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Scathing Lash

Check the chase in To Live and Die in L.A.
It'll tighten up that which was loose and loosen that which was tight.
The Bullitt chase is above competition. It's at the Top of the Mountain,all by itself.
The only one that's close is not on film. It includes a race trim Yamaha,a Volusia County Sherf,a freight train,somebody's front yard,gunfire,lots of adrenaline and bright lights in the middle of the night.
14 Forever!


Great chase indeed. Second best has to be the one from Ronin.


wow, this is so cool! I love the way the colors pulse from red to yellow to green. Sort of the way you might remember it in your head when you look bad on the event as a whole.

Jenn F.

I agree whole heartedly with everything you said... chase scenes, 60's muscle cars, and that fabulous Steve McQueen.


While the Bullit chase is great... nothing can touch the 2 feature chase scenes in Ronin. In my opinion, THAT movie is the pinnacle of Hollywood chase scenes.


I feel so honored that I've now actually watched this scene with you in person. I ROCK!


McQueen rules! Anyone who thinks different needs to get popped in the mouth! I need to watch Bullitt again, let's have a GotA Movie Party!


Yep, muscle cars and car chases do a lot to make life cooler. How do you rate the chase in 'Deathproof'?


Love it, but why does the driver look like Alec Baldwin to me?


This was a good one indeed. Seen it a few times myself

Roy N

Those two were the coldest, baddest contract men ever. Well, until they disintegrated in a huge explosive ball of flame.

Worth noting is that Bullitt changed movie violence from discomforting to stomach turning. We went to the local premiere and several patrons departed at the end without their recent suppers. (Note, they stayed for the movie though. )

Also, the habit of counting hubcaps started with Bullitt.

Blatant suck-up but true, thanks for all your stuff, it tickles nice.



You are absolutely correct..that is one of the greatest car chase scenes of all time...the driver actor and 'shot gun' actor were also perfect...

they don't make 'em like that anymore!!!


Those are some great faces.
Someday I'll drive through the Marina just like that. Hello, Safeway! Goodbye, Safeway!

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