demon Kitty

I am glad that Jack N. is an inspiration to straight men everywhere. Seriously ...

Joan Collins is an inspiration to me, Jack has nothing on her. Just my opinion.

But ....

But ....

I will never understand why women will fuck him. The man is disgusting and so screamingly horny.

Dr. L.

Totally unrepentant. Kinda cool that way.

Knox Bronson

Jack is my IDOL.

I read a story about him a few years back. A beautiful young french [female] journalist was interviewing him and he said,"If I were younger, I'd try to fuck you."

And she replied,"Twenty-five years ago, my mother interviewed you and you tried to fuck her."

Never say die!

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